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Found 20 results

  1. Does anyone know or can meause the height from the centre wheel to guard on factory suspension for the rear wheels? I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Hi there team, Im new to this forum have a 2007 Legacy STI, Auto / Trip. Im having a problem when using the paddle shift. So what's happening is I can change from 1st to 2nd to 3rd it will then instantly change to 4th without me asking it too, then I change to 5th. it's weird and have not been able to find any info on google. Can someone help me shed some light on this its really annoying Cheers
  3. alexnichol405

    cat delete

    im looking at cutting out my catalytic converter on my legacy and throwing in a high flow coby, is this legal for wof standards? im also going to be fabricating a twin straight pipe tip, does anyone know how far it can stick out from the back of my legally? cheers
  4. Hi all, I'm currently looking at purchasing a BL5 and was wondering if anyone knew the main differences between these cars as there's no information online for the 2.5GT. Any comparisons on tunability? I know there's plenty of info out there for the JDM GT. Any specs on which turbo the 2.5 uses? Also within the JDM GT lineup, were there any changes from the early 2003 model to the late model? Cheers!
  5. hello all, recently I purchased a bh5 legacy twin turbo. I checked the radiator fluid and it was a orange/brown colour and thought this wasnt right so I drained and put in all new coolant and after checking it again about a month later it was brown again. is this normal for a legacy/what causes it? cheers!
  6. Hello members, Cheers from Canada! While driving today the fuse for the gauge cluster blew and everything stopped working in the cluster and after replacing the fuse the cluster would act funky (go all dim when doing a turn signal and give out a warning tone) any suggestions? Put up a small video for reference. http://tinyurl.com/jf45rzl Thanks in advance
  7. when driving my 2000 gtb when driving the car slightly cold taking if I try to take off without giving it any revs the whole car judders really violently. Im not sure if its a serious problem I should look at, because if I warm up the car fully then drive it is fine or if I ride the clutch it is also fine. anyone experienced this before or can anyone share some knowledge?
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm in the market to buy a Wagon and have been recommended a Subaru by a friend. As there are so many on the market at the moment I'd like to get some advice from 'experts' on which particular model would be best suited to me. I require it for work and will be loading the boot with more than the average hatchback can handle but not heavy stuff. I will also be driving up to 40k per year on the highways so fuel economy will definitely help. And if it can get on the beach that would be a bonus! Budget is around 8-10k. Many thanks for any advice. Andy
  9. Hey all, I am brand new to these forums, to cut this short : I am AJ I am 21 I live in central/west Auckalnd I just sold my BP5 2004 Legacy A/T and looking for something a bit more exciting. Keen to get involved with the Subaru world I'm currently taking a look at a 2001 Legacy BH5 E-tune with an auto trans (Not ideal but hear me out) Its got the twin turbo Ej20, its done a low 112 kms, has the awesome cupholder in the dash and twin sunroof and is pretty tidy all round. Its had the belt and all that done, knock sensors, plugs. The owner has a blitzen wagon and a wicked old Subaru SVX with almost no clearcoat left on it. He's from the UK and seems to switched on when it comes to the Subaru stuff, basically he's doesn't seem like the car thrasher. He believes its got a blown primary turbo which is preventing it from boosting so he's going to get that sorted before i actually take it for a drive, is this a common issue? A mate of mine is coming with me who previously has owned an E-tune, Ill be checking out the car for any issues and looking at its service history. Are there any owners on here that want to tell me to save my bucks for a newer single turbo model, or go for it? Wanting a fun all rounder i can take the beach and also drive to work (If i drive granny spec will i get okay fuel consumption?) or is a H6 3.0 a better contender? Cheers
  10. Hey guys, I have a BP5 Legacy GT with the McIntosh Stereo system. I want to remove it and put a new double din or single din head unit in and basically run new wiring to new speakers. I also have the Nav system and was wondering if I pull the McIntosh stereo out how this will effect the NAV system, like will it still work with out sound if I just leave the thing disconnected from the headunit.. has anyone done this? Basically I want to be able to use the Nav system for the information like fuel consumption and **** and can get the navigation changed to NZ if I want later. Or is it just better to find a compartment tray for the top and remove the NAV system all together? also where would I be able to find a Compartment with a info panel? Cheers
