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    A catch can setup does not need to be expensive or complicated. It is literally just a container with 2 to 3 inputs and one vent. The important thing is to make sure it is big enough to not overflow quickly and not restrictive, so the engine and heads can actually breather properly.
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    Took the rear tray off to get to the bottom of the seriously annoying rattles, I’ll upload a video later on. Awesome cost saving measures - more bare metal! After getting foil cuts on most of my fingers (roller hasn’t arrived yet) this is the finished product: Added adhesive foam where plastic was obviously touching metal and sound deadening on key metal points to stop vibration. Being me tho I decided it wasn’t good enough and went a bit further... The plastic bash clips don’t actually sit tightly in most of the trim pieces and the plugs which clip in on the tray rattle like f$ck so I hot glued them all in place and added a bit of sound deadening to the pillar trims to help absorb excess vibration. Tray now sits nice and tight, doesn’t wobble, doesn’t creak or rattle... well done Subaru, you’ve shown just how lazy you are when it comes to finishing off cars
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    Well so far one upsell has been put forward lol. Apparently my fuel filter is dirty, now what I caught them.out on was that he said it could be changed and he hasn't pulled the pump yet.....