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  1. My 1997 WRX has developed a vibration at around 90-100 km/h. The vibration is intermittent and will start weather the car is under load or not, the only way it stops is if you come to a complete stop and then get going again. It Seems to be coming from the mid to rear section of the car as it does resonate through the steering wheel. Essentially every bushing underneath it has been replaced withing the last 5000 - 10,000km's , new rear rotors a week ago , all 4 wheels re-balanced a week ago and it is yet to go away. I have mentioned to the mechanic about it possibly being the driveshaft center support bearing, but it has been checked over and isn't showing any signs of wear or excessive movement. Any ideas what it could be?
  2. Still haven't got around to sorting it yet, Ive had a look around though and there are a few different kits on ebay that are suited for the McIntosh system
  3. Had the door card off today and the issue is exactly what you've explained, he whole bottom half of the foam surround has pretty much fallen away from the speaker. Will order a repair kit and have a crack at fixing it myself, from what I gather its is quite a straight forward job?
  4. The speaker only seems to rattle when the volume is above 18 or so and if the bass is set +3 or more. Could be quite right with the speaker not being secured properly, ill pull the door card off and check that before I buy a new set
  5. Hopefully this is in the right section of the forums! My 2004 Subaru Outback is fitted with the factory McIntosh system, I have recently noticed my main drivers door speaker is developing a a bit of a rattle. This may be a stupid question but, am i able to replace the speaker with a different brand speaker? or do I have to source a McIntosh one to suit the rest of the system? Also can anyone provide the sizing of the factory door speakers. Cheers
  6. I'll drag him along, he'll more than likely be out playing golf though haha