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  1. Hey all Thinking about have a meetup once a month on a week night, thinking say the first Wednesday of each month Would anyone be interested?
  2. Hey all Does anyone know if there's any information anywhere that shows how many of each of the GGA (each version) and GGB were built? Looking for build numbers for the following: V7 GGA: V7 GGB: V8 GGA: V9 GGA: V10 GGA: Also if possible: -how many of each were manual or auto? -how many of each colour in each version? Thanks
  3. Hey Wayne, Im the one on the Loonies page doing the group buy, have 2 spots left, message me on facebook for details (not on here much) Im the admin on the page and names Hadley
  4. I put up with the wrong time for 3 years as It always set its own time from the GPS I put my nexus setup up in around the time you posted this lol
  5. Notice much difference? He's out of stock until at least April now, wonder if there's somewhere else I could get them from
  6. Hey all In March 2013 I sold my V9 WRX hatch to a guy in Hawera It was a 2004 GGA with a sedan/STI front end plus a few other bits From what I've been told on facebook, (posted a similar question) it doesn't have a wof or rego now This is the thread I had on it, bottom of page 4 is basically what it looked like when I sold it (I have some on fb but links don't work from there) Just wondering where it got to, if its still alive etc, last plate it had was HTM287
  7. Anyone here running Raptor headers on their EZ30's? And has anyone done the "RAM AIR CAI" kit? Or what are the alternatives?
  8. Sell the SGT and buy a STI, easy and probably cheaper in the long run
  9. Interesting... My right rear door is intermittent for locking and unlocking, always push lock 3 times as I walk away to be safe Keen to see how you fix yours
  10. I got stuff from them years ago, any one can by emailling Its cheaper to get a few people keen though If theres a few people I can sort it
  11. Sorry for the delay, didnt get a notification about this With these legacy's will I need to replace the box or can the dif just get done?
  12. Hey all I've got a 3.0R manual wagon (BPE is it?) and for the last few months its been making a random noise After I've been driving it for a bit when I turn sharply (as in in the driveway) it makes a clunking noise It wont do anything after the 15-20min drive to work (city driving) but it will do it if I head out for say a half an hour drive on the open road. Could be heat related? To me it sounds like I've got a locked dif lol Any ideas?
  13. Hey everyone Im finally back in a Subaru, used to have a 04 v9 wrx hatch years ago some of you may remember Anyway, typical jap import has the talking card reader I'll take out soon but what have people done with the GPS screen above the stereo? Currently it shows me driving around the ocean constantly, I know you can swap the unit out for a pocket but can't see the point in doing so Does anyone know of anyway to replace the brains of it and get it working in NZ? Or, has anyone managed to modify one and put another screen/GPS unit in its place?