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  1. Vent out, lower dash hanging: Unit in close up: Inside of unit: Under side of board: See how I have two black wires attached?? That is why I cannot remove without unsoldering. Is this part of aftermarket alarm install?? Label with numbers: Side view with bracket attached:
  2. I believe its technically called Door Lock Timer . . . . Found this thread also, http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/109378-door-lock-timer-location-95-legacy/?hl=timer Its on our right side for RHD vehicles. Behind air vent. Scoop screw driver in under, pops up, then lift it up and outward motion. Not overly easy but it clicks out. Two 10mm nuts holding DLT bracket on. Removing under side of dash helps - one plastic pin/clip inside door area and two screws - one at bonnet release and other in bottom left corner near stereo surround/then it all just pops out and down, hangs there.
  3. No go on passengers (left) side I was so hopeful. Anyone had to deal with this on a 1998 Impreza??
  4. Ahoi hoi I have 1998 V4 WRX GF8. Cenrtal locking not working on the unlocking side of things. I have Dynatron alarm to activate, have had car for approx 7 years. Lost the unlocking about 12 months a go but it returned after a week or so and now its gone again. Factory fob key also does not unlock doors. Key in drivers door will only unlock drivers door. (unsure if this was always the case anyway) Checked alarm wiring into CL line (yellow wire with silver spots) disconnect and lose locking aswell, reconnect and still no unlocking. Checked CL fuse under hood. All good. Replaced drivers do
  5. Surely the ECU wouldnt be concerned with the ignition barrel . . . . .???
  6. Also have code 12 (and 24) I cannot find anything Googling on how to fix starter switch. Only cel codes and how to clear. . . . . Cleaned out ICV to fix code 24 as recommended, it wasnt dirty really, and still get code after clearing. Where/what is starter switch and how do we fix/clean/service/replace?? Cheers
  7. To fix backlash, I believe you have to reset the bearings placement according to how much backlash there is/isnt. This particular issue ended up being inner CV joint. Not outer, but inner. It has since failed, making driving difficult, particularly under braking. It did not however, stop my friend from driving to Hamilton from Picton. . . . . . . : :
  8. Sounds plausible. Cheers Front diff perhaps? It sounds like its coming from the front. . .
  9. Hey mates ver6 WRX hatch Clicking when going really slowly. Just after he lets go of accelerator, sometimes a couple of clicks, and again when he just touches the pedal to go again. NOT cv's. Cant "feel" it in steering wheel. Fresh WOF with extra time to look for problem. Nothing What say you gearbox experienced people?/ Cheers
  10. code 85 Mates ver6 wrx wagon. 85??!!!????? any idea? 8 slow flashes and 5 quick. I quadruple checked. Cheers
  11. Searched previous to posting, no avail. I got hold of Bosch NZ 09-10 book and no listing for Fusion plugs for Imprezas. Listed for my EJ20G: FR5DPP222 (Double Platinum) or FR5Ki332s (Iridium i believe) I guess ill have to be the first to try them out eh!!
  12. No thoughts or opinions?? Anyone?
  13. Has anyone tried/tested Bosch Platinum and/or Bosch Fusion plugs?? Im driving 1999 WRX hatch Cheers
  14. Dirka

    Wiper travel

    Thank you!!
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