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  1. Got Michelin PS4 on my 07 GT atm amazing tyres, they grip like a mofo in the wet compared to the RE003, had the RE003 on my old twin turbo they were good , but I prefer the PS4
  2. I was thinking 07 GTs had 260hp? I'm going setup like your, but with grimmspeed intake and turbo back exhaust system as well as the three ports boost controller
  3. im think about doing this too, were did you find the guide? 2007 GT
  4. If they made a wagon version I would buy it for sure.
  5. my one is 7ATOGFOBX17156039
  6. stock air intake, juts had a new subaru air filter put in
  7. sorry noob here, is this bad or good?
  8. Ok got my friends scan cable and software this reading i got. no error codes, boosting 14.9psi, running Mobil 98
  9. Cool thanks guys!! Yup jap inport, i put a tank of mobil 98 in it yesterday and it running like S*** again... so i'll go back to Gull next fill up!!, ive cleaned the MAF today hoping that would help and it hasnt at all.
  10. Nope i haven't as Subaru Greenline said the car was all good.. i was thing maybe the knock sensor is on it way out or MAF? i'll order a cable and have a look.
  11. So Not Safe to use in Car?
  12. So i am a little confused, been using BP 98 for the 7 months i have had my car, the car has never really run that great, fells slow and laggy and heavy and slow to accelerate,in modes I,sports,sports+. Had turbo looked at all good boosting 15psi, had car server and fully looked over buy Subaru Greenlane all come back fine.Never been tuned that i know off,so i tried using Mobil 98 for 1 month car ran the same as the BP 98, i was told never to use Gull 98 from a lot of places, but i was ok fck it i'll try a tank of it, WTF my car runs much smoother, fells a hell of a lot fasters, much much better accelerate and can now feel the boost... So is it Safe to keep using it or will i fck my car? the only downside is i only get 400ks tank of Gull and 500ks on BP and Mobil.
  13. holy S*** ok maybe not lol, thanks for that.
  14. looking at getting one for my 07 BP5, do u need to get it tuned or can u run factory setup?
  15. Cool i'll get one and give that a try!! is it hard to changed??