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Found 13 results

  1. What is this project? Its an engine build with a discussion and details about options and trade offs building an engine. Hopefully heaps of photos and video. Why? Because I couldn’t find the details I wanted online in one place and heaps of builds leave out the discussion on why they picked the parts and what flow on effects it makes. Plus after @Joker posted about Facebook YouTube take over I saw a motor and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Whats with the name? It came for a PM from @PBMS as the base engine for this is a EJ207 W block with a suspected cracked piston that on one has looked at yet. Until it’s opened there’s no idea on what’s inside. When does it start? It started March 2019. Where is it? it will be in this topic mostly and across Possum Bourne MS YouTube etc. before the engine is assembled I hope to video in 4K all the parts and write up the reasoning behind each How long? over the next few months since the engine is a donor the cars stays on the road. Whats the plan? Build a great motor with well through your part selection. Everything is pretty much open to ideas as things are added to the list. Initial thoughts are: - build it for around 800hp (was 600hp) and then street it about 500whp. - Stay 2.0 as the cost of stroking it is higher and I can’t seem to own a car that won’t rev out to at least 8,000 rpm - CNC the heads since it isn’t that much - Cams around 264 but has dual AVCS so maybe bigger, but needs to be streetable - close deck maybe depends on block condition
  2. 07 legacy gt wagon EJ20X 140,xxx kms. Every few weeks or so when giving it some boot it smokes heavily *white* for afew seconds and the coolant level will also go down by about 1-2 inches. little bit of of pink dried up fluid around the radiator cap and cap for the expansion tank but no where near as much as it’s losing. The car isn’t overheating and it sits a tad under half on the temp gauge and drives normally coolant does smell abit sweet. Other than that the car is never driven hard it just takes me back and forth to work literally a 4 minute drive then to Wellington from marton once a week and back. Worth noting a P0731 code came up this morning. any help is appreciated.
  3. Hey all! A mate of mine had some spare Subaru heads off of her fathers car from many many many years ago, I’ve somehow come around to getting these off of her and am a little lost as to what they are. Is there any chance someone in here could help me? This is my first time seeing an engine/engine head apart so forgive my ignorance on any slip ups. From my understanding these are v3 STi heads - due to the RH-B and LH-B castings on the side of the head. https://ibb.co/30kWZhz However then there’s a couple contradictions, I’ve read that v3 sti cams (Atleast USDM from what I can tell) have the codes r4in, r4ex, l4in, l4ex as well as a line going through the “R” and another to the right of the “4”. The cams my engine have are coded r3in, r4in,l3in and l3ex with only a single line to the right of the “3”. https://ibb.co/YDLbFNB https://ibb.co/dLtGZgh While browsing through Scoobynet I saw a post talking about v2 Ra camshafts and that’s when I found this : https://ibb.co/VH1wVM2 THATS THE SAME CODE AS MY CAMS!!! But then I saw the second line and got sad . Prior to this, I hadn’t found anything with the same camcodes. V3 STi heads are supposed to have valves marked with IH and EH for the Intake and Exhaust respectively, mine has I D N on the intake and I haven’t gotten around to cleaning the exhaust valves. https://ibb.co/hLyvFDg I hope some of this info and these photos can help point us in the right direction to identifying these heads! If any new photos are needed/ hosting drops just let me know and I will sort it ASAP Any help is much appreciated! Assuming these heads are either v1/2 or v3/4 they will be getting slapped onto an Ej18 for a turbo build If you have any experience with headswaps, ecu tuning/flashing or just interested make sure to follow along too! Cheers for any and all the help, Dean.
  4. Sorry if this has already been a thread before, but i recently got picked up an 07' Impreza S-GT, 2.0 Turbo 5 Speed. Excellent car and I'm having a blast driving it. Anyway, the car has just under 170000 k's and I believe it's time for me to do a service - oil, filter, etc. What are some other things you guys generally do when servicing your turbo Subaru's? I was having a gander at servicing videos and the general service seemed to include cleaning the AFM, resetting the ECU, and top engine cleaning? I feel like some of it is a bit unnecessary but and pointers are greatly appreciated. I feel and oil and filter change would be sufficient enough?
