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      We're turning 21! And we're celebrating on the weekend of the 12th & 13th of May 2018   Come join us Saturday and Sunday events including a FREE Lunch @ the Tui Brewery, Mangatanoka, for Subscribed forum members   A cruise after to the Karting Venue in Palmerston North   Following that Sunday is a Playday on Track event @ Manfeild    Join us for any one or ALL of the events & help get together to celebrate NZ's Largest & oldest online Subaru Community! ~ Joker


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  1. Where is everyone staying?
  2. Hi all! Clubfest is back for 2018. Pretty much a day of park ups, taking your car round the track, possible club parade and heaps more. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/events/235207087009720/ I will be there with my local club however if some of you are keen to enter then im sure we can organise something
  3. Hahahahaha well played!
  4. Hahahahahaha Car went real well at Taupo. Obviously theres just that thought in the back of my mind that its my daily driver
  5. Im nervous to come as Manfeild is knows as a Subaru killer....and i dont have a baffled sump....dont really wanna pop my motor 5 hours from home
  6. Been thinking about this all week....Im keen to come!
  7. All sussed and back on the road Looking at my engine bay it looks a bit plain and boring. Looking at a few bits to make it more appealing and maybe give it a birthday. Might open up a Garage Thread on it BUT thanks for all the help/tips guys
  8. This is why i love this Forum. Went in yesterday and asked the same, EGT Sensor delete Complete in 5 minutes!
  9. Im sure it will. Who's doing your tune?
  10. Somethings definitely going on
  11. Hmm thats odd...Do you have a exhaust leak?
  12. Could be your fuel pump making your economy a bit second rate
  13. Ive read your garage thread but cant remember, did you change your injectors or fuel pump?
  14. I get close to 600km's to a tank with a tank full of BP98
  15. I put it all back together hoping the old up pipe would be alright...It wasnt and leaked at the flange but not as bad. Time to pull it apart again and put my other one in. Had a gutsful so went out and had a bourbon instead. Job for tomorrow me thinks