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  1. What an awesome event!
  2. Would love to organise one. If we get some good interest ill create an event and we could do something
  3. Theres also a hard park event which clubs are in too so that makes up all the other clubs
  4. Gonna be an awesome weekend coming! Ill take heaps of photos
  5. Nope drain it all out and replace with the flush and water
  6. Calling all Hamiltonians Our local club is having a meet and greet this arvo at 3pm. Everyone is welcome regardless of car so bring your cars down and say hello. I'll be hanging around also so keep an eye out for my car. Heres the link to the event https://www.facebook.com/events/1717983598218533/
  7. Head into your local Supercheap and buy Green Nulon coolant. http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/Product/Nulon-Long-Life-Anti-Freeze-Anti-Boil-Concentrate-6-Litre/384350 <----Link to Product Your car should be that same as mine which means your need a total of 7.5L total fluid in the radiator so what you wanna do is have a 1:2 mixing ratio.. In simple terms for every Litre of coolant add 2 Litres of water/ Add 2.5L of coolant concentrate and 5L of water In terms of a flush, all i used was the 10 minute flush by Rislone because the water was all brown and gross. Real good stuff and gets rid of all the crap. http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/Product/Rislone-Radiator-10-Minute-Flush-355mL/290448<----Link to Product With this you add all of it in and top it up with just water and wait till you are at operating temperature, while its warming up give your heater hoses a bit of a squeeze just so you get the rust and dried crap off the inside of your hoses Once its running nice and you have squeezed as much as you can then turn the motor off, Wait a few minutes, open your radiator cap SLOWLY then let it drain out. Once its finished add the coolant in and top it up with water, once it has reached the top leave the radiator cap off, start the car and bleed the coolant of all air, once thats sorted then chuck the cap back on and you are sorted. What i usually do is take it for a little drive with a bottle of water in the back just incase. Thats pretty much the jist of it anyway. Any other questions feel free to ask
  8. That could work! Saturday cruise to raglan?
  9. I spose this will hopefully give us all a kick up the ass to organise something earlier on and win the club some awards at another event coming up
  10. I washed my car today. Looks pretty good
  11. Haha there you go Jared! can get a meet going soon haha But yeah im keen as for a cruise to raglan for fish and chips. Ill suss out a date and we will go from there
  12. Alright well what do we reckon? Idea #1: Burgerfuel one night then a cruise around for a few photos? Idea #2: Meet & Greet somewhere? Idea #3: Cruise to raglan for Fish & Chips?
  13. Sounds good
  14. Im keen to re-ignite this thread. I'm based in the Waikato so im keen for cruises around here. Trying to recruit more people into the club/forum slowly so we should hopefully get some more numbers soon. Anyone else keen for a few cruises soon?
  15. Ill be there representing Clubsub as always if you want to you could possibly fly and i could pick you up?