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  1. This is something I am interested in as well. Not so much for the road car but the rally car. The amount of race/rally cars stolen is becoming a little alarming. Hell the last one I saw taken was actually still on the trailer and the tow vehicle was stolen with car & trailer attached. Makes me all the more keener to be able to turn up at the house & retrieve my vehicle with a little of my displeasure shown to those that have it! I have tried some trackers but when they arent in cellphone reception they are useless.
  2. Had my "new" rollcage signed off by MSNZ tech and first ever scrutineer so I dont turn up to its first event & be denied!
  3. Yea I am with you there! Its not just rego they still havent sorted but stuff like diesel milage as well. My aunts 09 Toyota Corolla nana car is a diesel & it still gets charged the same as a heavier vehicle... I know this change is just for rego but I would have expected them to be able to sort it out by now.
  4. Heya guys & gals. Any of you lot that have road legal race vehicles like Rally or Targa cars had to rego your car since the new laws came in? What has it cost you for rego since the changes? Im interested to find out because after all the new law " Is all about the safety abilities of the car" isnt it! I'm pretty sure that my rally car is a lot safer to crash in rather than my road car!
  5. Cut up and started making sump guard mounting tube. Mounted oil catch can. Reinstalled 3 of 4 axles. That list of million jobs to be done to finish it keeps getting longer everytime i scratch some off!
  6. ^ pretty much sums it up really. sad but true. I prefer to keep my money in my pocket & the cops outta my life.... ironic really when my father in law is one!
  7. If you go to the sealed motokhana style event off pascoe st you dont need to worry about a helmet as the msnz rules its run by you dont need one. But if you go to one of the Auto X's you will need a helmet. They have thick cotton overalls you can use at the event if you dont have any overalls or the race type. Its always better to bring your own thou! As for a helmet if I am there you could use my Stilo one during the event as cars are numbered & spaced so you can run the rex & use mine. I always use a hood inside my helmet so you dont have to worry about cooties! Check out the Nelson Car club site. www.nelsoncarclub.co.nz Theres a Race your Road car event coming in Orion st, off Pascoe st 12th April. Quite a few events coming this year. Im plannin on havin rex ready for June gravel events, maybe Sandy bay sealed event in may if i am lucky!
  8. Yea, something like that! If I cant get one locally I guess I will just have to go for a generic 3 gauge pod. There is plenty around, tardme etc etc but i thought there might be one thats designed more for the factory dash!
  9. Anyone know of a 3 gauge pod that will mount in the top factory V5 dash pocket? I have taken the small flap door off the top of it and i want to mount the gauges there so its quicker & easier to see them rather than mounting lower down in the centre console.
  10. Easy guys ... you will cause a rip in the space time continuum & likely create a black hole sucking us all in. Then no one could go for a drive in our subies!
  11. I did have 1 of these left that came off my car thats now being turned into a rally car! If I can find youre more than welcome to have it then you'd only have to find the one for the other side. I will pm you if I can find it because I dont plan on putting it back on the car.
  12. I havent noticed bro. I will go down the stereo wiring check first before digging in behind the dash.
  13. Dunno bro. It was installed when I bought it. I replaced the Sony stereo that was in it with a better Sony I had which was just plug & play! I never thought about this being an issue in what the problem was. I never use the ciggy lighter for powering stuff so I have not noticed this before. The only reason it has popped up now is we had a family trip to Dunedin for a holiday & Rally Otago & I bought a usb charger for the phone because it chews thru battery power when in low reception areas. So not using the ciggy lighter & 4 years after buying the Rex I find an issue that could be the stereo install by a previous owner! Thanks mate!
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