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  1. Can you track a BP tiptronic SI drive (at least it will hold gear longer).. Or with autos not much good?
  2. happy to use the donut one .. I didn't know if that one alone was sufficient. So I just need the turbo to dump pipe one then? I'm getting the DP fitted @ Dtech so I need make sure I have everything I need so I don't hold up the tune part of the trip.
  3. Knock sensors - on Subaru's whats the lifespan of these. When I had my Maxima 3L 5-speed, it was very common for peoples cars to have dead KS and not have it throw the CEL. When you checked the KS it was cracked, after replacing it went a lot better obviously as it could advance timing. There was a thread on here about people dynoing and not being up to push it past 150kw's or what ever with out it detonating... have they ruled out the knock sensor I wonder. I booked to go to Dtech in July and I'm wondering if I do that as preventive maintenance (next question $'s from where, Partsouq I couldn't find the KS)
  4. Gasket question with the Subtech.. With the downpipe they include a mesh cone shaped gasket(?) .. should I purchase a turbo to DP and DP to midpipe gasket just to rule that out as a leak in the future .. where best to get from if I do.. Subaru or someone cheaper?
  5. You can pickup a genome, if that's your thing for, $150.. unless you can repair itself it would cost a few bucks to fix your old one up anyway
  6. I all booked for my tune and my setup will be 07 Auto GT 2.0 Subtech->Stock Mid->Genome muffler. After listening to @knockoutgiant YT video with the same setup I think it will be too loud. @Invisible what did you go with for your custom midpipe? just replace stock resonator with a 19" or 24" ? is 2,2.5,3"? Speaking with Tony @ Dtech over email he said that changing the muffler/midpipe later will affect the tune, ECU will learn a little bit around it. But I want to get it sorted before the tune or at worst Try it out after the dyno, if that fails then exhaust shop round the corner (hopefully?) and get it rechecked after (if that's possible and not $$$$'s for recheck)
  7. Watched this interesting video the other day .. where they bash and squash the hell out of headers and dyno the results as they go .. maybe different with turbo but at one point it Made power OKAAAY - So looks ADIKT posted this already .. probably why I saw it in the first place.. so mines a repost .. I'll let it stand ..
  8. Intelligent mode is a bit disappointing.. if you putt around in Intelligent mode and then have an Oh Sh!t moment and need to pull a head or change lanes, floor the gas and there is nothing there .. It should reduce the sensitivity of normal throttle usage but if you go WOT it should be intelligent and go back to Sport until you let off
  9. And where do Imported JDM owners stand, will Subaru NZ cover the cost of the swap out? MY07 Legacy GTB
  10. [edit: nevermind]
  11. Disclaimer: was a random search and I don't work for them I'd say its legit.. it looks like the add says plugs into the aerial jack of you phone if you have one, if not I'd say the aerial extends to the phone hold so its pretty much sandwiching an antenna next to your phone. How well it works who knows .. By the sounds of it 'non duplex communication' you know a lot more stuff about this than me I'm just guessing by the ad.
  12. What about this http://www.trademe.co.nz/mobile-phones/accessories/antenna-signal-boosters/auction-1291299409.htm
  13. I'd like to get a decent alignment too.. seems bit hit and miss at some places.. they very rarely have your exact model in the alignment computer and then they don't really adjust everything as well as they could
  14. What model Subaru do you have? Presumably nz new? Not sure what if anything they will do about imported cars
  15. Greeeat mines a BP