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Found 10 results

  1. Sup Team, little late to party but here it is. Current list. 05' Silver EZ30D 5EAT Wagon Interior JVC double din stereo and reverse camera. Full kicker sound system, (6.5" doors, 600W class D amp & 12" CompR sub) Exterior Kudos tokyo, 18" x 8.75" + 38..... Hyper Black. Thule Wingbar roof rack. Performance 2.5 inch full custom exhaust, headers back. Middle 400mm resonator and flexible bellow. Magnaflow cannon mufflers. 3" Stainless tips. Tein Flex Z coilovers (certed) Front -2deg camber, Rear -2.4 deg. Roadstone Eurovis Sport 04 (225/40/r18) Front guards rolled. Whitleine Rear Sway bar. 20mm 2 way blade adjustable. Disc Brake Aus (DBA) T2 Slotted rotors (all round) C-plus ceramic pads, BNT K&N performance air filter. NGK 6481 ILFR6B Laser Iridium Spark Plugs Mainline Dyno custom tune, 98RON 148.9KW ATW (chart below) Please reply to the thread and post pics of your own cars. Keen to see!!!! Lets go,
  2. Hi all, Vehicle is a 4th gen 2005 legacy sedan pre facelift. My brake light has stopped working on my rear left upper bulb. I switched out the bulb on the other side to test but no cigar. To me this indicates the wiring must contain the cause BUT the other lights on the same loom are working (lower brake light bulb, reverse bulb and indicator bulb). Has anyone come across this before? Any advice appreciated, thanks!
  3. Hey Team, Have any of you had to replace an in tank fuel pump on a gen 4 3.0r Legacy? Looking around found that GOSS do a replacement pump for a good price, but different sources say to use one of two models (GE271 or GE272). Has anyone gone through this process? What brand did you use, who stocked it etc any info would be a great help. Cheers!
  4. I have a BP5 JDM 3.0R-B, I was coming home back into Auckland from Rotorua yesterday, and on the dash below the tacho where the trip meter info normally shows how many km's of range left, km's done etc etc, a number "3" flashed up along with some Japanese writing for about 4-5 seconds and then disappeared. It did it 2 or 3 times. I have had the car 7 months/10,000km and never seen this before. It flashed up too quickly to have time to take a photo of it. Has anyone seen this before and know what it is telling me?!?! Cheers.
  5. Hello once again team! I am looking to do some cheapish exhaust mods to me 3.0r sedan based off what I have read online. So far the menu looks like this. Delete 3rd Cat. Replace centre muffler with 2.5" redline resonator. So far I have some saying leave the centre muffler alone or youll (drone) regret it. And others saying do what you like it does next to nothing. Has anyone gone down this path before? Keen to hear your tips. Cheers!
  6. Hey team! Have been quoted $550 to replace a front wheel hub on my '05 Legacy BLE Spec B Sedan. After doing some research I have determined that it is probably a backyard type job with the right tools and a mate or two with experience. I have found a couple of hub pricings but want to see if any of you have dealt with these brands before or know of any alternatives. Febest - $140 FBJ - $80 Subaru Genuine - $300 ish Any other tips or tricks about the job as a whole would be appreciated too, I think I have a good handle on how to do it but if there are any hidden pitfalls I would like to hear about it.
  7. Alright guys, I've had a look in the search bar to see if this has already been asked, couldn't find anything... so here goes. I am looking to import a 2007 - 2009 BP Legacy wagon and i'm struggling to decide between the two main engine options, the 3.0R and the 2.0T. I will be getting a Spec B with the 6 speed manual regardless of what engine i decide on, so i was wanting some feedback from y'all on your experiences. My main questions are the following: - which would be faster? - which is easier overall to live with? reliability etc. - does the EZ30 have much of an aftermarket? or is it primarily a exhaust swap and a tune to boost power and thats it? - fuel economy, what sort of figures do you see in your 2.0T/EZ30? this wont really matter TBH but would be interesting to see. - insurance... that old chestnut. im guessing the EZ30 will be cheaper to insure? Any information is totally welcomed. Thanks team!
  8. Hi guys - are contemplating on purchasing a 3.0R manual SI Drive - I have had an auto one in the past so I know what they're like, can anyone comment on what can be done to the EZ30 engine foe more power - without spending mega $$? as in no more than $1500 - Im thinking an exhaust as for reflashes for these engines can you get much gains?
  9. For those that have a JDM S I Drive BL/ BPs and wonder what the random occassional single audible beep means (similar to each time transmission mode is changed.) And not able to read the Japanese script in the multi - function display as well. - finally worked it out with mine recently - display showed 2 at the time it beeped which corresponded with 2 hours driving. when checking trip duration. Guessing its a warning / alert to take a break from driving.
  10. Guest

    EZ30R turbo kit??

    Where would I start looking for a turbo kit in Auckland for my EZ30R? Anyone got any ideas on the work involved? Cost? Engine Limits and potential performance gains without needing an engine rebuild? Thanks
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