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  1. I only run 98 in my BPE, especially after i had it tuned by matt. Just buy a cheap Vag-com cable and either install freessm or get the btssm app an android device and you can pretty much read all important sensors, read codes, reset engine and transmission learnt values. Get this http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/USB-KKL-409-1-Cable-For-OBDII-OBD2-Car-Diagnostic-Scanner-XI-FTSS-YYK-/152148563022?hash=item236cc2d44e and if you want to use the BTSSM app (You can do logging and it has knock detection/warnings) you need to get this https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/CABDNX6019/Dynamix-C-U2-OTG-10cm-USB-20-Micro-B-Male-to-Type For less than $20 you get peace of mind and a whole lot of data to comb over.
  2. Oh my god i saw this and nearly spewed, nearly turned around and snapped a photo but decided it was not worth it
  3. I am looking to upgrade my stereo too, i believe we may have the same challenges. apologies for amount of dust covering my dash, this was pre-clean i promise. I am wondering if i were to buy a conversion like above, assuming the seperated AC Panel will use a seperate connecter to the stereo, will i be able to plug the speaker loom straight into my aftermarket headunit and expect it to work? Or does it get messy in separating the wires and figuring the pinouts.
  4. Hey all, Wondering if the leather/heated/electric driver and passenger seats out of a 2007 Facelift legacy would bolt right into my 2004 pre-facelift legacy? Would all the wiring and connectors be there? Obviously not the controller for the heaters but i could certainly get one. My current drivers seat is electric and the passenger is just manual controls, neither are heated.
  5. The first file i received was an ECU file from another car which was identical to mine that matt had tuned previously. The second set of files had three levels of aggressiveness, Tame / Agressive / Somewhere inbetween I chose the one i liked most and i'm just guessing there might be a final revision. Logging and monitoring your car while doing pulls helps giving an idea how the engine is running (learning view / monitoring knock and knock correction etc etc). Ive never had a dyno tune done on any of my cars but like you said, it would be faster. For a road car and daily like mine actually driving the car on the road on the usual journeys and logging them might give a bit more insight into the experience the driver is looking for and driving habits the owner might have (My guess) I wouldn't say either or is a wrong choice, just two different paths i guess.
  6. Can honestly say i've had a completely different experience from above with Matt. At most it was a week or 10 days between revisions, i am now on my third revision and should only be one or two updates from a final tune. The whole process so far has taken around 6 weeks from when i extracted my OEM ECU file, and i'd say most of the delays was myself finding time to get some good logs recorded and getting time to reflash. The car felt immediately better and continues to get better with each revision, this is with a 3.0r which IS his forte. Its a shame hearing that some of his customers go for prolonged periods without support or updates, i'm sure its not what he has intended. He recently went through surgery but even so, having to wait months for revisions is obviously not on and if your busting to get a tune out for your legacy and dont particularly like waiting then i would look into other options for sure.
  7. So yeah, if your buying rego only buy it till July 1st http://rightcar.govt.nz/rego - July 2015: My 2004 legacy was $134/year http://rightcar.govt...go/acc-new.html - July 2016: $85/year More money for parts Site is very slow as its probably being loaded by the masses foaming about cheaper rego
  8. Had mine filled with z 95 for the first tank or two then made the switch to bp 98 I think it does run a little better, it ran even better after i reset my engine modules through freessm after i changed fuels. (simple battery reset would probably do the job) Plus i feel better putting 98 instead of 95, peace of mind really.
  9. http://www.expresskeys.co.nz/subaru Hit up this place, i have not gotten a quote from them personally but i have heard they are very reasonable on price, the guy i bought my car off recommended them. Im interested to see how much they are.
  10. Hi all, making plans for what i am going to do with my display/audio. Currently i have a BPE legacy with this unit The reversing camera is hooked up to it, and runs all the time (Engages on reverse and disconnects once out of reverse) but i can change the source so i can view from the camera whilst driving. Its all in Japanese, its got navigation (Sitting in the middle of the ocean) and some kind of TV input (I get static on the channels), It has no data display as far as fuel consumption goes. Since this is a little different looking to the rest of the units ive seen on this model, does anybody have any idea what model this is? Will be removing it for further inspection tonight, perhaps i can AV in from a tablet hooked up to freessm for data display?
  11. You should be fine, its not like you are strapping a big turbo to it and pushing the limits of the motor. By doing headers/exhaust/tune your simply refining/yielding what power you are not getting with factory bits, also tuning would help your engine perform better / more efficient I dont think it matters so much as long as your car has been maintained well and you dont have any underlying problems to begin with.
  12. Awesome, could you PM me his email address? I assume ill need a tactrix cable? I might start of with the tune then i can simply add bits as i get them and get retunes. Cheers for the help mate
  13. How much did it cost to get the headers into NZ? Did you install them yourself? What did it cost you for the third cat delete and the tune?
  14. Keen as, Looking at a set too.
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