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  1. White GC8? i know there is a white n/a one around
  2. PM me man im keen to try it out. may help with the problem im having on mine
  3. Sounds like the same problem i have, mine doesnt worry me as it sits in the driveway due to use of a work car. I really should sort it, and have had a look into it before with @Subirex Automotive and the few things he said it could be without having the car for too long could be, Neutral position sensor, timing, coil pack, afm, spark plug gap. @axle117 if possible would like to try those leads and coil pack.
  4. Was that the ver 5 or 6 wagon in the same colour? cause theres a guy on instagram that i follow with a really nice one and is mates with Jarred who had the red GC8 on air bags that is currently getting a rotory conversion
  5. Would be keen for new rotors at that price if they come up
  6. With your price range, you can go alot of styles of Wheels. Nan at Bling company can sort something, they dont just do TBC wheels. Jake at DTM in hamilton is a good guy to talk to. If not Falgoon from Speedmagnet.
  7. Im getting the same issue
  8. Oil change and a wash then it rained and its a mess again, still fault finding at the moment, its getting to me cause the car isnt throwing any codes, now its just getting to me
  9. That definetly sounds like a TWL salesmans pitch, i use the same stuff, been pretty good for me, Back to the car, ive heard mixed reviews about the ej257, wouldnt mind the 207 model, its just the boss lady wants something else
  10. Wheels can be filled and then redrilled, it is expensive and finding someone to do it now is pretty hard, I do have some Super Advan SA3R's that i may let go for the right price, in the size your looking for
  11. 41 automotive is your man for Tein adjustables, got a great quote for new ones shipped from Japan cheaper than new BC golds herel
  12. http://www.willtheyfit.com/
  13. You need to measure your back spacing to see how much clearance you have between the rim and the strut, i have a 18x9.5 35p and have to run a 5mill spacer to clear the rear struts, its got alot of poke but thats how i like it
  14. Start watching this seris mate, youll get a understanding on needs to be done to get it running
  15. ooooohhhhh these new Link's look good, got me thinking all the silly things I could do with them!! anti-lag, launch control, high-low boost settings at the switch of a button, flat shifting. wait on you can get those set up on some stock ecu's?? I really don't see the point in getting the fury when you could get the Black extreme for the same price.