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  1. All sussed and back on the road Looking at my engine bay it looks a bit plain and boring. Looking at a few bits to make it more appealing and maybe give it a birthday. Might open up a Garage Thread on it BUT thanks for all the help/tips guys
  2. This is why i love this Forum. Went in yesterday and asked the same, EGT Sensor delete Complete in 5 minutes!
  3. Im sure it will. Who's doing your tune?
  4. Somethings definitely going on
  5. Hmm thats odd...Do you have a exhaust leak?
  6. Could be your fuel pump making your economy a bit second rate
  7. Ive read your garage thread but cant remember, did you change your injectors or fuel pump?
  8. I get close to 600km's to a tank with a tank full of BP98
  9. I put it all back together hoping the old up pipe would be alright...It wasnt and leaked at the flange but not as bad. Time to pull it apart again and put my other one in. Had a gutsful so went out and had a bourbon instead. Job for tomorrow me thinks
  10. Thought so but wanted to make sure. Resistors are cheap anyway so thats not too hard. I can easy go to Supercheap and use their ODB2 scanner to disable to code if it comes up anyway. Was gonna drive with the light on. Shouldnt matter aye? or will it throw a hissyfit?
  11. Guttered @Kiwi_Fozze! What motor you got going in?
  12. Manged to score a V1-v5 up pipe for 60 bucks, noticed that it didnt have a hole for the EGT sensor so may have to do the 2.2Kohm resistor mod. So if all else fails, i have that as a back up. Question is, If i clear the check engine light associated with the EGT sensor and i dont do the resistor mod would the error re-appear?
  13. Stock headers, aftermarket stainless up pipe(which came with the car), not touched the turbo at all. Yeah thats what i thought being that its bolted from up top and bottom. Its probably under a little bit of stress now because the flange was out again(DOH!) so its slightly persuaded into place but its only temporary till i find a suitable replacement. Yeah i found it in between the T piece of the Wastegate Actuator and my Turbo, came out easy enough with a scriber and pushed it into a new vacuum hose which i have replaced the old one with but luckily the hose i snapped didnt have one in it(checked about 10 times just incase) so im all sorted with that now.
  14. Mint! Wasnt sure if there is a boost pill in there so didnt wanna take the risk Thanks man! Arc welder sounds like fun. Expect to see some of your projects on the DIY & Crafts page on facebook in the near future then? haha
  15. Can i keep it the same size or do i have to reduce it down like it was?
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