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  1. Hi Welly crew, Vader Motorsports are hosting a Coffee and Cars at Burgerfuel Kpaiti on Sunday 9 January from 12 - 2pm. Check out Facebook for more https://www.facebook.com/events/927655627873081 I am going to to tootle up anyone else heading up? Cheers John
  2. Will aim to make it... the SVX is having engine and gearbox swap (going to a 5 spd) and hopefully will be done by then... if not next time!
  3. Cheers Working with the team at Wellington Automotive Gearboxes on options,
  4. Hi All, My stock auto on my 1995 SVX is having TCU and torque control/converter issues and looking at swapping out with a 5 or 6 speed manual. SVX is rated at 230hp so would a stock WRX 5 or 6 speed be ok? Any thoughts? Cheers! John
  5. Replaced boot struts on the 95 SVX with second hand ones; gave them a clean repaint. Will send the old pair off for refurb/gas and swap out when they come back. Good quick job.
  6. Great to see the list together! My SVX (95SVX) currently undergoing some replacements and repairs. Replacement center console on order from Japan and AC compressor from US. A number of other jobs to get done and hope to do a full respray next year depending on funds.
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