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  1. On my 120KM Legacy GT, if something else hadn't made it pop first, the Oil pump would have killed the bottom end. When they took the pump off the wheel that spins inside, most of the screws/bolts were loose, and wasn't far from dying most likely taking engine with it. edit: Oh and the other thing you don't know what petrol the previous owners used, people on here have admitted to using 91 (on I think GT's) .. if previous owner has done that for long enough and driven hard, engine won't last long.
  2. Yes and I hope so ... just hoping when I go back down and he checks it that its all humming like it should. The trademe heads worked out well and did the airpump delete. Car was too obnoxious (& bit drony) with the Subtech + 19" reso + Genomes, so gone back to stock exhausts, sounds good now.
  3. Shes up and running yes, *touch wood* *touch wood*, ran up with no issues no knocking. Its just on a base tune though and I need to go back when tonys back from the states for the final tune
  4. I might actually be able to make this one - sweet
  5. chat some more and find out how I've got the non-McIntosh one .. can't justify the surround + stereo cost to replace
  6. Im out in Botany, if youre nearby be cool if you could pull the code. Tony dtech has posted and mailed me, they are checking so hopefully all good.
  7. This tuesday
  8. All good thanks Tony.. no harm in being extra prepared, just checking in with the forum to see if there's any fallback options.
  9. Its not getting open source tuned by me, it's going to dtech next week. I just want to check, that if the don't have the definitions or what ever for this model, that they might be available somewhere. Its an Auto too
  10. Cant find anything about it except parts for sale. Legacy jdm gt 07. Hoping there's not some oddball year that couldn't be tuned
  11. Can you track a BP tiptronic SI drive (at least it will hold gear longer).. Or with autos not much good?
  12. happy to use the donut one .. I didn't know if that one alone was sufficient. So I just need the turbo to dump pipe one then? I'm getting the DP fitted @ Dtech so I need make sure I have everything I need so I don't hold up the tune part of the trip.
  13. Knock sensors - on Subaru's whats the lifespan of these. When I had my Maxima 3L 5-speed, it was very common for peoples cars to have dead KS and not have it throw the CEL. When you checked the KS it was cracked, after replacing it went a lot better obviously as it could advance timing. There was a thread on here about people dynoing and not being up to push it past 150kw's or what ever with out it detonating... have they ruled out the knock sensor I wonder. I booked to go to Dtech in July and I'm wondering if I do that as preventive maintenance (next question $'s from where, Partsouq I couldn't find the KS)
  14. Gasket question with the Subtech.. With the downpipe they include a mesh cone shaped gasket(?) .. should I purchase a turbo to DP and DP to midpipe gasket just to rule that out as a leak in the future .. where best to get from if I do.. Subaru or someone cheaper?
  15. You can pickup a genome, if that's your thing for, $150.. unless you can repair itself it would cost a few bucks to fix your old one up anyway