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  1. https://www.drivelife.co.nz/2022/07/2022-subaru-wrx-gt-ts-wagon-car-review Since there’s now no STi model, Subaru has added β€œflashes of STI’s brilliance through the tS model sporting STI branding on the steering wheel and instrument cluster and the tS wagon also featuring STI branded front seats and tailpipes.” What a load of bollocks. 🀣
  2. The ultimate purse from a sow's ear ? πŸ˜„ Never seen one with a Viva badge, they were labelled Firenza ? Droop snoot 2.3 if you must.
  3. Restomod GC8 ? https://www.evo.co.uk/subaru/204839/prodrive-p25-teased-continuation-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-on-its-way πŸ˜„
  4. What car are they going on ? You after all out performance or a daily driver ? Budget or premium ? Former - you can't go past Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 as a road tyre - warning - they don't like cold or rain and $$$$$ PS4S is almost as good and a much more rounded tyre but $$$4 Hankook S1 Evo3 are decent Maxxis VS5 are a real sleeper but restricted in sizes. There's a new Potenza Sport but not driven on them - in the past I've found the RE002/003 rather average, S001/007 meh. The last great Potenzas were the RE070, RE01R, RE050A ? Can you still get Nitto NT05 ?
  5. Cars and Coffee was packed out last Sunday ! Southwards was full to capacity with cars spilling out to the road outside the complex. Afterwards couldn't resist a blast over TG. πŸ˜„ A very fast road but lacking in character. Some great views though.
  6. A lot of fixed back seats are quite upright, if you like to lean back get a reclining seat.
  7. Cheers ! There was some supercar trackday yesterday - POrsches. Ferraris, McLarens etc. Drivers only, no pix
  8. NPD is ethanol free but to get that 100 they use additives in greater than the recommended dosage. This was covered months/years (?) ago when NPD 100 was first introduced and discussed.
  9. Where are the pix ? The Golf TCR from Welly was doing 1:15s
  10. How did the day go for Soobies ? I heard the fabled Honda reliability took the day off 🀣
  11. Harlequin soob ftw Pretty just slows you down πŸ˜„
  12. Not in our lifetime. The latest BRZ is still rwd, gets a 2.4 NA motor with a mighty 170kw/228bhp. Which Focus RS were you referring to ? The 2nd gen FWD one was rubbish, sounded amazing, didn't handle that well, and didn't feel like it had 300hp. The later 4wd was a ball of fun with the rear clutch pack activated drift mode. PS nice burns on the TM auction, what a bunch of bellends 🀣
  13. That might have been pre-release info. In JDM land there are 3 versions, including a 1.5 NA FWD with 10-speed CVT 🀣 I drove the black car in my pic above, it's one of the original TNZ press cars. Faster and better handling than the current STI. πŸ˜„
  14. NZ new got the best spec ! Circuit pack F+R LSDs plus the satnav, JBL stereo etc of the Comfort pack Most of the stupid priced imports are low spec. Avoid.
  15. Better late than never... Mk7 GTI is a much sportier drive than a 6R. The 6R uses the previous gen (Mk5) motor with cambelt and is much more reliable, many chain drive Mk6 GTI's have suffered from chain tensioner failures - expensive, often fatal. Golfs use a Haldex AWD system, nominal 90/10 torque split to front, a slow reactive system. Subaru's permanent AWD is a superior solution. The 7R is much better but still no match for a GTI with VW's front LSD - like a Haldex operating on the same axle. A GTI Clubsport/Edition 40/40 Years - same car , different name for different markets, or the 7.5 GTI TCR are much better drives and once moving, just as fast or faster than a 7/7.5R.
  16. All rather underwhelming. Best wait for the GR Corolla πŸ˜„
  17. Add a roof rack and carry a full set of spares 😁 Me fail - just noticed the date 😝
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