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  1. You can adjust the piston position at the top of the clutch pedal. Move it towards the firewall. You might want to check that the hydraulics are working properly first though.


    Also make sure not to adjust it too high, because then, when you push the pedal to the floor it can over extend the clutch fork and the master cylinder.

  2. On 12/04/2024 at 1:47 PM, Panda said:

    Upon a bit of research I believe I have an R180 diff. Even pulled axles out of these in particular?


    There are different R180s too... I only have direct experience with the GC8 Type R/RA diffs that have clutch packs... the circlips are internal with these.

    Some of the later STis have a viscous rear R180...pretty sure the axles are the same though.

  3. 1 hour ago, Panda said:

    Any idea on how I can confirm whether or not they should be in there? Because they are left behind it would be likely that they are supposed to right?


    It should be pretty obvious by the depth of the groove. A deep groove on the axle stub will probably mean a circlip is supposed to be present. A shallow groove probably

    means the circlip is inside the diff. You can also put your finger in the diff and see if you can feel the circlip... should be easy enough.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Andy_Mac said:

    if he is providing all parts already then there isn’t any reason labour would be anywhere near that high but as a total that would be about right. 


    yes sorry, I just mean as a total.  I reckon 10 to 20 hours for the short block.






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  5. Front diff has gone bad, but only when warm? Sounds weird to me. Could just be some worn bearings somewhere. You should get it properly diagnosed before trying to find a new box.


    A replacement box though should only be $300 to $500. Labour will be easily $1000 these days. You'll probably want to change the clutch and replace or machine the flywheel. Several hundred more dollars there.


    But if it's just a worn CV or wheel bearing, it'll be much cheaper!

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  6. 2 hours ago, BoozaL said:

    I just got a 2009 GT 2.5 Manual, and compared to my old 2006 GT Manual it certainly feels detuned! The old one can spin the wheels easily and pull like a school boy, not even tuned, just high flow cat downpipe and cold air intake. 

    2009 GT is higher too, I need to lower and stiffen it, and replace the ugly stock rims. 


    Maaaaaaybe tune it with my old air intake and downpipe installed, if the downpipe will fit the BR...


    Sounds like you should just trade it in for a 2006 GT Manual.

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