  5. Hey There, I'm currently in the middle of rebuilding my 2001 subaru wrx wagon i had recently bought a semi closed v8 sti block with forged internals. the block has been zero decked and it came with existing subaru legacy heads. after pulling the heads off i found that the valves had made contact with the pistons and had left some notches in the piston head. im afraid when i apply my wrx heads to the motor that the valves are going to collide with the pistons. what is a way i can get around this? i dont think there is enough clearance with just a factory gasket and im trying to avoid machining the heads entirely any ideas would be great
  6. Has anyone put UEL headers on a non turbo ej20 legacy. can it be done And what work would need to be done if any.
  7. Hi everyone, Does anyone have insights on the maintenance and reliability of aftermarket alloy radiators? I am thinking whether or not they will give any sort of advantage when one is touring remotely, where reliability of the cooling system is a must. Since modern cars have plastic radiator tank tops and, of course, they will degrade over time. Has anyone installed an aftermarket radiator, particularly ones that are sold her locally, and has had a good run with them so far? My default will always be genuine parts all the time but it would be nice to get some opinions and experiences on this topic. Cheers.
  8. Hi all I am a noob and do want to replace my (broken) factory bov with one such as a hks ssqv or V6 sti I believe it's an HKS unit. However the problem is that my turbo inlet which is on the early wrxs uses a hose rather than a flange to the turbo-intercooler pipe. I don't run the factory pipe rather I use radiator/silicon Hose as mine broke. To fix this, would I either have to get some silicon Hose, drill a hole to fit flange? Or is it best to buy a factory hose?
  9. new here, but wandering if anyone knows a decent place to either get a angine refurbished or where to get a standard refurb kit for a ej203 for a 2003 bp5 liberty wagon. it currently has 380xxx kms on the clock and is showing its ware and tear. just wanna refurb for now and turbo convert later next year if i can swing it. my baby girl is gonna get some love and care as the last owner didnt maintain her at all
  10. Hey guys, I have a 1999 Legacy Rev B that has the auto EJ206 in it which I will be removing and manually converting (car is being painted by a friend to showcase to employers). I also plan to have something done with the engine at the same, but I'm not too sure on the route to take. I would like the end result to be single turbo with pretty much standard performance as it will be my daily driver, but I can't decide on either rebuilding the current engine or swapping in an engine from a Forester. If I were to get a Forester engine I would give it a refresh but not to headgaskets. I am leaning more towards keeping the current engine but it's done 230k and I'm not sure about the open deck design. Will it be easier to single turbo convert with a Forester engine or will it be easier to keep the current engine? Cheers guys!
  11. 08’ Impreza 2.0R manual, 214xxx k’s. I have had the car for about a week and I’ve noticed when driving it that the car has a slow/flat/sluggish spot around 2000 until 2500 rpm where it struggles to accelerate. The revs kind of fluctuate up and down around and it slowly climbs until it hits around 3k rpm and it accelerates fine. Some days are worse than others, sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not. My first guesses are are spark plugs and leads or something wrong where it’s starving it from fuel? Maybe a fuel pump or the likes of. Any ideas?? Thanks guys.
  12. Alright guys, I've had a look in the search bar to see if this has already been asked, couldn't find anything... so here goes. I am looking to import a 2007 - 2009 BP Legacy wagon and i'm struggling to decide between the two main engine options, the 3.0R and the 2.0T. I will be getting a Spec B with the 6 speed manual regardless of what engine i decide on, so i was wanting some feedback from y'all on your experiences. My main questions are the following: - which would be faster? - which is easier overall to live with? reliability etc. - does the EZ30 have much of an aftermarket? or is it primarily a exhaust swap and a tune to boost power and thats it? - fuel economy, what sort of figures do you see in your 2.0T/EZ30? this wont really matter TBH but would be interesting to see. - insurance... that old chestnut. im guessing the EZ30 will be cheaper to insure? Any information is totally welcomed. Thanks team!
  13. Hey guys, some pretty daft questions which I've been searching for answers for but haven't turned up anything definitive. I'm looking at getting my lady friend a new car, and I'm keen on her getting something I can modify when she upgrades in a year or two, and I enjoy the conversion/modification instead of selling and buying. I was looking at a 2000 1.5 Impreza sedan, but I have a few questions... Are the 1.5s AWD the same as the 2.0s? If I were to swap in the drivetrain from an STI, would I need to be concerned with anything other than the normal conversion stuff or is it a bolt in affair, aside from wiring? Also are the rear brakes drum brakes or calipers? Many more questions but that would do for a start haha Cheers guys
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