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  1. Everyone has said it anyway but holy crap what an awesome weekend. Was my very first ClubSub event since becoming a member in 2013. Can honestly say thats the most fun i have had in my car and i was very happy to share it with all of you. My heart goes out to all of the cars that broke but hey! It can be fixed with the help of the info on the Forum Thank you to you all and it was wonderful meeting each and every one of you
  2. In car footage from my car
  3. Started my car and drove to work after a day on the track yesterday. She didnt miss a beat at all. Probably going to wash it when i get home. Not bad for a wrx thats done 280xxxkms
  4. Got heaps of Go Pro footage aswell so i can hopefully put that together and post it up on the forum pretty soon
  5. Haha i meant time and place
  6. Whats the go with the social night?
  7. Just seeing who are the active Waikato members and seeing who would be keen to organise a monthly meet of some sort at a place that is convenient for everyone
  8. 100% yes bleed the brakes
  9. I suppose it filters out all the idiots
  10. Wish there were more members in Hamilton BUT im working on it I tend to mention ClubSub to every subaru owner i meet who is passionate about their car. Every now and then i get the "I used to be on there but havent been on for a while now" Any tips for getting more people on board?
  11. Ive only owned a few but having my First WRX has made me appreciate what i have and treat it like my own pot of gold. Obviously i drive it and it is my daily but im not really the skids or heli type person cause i dont want to ruin what i have. I do buy and sell some cars for a profit but depending what it is i generally take care of it and try to hold onto it as much as i can
  12. Was using a 3/8" ratchet so mustve just put a bit too much into it
  13. Finally changed my rocker cover gaskets in my V7 wagon. Process wasnt too bad but i made some silly mistakes....oops Mistake #1: gasket wasn't seated in the groove properly on the bottom so oil leaked EVERYWHERE when i started it up and it got oil pressure. Off everything comes again Mistake #2: Snapped a rocker cover bolt inside the head....DOH! *cue expletives* Out comes the drill and the easy outs....didnt work. so helicoil it was. That worked thankfully Anyway after two days its all done and im just that little bit closer to being prepped for the Megameet in a few weeks Heres the pool of oil... and heres that damn snapped rocker cover bolt Lesson learned....ALWAYS USE A TORQUE WRENCH!!!!
  14. Booked at the Bella Vista. Hopefully its not too bad
  15. Cheers Ray! Time to get my car prepped for the track!
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