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  1. Funny you should mention that, my husband pretty much said the same thing but he did omit the tow truck comment lol, I would imagine it was done purposely as to not fuel my anxiety. It is keyless so I am assuming it would fall under that category. I'll do some research though as I'm pretty adamant it needs an alarm, you kind of want that flashing blue alarm light as a deterrent and to actually hear if someone has broken into it.
  2. I’m sorry to hear that thats shocking ! There is obviously an underworld syndicate. I would expect this where I’m from ( South Africa) but not here. Hope you have a lovely day.
  3. HI I know this is a year on but did you get your car back ? I'm terrified someone will steal my WRX do I am installing an alarm and all sorts of things to immobilise the car .
  4. Hi I’ve recently bought a Japan import and it didn’t come with a user manual, would anyone have one they could email me pics of ? Thanks in advance.
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