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  1. Not saying you can't do fast takes off with the HD, but not full on rocket style launches... from my experience... it will just slip and make a big smell.
  2. Don't go cheap with the clutch. Exedy work pretty well for me... I've used 3, 4 and 5 puk... 3 or 4 puk is more likely to hold up to launches, but not sure if available in NZ. The HD option is not suitable for launching even with standard power from my experience.
  3. OEM won't be available. Part numbers for the struts are 20311FA900 20311FA910. KYB won't do an STi version.
  4. You should replace the cam seals at the same time... you'd be crazy to not replace them, then find you have to do practically all the same work again in a few months because they have started leaking. There are a few good youtube videos on how to fit the cambelt.
  5. You could close the gaps up tight to see if it helps. 0.018 would be as tight as you'd want to go.
  6. What gap did you set? So coil on plugin is it? It sounds a bit like it could be mis-firing from what you have described. 4000 rpm is where the boost will be coming on very quickly, so peak torque... possible over boosting a bit and the spark is breaking down. Though I'm not sure how likely that is with coil on plugin.
  7. I'd check the plugs and leads.
  8. ok so looks like with the single avcs heads, those are biggest cams you can get without head modifications. I have the same cams and turbo but with the non-avcs heads. They are a good choice for the turbo, because the turbo is a bit on the big side for the motor. I am making 330kw with E30 and 27 psi boost... I seriously doubt it would make 400 kw with these cams... they are aimed at throttle response and not high rpm. What size turbine housing do you have? And it's not bigger ports you need for the higher lift cams... you just need some metal removing to allow for the larger lobes to rotate without hitting things. I would get it done if you really want 400kw. It's not a lot of work in the grand scheme of things and you could do it yourself with just a dremel. You should think about drivability before deciding on what cams... is it a track only car or something else?
  9. You can go bigger to bigger cams before you need to modify the heads... but you'll need shimless buckets most likely. The turbo choice is going to be more important than the cam choice.
  10. Or something really good like a PWR.
  11. No. You should get it and tells us how it woks out.
  12. Taste aside, I just don't see a market for these anywhere. Could be wrong, I am quite often.
  13. I think the value might be quite subjective. I just see a $20k premium for some plastic badges.
  14. I've come across this a couple of times. First time it was a leaking diaphragm in manifold purge canister. Second time it was a poltergeist.
  15. No idea, but worth a try. I know they can provide VF equivalents that they will stand by.
  16. Diesel and Turbo for a stock equivalent replacement. http://www.dieselandturbo.co.nz/ Upgrading is a whole can or worms... you'll need to do a whole lot lot more research and spend a whole lot more money.
  17. You mean you want to put some fresh cheap oil into and run it for a while, then drain?
  18. It could be a gearbox issue, not the clutch. If it's a clutch issue it could be over-throwing rather than not disengaging. When at a standstill, try putting it in first gear with the clutch pedal only about 75% down... move the gear shifter slowly, and if you feel any crunching, press the clutch down a bit more until it goes into gear without crunching.
  19. Some very weird entries. https://mobilmeanmachine.co.nz?sre=xrxzkYt13DwPw
  20. Don't spend more than you want to just because someone on a forum tells you to!
  21. News flash... all cars have been in decline since the 90s.
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