  11. Hey guys, my first post here. I got a BIitzen 2000 for cheap and spent last few days on Google\etc before starting this thread. There's an overwhelming amount of info out there about this engine (twin turbo). Question is, what small upgrades you would think it's worth on this one? I'm not going as far as single turbo conversion, that would be too much of a spend, I only want really small improvements for a fun day to day drive. It's auto gearbox (yeeah I know). What's already on my list is some body work, make her shine again. In general I want that to look pretty stock, but engine-wise I think that VOD is horrible, any way for a small improvement? Cheers for any advice.
  12. Hi guys,have been looking into a project on my TSR over the next few years. I am looking to eventually convert my stock manual TSR legacy to a STI essentially. I am aware the TSR's have similar traits to the GTB but am not quiet sure how similar such as driveline and diffs etc. If i managed to get a wrecked v7 wrx (rear damage) i would look to convert engine, suspension, brakes, 6sp gearbox and seats. Just wondering for cert etc would there be any other major mods id need to make? and would anybody have any idea what cert would cost for all of this? Any advice/help would be very much appreciated. Cheers
  13. Have just installed tein low down spec cool style master super wagon into a BP5 Wagon and wound right down it doesn't seem to be that low they are not platform adjustable and was wondering if any one else has installed these coilovers and maybe changed the springs to get them to sit a bit lower
  14. just brought a BOV and does not come with a blanking plug and wondering what size it is so i can order one. car is a 2003 legacy gt-b single turbo sedan
  15. gidday, been a while since ive been here. been a while since ive had issues with my wagon (only about 4-6000km between warrants) 1994 gt twin turbo manual legacy wagon bg5 chassis (without the coil pack on top of the engine) lately, for a few weeks or so, i have driven myself nuts hunting a problem that throws no codes. low range revs, so im assuming primary turbo/primary turbo control issue (im guessing low rev range in the primary) under load, hard acceleration, in any gear, in that lower rev range, the acceleration is incredibly jerky. i have (for reasons unknown) changed the knock, tps, engine temp sensors i have also cleaned out the solenoid box, including the lines, and stayed away from the MAP sensor. i have even tried a 2nd box as well, to eliminate the possibility of a dodgy bit in the box. partial throttle, leads to partial boost, with no issues. 2ndary turbo boost seems fine (which is odd, coz i believe the primary boosts at the same time as well, once its exhaust gas has got the 2ndary up to pace) anyone else had or know of a similar issue? long winded description i know just trying to get as much info out here as i can to avoid any obvious questions, keeping in mind ive had no codes
  16. I am looking to import a 2000 Legacy GT-B from Japan and am wondering if I will have to import a lot of parts from Japan when it needs fixing or not. Is it possible that the EJ208 engine itself was used in North America (minus the twin turbos of course) meaning that the only parts I'd need to import would be regarding the turbos? If anyone can shine a little light into this dilemma for me I would be greatly appreciative! Thanks!
  17. Hey guys, Seem to have blown a few of the speakers in the leggy, make popping noises at high volume. Assuming this is due to blown coils on the speakers not some other issue (???) whats the go on replacing the speakers with a full McIntosh system? Can i just put any speakers in there? Cant seem to find size/specs online anywhere does anyone have information about BP5 Mcintoshs? One of the speakers that's rooted is the sub, can i just replace that easy enough and use the factory amp? Any advice would be awesome! Cheers.
  18. Hey all, my gt wagon isn't running right, I'm pretty sure it's coil related. Was just wondering if anyone in timaru has a set I could try out? Oh and an easy way to get out spark plugs would be awesome lol. Thanks in advance for any help
  19. Subaru Lancaster 6 $ 4000 - 212 HP - 6 zylinders - 3.0 liter - boxer enigine (petrol) - 220.000 km - Year 2000 brand new WOF until 11/2014 REG until 09/2014 (next WOF will last for 12months! because law has changed for cars build after 01.01.2000) - new front tyres - new front brakes - new airfilter - duo to the WOF right steering rack end was replaced - rear tyres and brakes good for one year - camshaft drive chain! no timing belt! no need to be replaced anytime runs great, perfect for ski season a few scratches, but no accidents german owner (cared a lot about the car) sold only against cash! car is available at Mountain View Backpackers, Russel St., Wanaka Call or text me @ 022-108 48 11 or email [email protected] if not sold in until 16.6. I will drive the car to Christchurch http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-737250976.htm
  20. so I've got a 2003 spec B legacy and the auto transmissions called it quits at 130,000kms due to my unfortunate financial position at the moment I have no real option other than to replace it myself... to be honest I know sweet f**k all about what I'm going to be doing, so would be gold if maybe I could get some feed back about... good places to look for a replacement, how to actually take the friggn thing out, and what tools I'll need. I am a sparky so am practically competent but was just wondering if you lot have any tips and tricks. thanks
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