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  1. 12.8V to 3.3V within 1 cm? thats not standard volt drop you dealing with. Its either a bad connection, some kind of resistances wired in (resistor etc) OR, albeit rare, a bad piece of wire - I have only seen it once so far in my life time.
  2. What did you do with your old steering wheel...I'm hunting for one in better condition then mine
  3. Open it up, check for loose connections Check for dry soldering points - reflow board (heat gun, soldering iron etc - lots of ways to do it) Check for dodgy capacitors Check screen connection Check screen power source If you comfortable with a multimeter test each component
  4. Started the rear view camera installation this past weekend. Wired the main video feed from the front to the rear. Tested the unit and all works well. Now need to find a way to still mount the camera and just reconnect everything
  5. Thanks! YIp wiring is not a problem but the actually camera: Its one of these - basically got it for free so need to somehow mount it. So either make somesort of bracket or box for it or drill through the bodywork to mount it.
  6. So my reverse camera arrived and I I want to install it this coming weekend. It came with the HSS holesaw but not sure I want to cut into the body panel. Anybody come some pics of how they mounted theirs? I am also considering hooking it up to the reverse light as its right there in the wagon door. Any other tips?
  7. Its made as both one side is the breaker head and the other side has the torque head
  8. Good tip thanks! Got my trusty breaker bar and torque wrench 2 in 1
  9. Thank you! 3 hands might make it easier yes.... Anyone know an alien?
  10. Thansk gents. Yip, I want to attempt to do it myself.
  11. What is a good km's to get cambelt changed? My legacy is almost hitting 80,000km and doesnt seem it has been done yet
  12. Gents, my exterior rubber seals and trims for doors,etc. are in bad condition. Are there generic rolls I can buy to replace all seals and trims? When I redid my ford about 3 years ago one could buy these in rolls of 10-20meters. Any idea if this is available for 06 legacy's?
  13. Washed, rewashed, polished and waxed the car this weekend. Also took off the AWD sticker on the back window as it was faded and dull. Also removed the legacy badge as I have done with all my cars
  14. yip, but budget cant stretch that high...$500 maybe $600 for now