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  1. What model Subaru do you have? Presumably nz new? Not sure what if anything they will do about imported cars
  2. Was going to PM but quotings easier Where did you go in the end? I looked at supercheap yesterday they had expensive blue tube (I want black) and didn't see T pieces but I was looking in the isle with gauges not the Champion stand Is this the right stuff.. bit dubious
  3. Car : Legacy GT-B 2007 Tuned Stock (running rich according to club day dyno) Fuel : BP98 Tank: 55-60L(guessing, most i've squeezed in is about 52 litres) Fuel economy : 450kms hard/casual drive, been getting 500-550 with 70% motorway, have hit 600Km with 85% motorway driving around auckland (botany to town and shore) Fuelly stats if known : -
  4. Yeah mine was reasonably reputable.. and pictures of odo which had increased but a couple of launches around the block don't show that much on the odo. Mine had no reason to be road tested either. just bad luck i guess
  5. I had my car in the panel beater late last year.. somehow they didn't spot my dash cam.. had one of the guys on video taking for a few trips around the block. Not looking forward to when I've done upgrades and eventually having to leave it at a mech/panel beater again. Shame you can't have a Valet tune or on the SI Drive lock into the I /economy mode .. MAF Killed switch and make it go into limb mode?
  6. Got a supermarket voucher from PaknSave Albany, had a company doing headlight cleaning for $69 each .. that seems cheap from others I've seen. My drivers is mint but the passenger is not (guessing replaced from an older year).
  7. No knock on you but I think that's kind of common sense.. I have push start on my car, when I'm about to leave and need to go back inside for something .. I'm always weary of taking the keys with me and leaving the car running. Push start will let you drive around without the keys.. never tested how long for but I'm assuming its until you turn the car off again.
  8. 7.3A Ban on use of mobile phones while driving 4) A driver may, while driving a vehicle, use a mobile phone to make, receive, or terminate a telephone call if the phone does not require the driver to hold or manipulate it to make, receive, or terminate the call. (7) A driver may, while driving a vehicle, use a mobile phone in a way described in subclause (1)(a) or (f), if both the following apply: (a) the phone is secured in a mounting fixed to the vehicle; and (b) if the driver manipulates or looks at the phone, he or she does so infrequently and briefly.
  9. Its only legal to use the speaker phone, if the phone is in a secured holder. So even on your lap or seat in speaker mode is illegal
  10. Yes, 215/45/R18's same as the old ones
  11. yeah no traction control, don't think that came till later years.. maybe TCU does something .. otherwise it must be placebo
  12. My dumb question... 07 Legacy GTB, how much slip would your wheels need for power to be reduced by ECU. My dumb butt dyno thinks the car feels faster with my new tyres, maybe its just better feel/road response making it feel faster
  13. I have all that and the lowest level of mechanical ability
  14. Fitted Recaro seat to my Legacy BP5, very comfortable and I think with the firmer support the car feels more responsive (more in my head I guess) as you can feel the car better rather than wollowing in the seat.
  15. Legacy BP5, how many ft-lb should the drivers seat rail bolts be torqued too?