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  1. Yeah i was going to do the same but i got mine the next morning and i ordered it at 4:30pm yesterday. Helps when you have a friend that works at Wingers
  2. @El_Chado Kit pictured below
  3. Dont think mine did but oh well
  4. Both rocker cover gaskets all 16 washers all spark plug tube seals
  5. Yep i did. $110 from wingers for a full set
  6. Hahaha a raised Forester with mud tyres would be amazing!
  7. Ordered my Rocker Cover Gaskets to arrive at work in the morning. Been putting it off now since i bought the car( bad i know) but may aswell do it now cause im sick of smelling that god awful scent of oil on a hot exhaust
  8. Hey Ray


    Hope things are going well with you


    was looking at getting x2 more ClubSub stickers. How do i go about buying some and getting it sent to me?




    1. RAYDEO


      chuck $12.50 in the club account and fire me a pm with your address.


  9. Car : 2002 WRX Bugeye Wagon Tuned Stock with catless turbo back and big bore Fuel : BP98 / Gull Force 10 Tank: 45L Fuel economy: 600km to a Full Tank on Open roads, about 500km in everyday around town driving Fuelly stats if known : nil
  10. Got some roof racks for the wagon. Will come in handy i reckon
  11. Generally they come with the boost gauge but if it didnt come with one then any hose fitting shop or your local supercheap/repco will have them on a champion stand. You can use either brass or plastic. They are known as T Fittings/T piece..well thats what i know them as anyway Hose diameter depends on the fitting you have on your boost gauge but most people use 4-8mm vac hose(i like having a few different sizes spare just incase) This can be bought by the meter from supercheap/repco aswell.
  12. Changed my oil cooler O ring....What a bastard of a job that was! Had trouble removing the hose off the cooler cause it was so damn tight. got it off finally after some cussing and head scratching. Looks pretty knackered. Took this photo just after i cleaned the cooler.
  13. I swore at mine today. Realised on the drive home one of my dash lights blew so pulled it apart and it was the 1 bulb i didnt have at home *cue swearing* but easy fix. Got a 10 pack of dash lights from work so im all sussed now. Planning to do a service and a oil cooler-o ring replacement tomorrow. Bastard has been leaking for god knows how long and havent got around to it. I've also noticed the oil return line on the back of the turbo is leaking a bit of oil. Is this common/has anyone ever seen that before? Its pretty bad and i need to fix it. Looks like it could just be a hose clamp missing but i could be wrong
  14. Hahaha thanks! I was pretty surprised. So many cooler cars but hey nevermind
  15. Yep im not happy at all. Wondered why it was weird that i didnt get anything. I emailed them earlier in the week and they apparently tried contacting me several times but only received the initial email stating that i was in the top 25. Oh well life goes on i spose