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  1. can try a tag should he login ? @Marky? ahh yep unlikely
  2. as above no help either but sounds like a really weird mashup of parts! no turbo stuff doesn't get a lot of "love' around here eh but there might be the odd nut hangin about who knows so welcome to the forums!
  3. the source page for the image tells us nothing eh : http://imprezaonline.blogspot.com/2011/07/ be worth more than the car if you're going to pay someone to craft it
  4. Yeah that's interesting alright, I like how it defeats the purpose of having a Bug : but is still a buy-eye at the same time not sure if the headlight covers (one piece grill?) will get a WOF here though eh
  5. Hope we 'aint' discouraged you from the forum! cars get too smart for their own good from above the Gen 3 Leggy + (2004? better off selling what you have and buying the right car eh OR stick to it and let us know how you get on with yearly updates
  6. weeeooooo weeeooo fun police incoming chuck it in the bin now eh eg : don't
  7. Only help I would be would to ask if you've read the FAQ's on here : specifically along the lines of these threads : Some of those are 10+ years old now & there have been a few advances in the ability to "Tune" the ECU since then too eh
  8. Wes is a GC : I can vouch or him : he built the EJ20 Starlet [1OFKND]
  9. drift car things : eg more "Lock" this guy wen with RX7 parts apparently (though I am unsure of current legality status) [searching for facebook or IG link now) %7BfileStore.core_Attachment%7Dmonthly_2021_11/image.png.a8b5d5e5b386ba4ba2557985d2491879.png
  10. Main Cage Hoop "Wall thickness" was the most recent update I can see another stumble on too ie yours might have been right when started but unless previously homologated "as is" slim chance it'll pass now if not 'right' sorry to be the fun police picking on things here!
  11. yeah that & oh Rails, Knuckles & 1/2 a cage I think you've identified your biggest issues already eh cage will need MSNZ membership, along with recent events (to prove gets used or at least passes inspections) and an Authority card (also MSNZ) : some will argue one of these tops the Cert card eg : lets you get away with a few extra 'allowances' we have a few racers here that drive their cars but doubt that a half cage will even get close to being accepted eh they are worse than bolt in's for most motorsports (as in, just don't) also means Seats, Belts and airbags (if any) will need to be sorted too eg FIA approved etc
  12. updated your DP's too : hope that's ok!

  13. Joker

    Updated your DP's to reflect your business page :P 

  14. or @SAS aka the boys on this forum @gotasuby https://www.facebook.com/SASworkshop
  16. bit of an old Wives tale eh 20 years of TT's modders & not much over spooling going on with other builds
  17. RIP the Impreza, Legacy AND Levorg names? (or are the base model stil lmp's?
  18. I know there's advances in TT' Ecu tech since I was playing but 'only' the later Gen 3's are tuneable right? (OBd2) unless they've done something silly like I did & popped them into a Gen 2 then "computer says no . jpg" (OBD1)
  19. I'd say nah : minimal change : maybe reset the ECU?
  20. Updated your Avatar : couldnt help myself :P cheers!

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