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  1. I have PIAA H3 PLASMA ION in mine.. awesome colour.
  2. Would be happy to guinea pig a cap Ray. Sing out how much.
  3. Know the red GC8 you're talking about, it's really well done. Have also seen your Black 4th Gen, Evo.. very nice I have the Silver 4th Gen GTB wagon with 17" Weds Racing wheels.
  4. Definitely down for cap, hoodie, t-shirt type thing.
  5. I found an earring in the back of my old STI wedged in the back window... Safe to say I never wanted to shine a black light in the back for fear of what would appear.
  6. I get all of my work done at Celments and Stephens in Vogel Street. All the work I have had done through them has been fantastic, and a great group of people.
  7. I am running STi Pinks and Bilsteins and car handles pretty good.
  8. ^ I\'m confused, my brain doesn\'t know whats happening but I dig it!
  9. http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2422995 That is all.....
  10. When will people realise that what goes into the car isn\'t always what you\'re going to get back. There is often an exception but in this case, "tell him he\'s dreaming"
  11. Nice. Those Genome Tips stick out like frosty Nipples don\'t they. ;D Are they off a Wagon? Aha they do :-\ I\'ve got these just untill I can find a set of sedan ones haha Keep me in mind when you replace