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  1. The V5/6 did have a factory immobilizer option... it's in the wiring diagrams... and my plugin motec ecu has a pcb switch for selecting immobilizer present or not.
  2. 0.6 mm might be too big... also try new leads.
  3. Context is everything here. Not talking about driving trucks, trains, buses or taxis for a living.
  4. I get where you are coming from... and I can be the same too... but cars are supposed to be fun as well... so relax and have fun
  5. Jesus dude, stop worrying so much. It'll be fine.
  6. You can't compare him to a professional driver... he's a rich guy living the dream.
  7. Well gymkhana is about car control... Ken Block has turned it into a spectacle ... but the key thing here is that it's low speed... so aero is pointless.
  8. From what I have seen, time attack cars are 100% business... looks do not come into it.. so at a guess what is at the front just works... as does what is at the back... style doesn't come into it. Could be wrong... also, this isn't a real time attack car... so probs just some s*** house designing going on.
  9. I don't understand why they put all the timeattack style aero on for basically an autocross car.
  10. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. If you could simply convert any coupe to a fake 22b and get $50k... there would be a lot of people doing it... i for one would do it.
  12. I thought you could just check availability here https://www.kiwiplates.nz/create/
  13. Prestige in wgtn might be the closest/best bet... better check they can tune it though.
  14. Second ugliest, after the Casa Blanca.
  15. It's a retna with possibly a Type R/RA drivetrain... and an s201 (ish) body kit. Real value? Not $50,000.
  16. maybe, but think of how many things you could add to your car that *might* work. Blast plates weigh a tonne as well... so not something I would do on the off chance. I've looked into a bit... just by doing internet searches... the guys that made them originally admit they didn't do any RnD... they were just desperate and tried something out that seemed to work at the time. I will ask Al @ macbilt if he has any experience with them.
  17. If I'm still having trouble with teeth breaking after spending $$$ on a dogbox... I'll be putting a match to it and taking up golf.
  18. I have seen them... look like snake oil. Straight cut gears don't cause the case to flex... so is the ultimate solution really. No big fat assed 6-speed is ever going in my car.
  19. If i had known that that was an option I might have done that.
  20. But there's more important things to tell them... e.g. "stop driving ugly as f*** cars from WWII". Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  21. As said above, I am waiting for a new gearset... I ordered it 2 months ago when the box before this one broke and was hoping this "temporary" box would last until it arrived. It's still a month away Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  22. Teeth... 2nd gear twice... now third gear. No short shifter.
  23. I blew another yesterday, the third in 12 months... it only lasted 3 events. dogbox is on the way but not in time for the 7 events i have entered for the rest of the year, so will need to try another $500 piece of s***.
  24. yeah mate... been dropping panadol all day... you see the results.