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    free monthly event at southward car museum. don't be bashful, all cars welcome. last time there was one sti 5 type r coupe. it was lonely. https://www.facebook.com/events/602247880193483/
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    Avcs camwheels can be a right pain in the arse to remove without the proper cam pulley holder tool. And they are now allen key camwheel bolts.
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    sounded like there was a glitch last year, I'll try & get someone to look & see
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    Monthly meet on tonight! Details: - Wednesday 9th January - Westgate Shopping Complex - Park in front of Supercheap Auto - 7.30PM onward - Plenty of cover should it rain
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    HI, Just tried to update my membership but it shows it is already paid (via PayPal). Are you able to let me know if anything is going pear shaped :-) cheers John Field :-)
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    Thank you! 3 hands might make it easier yes.... Anyone know an alien?
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    Few Pics from wednesday Night Meet in Albany