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  1. Id recommend Gen 4, just as everything about it is just better (more reliable?, better interior, lighter, more modern etc). Idk about the auto tho as I got the manual but id imagine they are still pretty fun to drive. living in welly as well, sometime i wish i had save some money and got the auto but then again the thought get superseeded pretty quick when im boosting through all 6 gears
  2. Hey everyone, My first post here and not exactly the happiest of post lol. Anyway, recently I have been getting CEL when I cold start my 2007 Legacy GT spec.B. These CEL would stay on for a minute or two and then it would disappear. I scanned the code and its the infamous P1410 code for the secondary air pump valves being stuck open. I have spent a lot of time reading online including this website but nothing definitive. Just wondering what is the best course of action for me since I believe that the valves has not fully fail and maybe just being sticky? Is there a way for me to disable the air pump completely and keep the valves closed before it becomes stuck open (as I believe that exhaust gas can travel back up the pipe if its stuck open). This would be preferable as I then would not have to go in there and install blanking plates. Also noted that I have taken the car to subaru recently for the air pump relay recall and it said in the receipt that the secondary air pump was replaced? which I dont think thats right. Cheers, Ben