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  1. Haha have been emailing back and forth already, but no solution other than custom or really expensive that I can see.. @PBMS you guys were working on something right ?
  2. Sold a heap of killer B stuff, everyone happy with it if that helps your discussion haha
  3. COBB Tuning has only one promotion per year and it's on RIGHT NOW! We are able to discount 10% off everything in the Cobb catalogue, but only for a very limited time. If you've been waiting for discounts on Cobb this is it. Get your orders in now, only at - New Zealand's COBB dealer. Finance available where applicable.
  4. You can see the range online at for Process West, if something not there you want then let me know I can add it quickly.
  5. We're NZ dealer for Process West
  6. Wow I'm impressed. I looked into it (we're dealer for MCA in Aus) and it was waaaaaaay cheaper to buy direct it just didn't make any sense for us to get involved.
  7. We're stoked to welcome Killer B Motorsport to our growing lineup of products. A whole lot of engineering goes into their products to ensure everything released is the absolute best quality and provides real world improvements. Their sumps, baffles and pickups are super popular in the USA and their headers are proven awesome. Be sure to visit their website and get in touch for any of their parts you might be interested in. We are adding the lineup to the website of course as well for easy browsing. Any questions just send me a DM or email
  8. Yes you can't ship shocks with EMS anymore but we can container as mentioned above if you don't mind the wait.
  9. Yeah there's really nothing about except getting ex-Japan. We've looked into it a few times for people but most of the time they go custom due to the cost of the Japanese options
  10. We've got COBB intakes in stock at the moment -
  11. Process West ftw.. we can supply
  12. I asked them, yes they have those products but we can't buy it it through COBB. Only available through Prova or Cusco (apparently they have one? Or did at some stage). Of course this means we could buy it through our Japanese yard still if they are still available.
  13. Don't think they have any access ports listed for Legacy