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    @gotasuby may have pulled apart enough to know if the comp ratios are different? A few have done the vf38->vf44/45 swap without a tune and they work well. Needs a tune to make the most of it but will work fine if just getting the car running is the goal for now.
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    At a guess the turbo size difference and the difference in CR will be handled within the envelope of safety that the factor ECU provides. You can always put it on a dyno to check... worst case you will have to flash the ecu to correct or install a simple piggy back ECU.
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    Keep an eye on TM and FB, genuine ones pop up every now and then. Just make sure you get the one specifically designed for a 3.0 bumper (pre-facelift)
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    Dang I still have some brand new underbody braces (Hardrace) and used Cusco, would've been cheaper than those whitelines That rear sway bar should make it handle so much better. Stock one is a joke.
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    Hi guys, Have a BG Legacy and noticed the instrument cluster lights no longer work when headlights are switched on. All backlighting for other instruments like aircon controls, cigarette lighter surround etc still work. As these are on the same circuit I thought the fuse was likely OK, checked and confirmed fuse still good. Youtube clips show there are close to a dozen incandescent bulbs behind the dash, pretty unlikely they all blew at once you reckon? Perhaps a loose connection? No work has been done on dash recently, so I'm stumped why this happened. Anyone experienced similar?