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  1. Why would a dead starter cause a stall while shifting gears?
  2. Well take all the normal precautions you normally would when buying a car, for GTB\'s specifically: For GTB\'s, the last edition of each models are the best. 97/98 for the BG5\'s. Listen for slapping and look for hesitation. Sounds of a tired engine. IMHO, the facelift models look better too
  3. This got me. "got my eye on some think alse" How fucking stupid are you?
  4. Lol, definitely not... All that page is saying is that you\'re using your GPU to run the proprietary physX accelerator. Both your intel chip and nvidia chip can output to both VGA and HDMI. Also, +1 respect for WoT. But -1 for LoL
  5. That is a standard Legacy RS, don\'t let this moron say otherwise lol...
  6. Haha nope I got it too lol! On a side note, I like the rims too, if they were smaller...
  7. Mines\' got an Exedy HD in it. Nice clutch.
  8. Haha the ducati request was gold lol...
  9. Yup definitely a straight swap. Real prone to cracking when removing so be careful! Those silver ones came on the silver blitzen wagons
  10. Huh.. Learn something new everyday, rear turn signals can be red in Canada and the good ol\' U S of A.
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