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  1. Mimic

    where my brz bros at

    Chassis are still too expensive in NZ. you can get a silvia for less so its not surprising really that they havent caught on yet.
  2. the user manual will have exact factory specifications, the internet tends to have a lot of chinese whispers and opinions. I guarantee you the engineers at subaru are better at working on their cars than some guy on the internet
  3. I'm really keen on figuring out how to facelift the 96 impreza interior, I really like the later models. I know it's pretty involved since you need to weld mounts for the dash and the speedo is electric, but would be well worth it
  4. Installed a padlock on the rear tyre holder on the Gravel Express, replaced the old rusty one (Previous owner didnt give me key) thought it was pretty cool when I looked inside to find an all original Gravel Express rim OEM and a Bridgestone Potenza RE88 possibly straight out of 1996 had full tread basically a new tyre! bit of an archaeological find! Still unsure whether I want to go ahead with a full restoration on this. might just tinker with the internals. and have the exterior redone(gonna see how facelift grille, hood and headlights look painted Gravel Express two tone. The original wheels are like $120+ a piece from overseas lol. pricey!
  5. Could this be the WRX Hatch making a comeback? I would be so thrilled to see it make a return. Looks pretty cool too. They also have an off road version which is kinda like the gravel express or XV imprezas
  6. Thank you for the reply, this makes a lot of sense honestly, and since i really cant see my own car passing 300hp I think this is a much better idea. I think you could honestly do most of those mods for the cost of a g4+ alone ($1350 ish to my understanding)
  7. Going to a TD05, STi ECU and Injectors is a really great suggestion. One I'm considering doing to accompany my manual swap so I can have a bit of fun in the meantime before committing to a Link. would you run into any issues running the stock boost control with a TD05 bolt in? or maybe its just a case of the PSI being really low from factory, and its fairly safe?
  8. Will be following this thread with interest, As I too would like to know these things. I have an Automatic 1996 220PS wrx gravel express, would love to know what kind of power I can safely run on the stock Ej20G open deck(is 260-280 a safe estimate?) At the moment my plans are Manual swap it and get a Link g4+ with a TD05 upgrade, currently rocking the TD04 factory. Not after massive power just want a nice daily, I hear the TD05 kicks in a bit later, might help fuel economy and top end. TD04 is responsive and pretty fun in the low end though. Would also like to look into a turbo back and intake at some point, though i am hesitant to install these before getting a G4+ so i can safely tune for them, as i dont wanna harm my engine.
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