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  1. no u cant fold down the rear seats but if u pull the arm rest out and pull the base part out behind it u can get in to the boot 8)
  2. i had gravel express that had 267000km on it no problems with the big end. well really no problems at all. we had it since it had 50000km on it. and my sti done 86000km and no problems
  3. hey just wondering how ya going there andrew? 8)
  4. have to find out how much sounds wicked 8)
  5. v10 sti around 8.5 to 9.5kml on hilly country and im not very light footed anymore either get about 45l before fuel light goes on 8)
  6. thatil be fine 8) be in the nissan as me subie getting a repair on bumper and respray.
  7. not really fussed either one 8)
  8. i think id be keen to go in someones car if still hAPPENING ah
  9. sounds good except me car is waiting on new cv cause its getting really bad now. have the ute but its not quick enough
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