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  1. [edit: nevermind]
  2. Disclaimer: was a random search and I don't work for them I'd say its legit.. it looks like the add says plugs into the aerial jack of you phone if you have one, if not I'd say the aerial extends to the phone hold so its pretty much sandwiching an antenna next to your phone. How well it works who knows .. By the sounds of it 'non duplex communication' you know a lot more stuff about this than me I'm just guessing by the ad.
  3. What about this http://www.trademe.co.nz/mobile-phones/accessories/antenna-signal-boosters/auction-1291299409.htm
  4. I'd like to get a decent alignment too.. seems bit hit and miss at some places.. they very rarely have your exact model in the alignment computer and then they don't really adjust everything as well as they could
  5. What model Subaru do you have? Presumably nz new? Not sure what if anything they will do about imported cars
  6. Greeeat mines a BP
  7. Thanks for the info..How easy is it to check if this happening? When I get my car serviced can they readily reach the sensors or do they need to pull lots apart to reach? Is this the same issue as the OP acvs issue or a different sensor that has the issue?
  8. WTTTTFFFF!?! How common is this.. I have a 2007 Legacy BP5 still under Winger mech insurance warranty.. is this something I should get checked by them or is it not easily reachable without pulling a lot out?
  9. Was going to PM but quotings easier Where did you go in the end? I looked at supercheap yesterday they had expensive blue tube (I want black) and didn't see T pieces but I was looking in the isle with gauges not the Champion stand Is this the right stuff.. bit dubious http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/Product/RSP-Vacuum-Washer-Hose-4mm-Per-Metre/104901
  10. This is 2nd hand and I've seen a few for sale that are 2nd hand to and they all have Plug on the power cable for the Controller still intact so they must have plugged in rather than tap. I'll pull off all the kick panels on both sides and have a look see.
  11. Do we have the socket to plug these controllers into a Legacy Bp5s? If not I saw in a defi manual that you should not connect the IGN wire to ACC? I'm hoping I can just plug and play though. Not my actual unit either just internet pic. And is this the right place to T off ? Do you cut the factory line like they have or pull it off add T short with new hose connect back up?
  12. The AEM is more than I wanted to pay, but if its quality its probably worth doing it right the first time... I only plan to do one round of mods (down pipe + tune) so I won't be constantly tinkering with it
  13. Theres a lot of reviews out there that say mechanical is more responsive than the electric but they are all old reviews circa 2009-2011. I would like to get a electric one so I can recall peak boost and have the warning option.. but I don't want it to be laggy. I'm leaning towards the Prosport EVO ones as it has the nice large PSI number so you are not trying to read count the lines on the traditional clock face. Any recommendations? Is Mechanical better, or Electric is good enough plus I get the features I want? I plan to put the gauge in the Legacy cubby so the vacuum line will have to run that far
  14. Car : Legacy GT-B 2007 Tuned Stock (running rich according to club day dyno) Fuel : BP98 Tank: 55-60L(guessing, most i've squeezed in is about 52 litres) Fuel economy : 450kms hard/casual drive, been getting 500-550 with 70% motorway, have hit 600Km with 85% motorway driving around auckland (botany to town and shore) Fuelly stats if known : -
  15. Yeah mine was reasonably reputable.. and pictures of odo which had increased but a couple of launches around the block don't show that much on the odo. Mine had no reason to be road tested either. just bad luck i guess
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