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  1. WD40 if that doesn't work PB Blaster
  2. Got an 08. Took it for a jaunt up to Hanmer and back. I got used to it very quickly, the mrs reports that it handles differently to the GTB... Uhm well duh GTB modified up the wazoo with being lowered, braces, all sorts of goodies. Passat is standard...
  3. Agreed, in the end the Euro Passat got us (Audi was a bit steep for me on 2n hand - damn my Scots Irish, dutch German heritage sometimes) The Haldex diff thing I am not sure how it affects real world driving. Test drove the latest Audi's/VW/Skoda 2012 models and only went for the 4motion/Quotro/etc **** front wheel drive I thought. In the end the same VW offer to the Audi was 8K cheaper... plus it is a top of line model (no sunroof, I kinda always thought I would miss it if I didn't have it again, but I didn't actually remember what I sued the sunroof for and I only just recall that it doesn't have one and the others did as I type this... ramble ramble, blubbler blubbler, blah blah blah) So 3.2L V6 4 Motion Passat with all mod cons - except that sunroof that no-one ever uses but MUST have - whats up with that??? anyway thats what we drive and it is rather nice. Official feul had it pegged at same as our old legacy, but **** me the thing was pulling 7.7L/100Km/h on the motorway at uh hum hum hum 100Km/h mr Constinoon... So pretty chuffed so far really Oh yea took an RS4 and S4 for spin, RS4 is a real hoot but couldn't handle that **** daily, S4 far more nicer
  4. Not goodbye, we are still Subaru at heart, but what we wanted Subaru didn't have. A decent looking car from outside. Current Legacy has an ass that only its mother would love.
  5. Hi Team Thanks to all that we have met and known on the forums, Many of you are personal friends and or highly thought off. She started with ciggy's thrown at my car (I still say on purpose, she says it was an accident = me says Yea rite woman) Anyway she was a right royal trip while it lasted - long may the BH5 live, kinda doubt it knowing who I sold it to ... I still have the trophy wife (yes the one that threw the ciggy's at my car's bonnet scoop), but sadly we have sold off our last Subaru for now, She (the trophy wife - did I mention she is hot yet? I didn't? Oh dear better get that in quick 'fore she reads this and I is in the ****. She is f**king hot). Now where was I? Oh yes, She is not enamored with the latest offerings from Subaru (TBH me neither really). But still we have two minions, not yet a dog and a new car... All thanks to Clubsub At least it is still AWD... Will still be on the forum but no longer cruising a 'Baru See you round troops. Ripping up tarmac circa 1997 to 2014
  6. 37 and 30 bought 2 years ago. used a broker - Brent Lattimore at Focus Financial saved like mother ****ers for deposit. did plenty of reno work including the garden we now have 25% equity in our house value has further increased . We are 45k over the rv. Best advise - worst house best street you can afford. Buy a reno job, by that I mean where you do superficial work like paint and trim. If you reno a kitchen, make sure it has good bones/cabinets. You could get away by only doing the doors and or countertop. Get a good advisor, property is an investment. Are you based in Christchurch?
  7. Pulled the Valentine V1 out of the GTB and getting her ready for sale
  8. Yep standard blah blah they do. I used to work for them, 90% people never got a otuer coy to quote...
  9. Thats high Bridgestone have a buy 3 get 1 free promo. Shop around and get prices from everywhere else, then take to Tony's and the HAVE to sell the same or better tyre for $10 less pe tyre. You will save $40 on a set of 4. MY02 is crud, go RE002
  10. That sounds like your bump stops. What km's? If over 80000km (more likely round 140 000) could be possible worn shocks. Our GTB was doing that, replaced struts and voila, no more thumping
  11. They are in the roof, I am not aware of the BH/BE being fitted with Iso-Fix. A quick perusal of the owner manual and the service manual does not show the Iso-Fix system being available, it does however point out the top tether points
  12. Car has new struts, drove them over the ****iest piece of road in CHCH... Used to cringe driving down it at 70Km/H, now 100Km/h is a breeze
  13. Why is it illegal to top people off ***CAUTION*** this question is rhetorical and asked purely out of frustration of dealing with complete f*cktards. Oh BTW I eagerly await your replies for pure entertainment purposes and make myself feel better about not blasting them @rseh0les to kingdome come...
  14. I remember that circa 1999 (was doing training out Moawhanga dam way).
  15. Shop around the tyres alone will save you a couple of hundred if you get quotes then go to Tonys Tyre Service, they gaurantee to beat any price in town by $10/tyre. They also have a massive drive to move Bridgestone products so go for it. the bulbs go see Supercheap auto or Repco get qoutes for the other work from other mechanics.
  16. Booked that bad boy in for a new set of struts next month at Autotech. Jase, hurry up and get me a price buddy! Lol wont get the bilsteins rebuilt, so they may be avaliable for sale afterwards
  17. Hi team Having issues with the GTB's wiper settings Had the linkages repaired, ever since then the fastest setting for the wipers had not operated? Any suggestions to fix?
  18. Normal car tyres should suffice for runs upto and including the club skifields. Stay with the correct diameter tyres for the outback, less pain, and buy some good quality chains that fit your tyres and car Anything from Bridgestone, Yokohama, Hankook, et all will be fine Avoid Triangle, Linlong, et al
  19. All things must go up eventually
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