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    And then some muppets tell me they'd rather get a brand new Subtech for the price of my (now sold) HKS pipe
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    I know that some years ago the answer was a resounding no - you could go run a 10 second pass with a super ropey half-cage made of exhaust off-cuts arc-welded together in your mates garage and that was more or less fine, but MSNZ would laugh at you if you tried to get the cage homologated.
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    @sobanoodle BuT NZDM yO! I still rate my DIY option really, 40 odd dollars for a flange, some steel tube off cuts and a few spare hours and it probably performs just as well as an overpriced Subtech pipe
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    If you run sub-11.0 you aren't allowed to run again until you have a cage (half-cage?).
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    ^ would someone please translate the above ?