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  1. Some fantastic shots there! Love how the majority feature gorgeous NZ scenery too. Cheers for the feature, and on my birthday month too, what a present!
  2. I went along. Wasn't too many Suby's, lots of Evo's about. Parked between some yank tanks that made the RA seem rather tiny
  3. Evening blast around Ihumatao
  4. Will be going for first run, can't wait!
  5. This little beast. Had it for 6 years. Never missed a beat and any issues it had could be fixed by a rookie like me. Was a great car :')
  6. Cheers for the help mate. Decided its above my level of knowledge. WIll be sorting a tow to SubTech today.
  7. Sorry I mean, when starting in gear with clutch pushed down the car lurches - like the clutch isn't pushed in.
  8. Yep slave moves fine
  9. No good. Clutch doesn't engage.
  10. Will try that when I get home
  11. Goes into gears fine when engine is off. No weird noises I can hear.
  12. Hi guys, Moved the car into the garage on Saturday fine, went to go to work Monday morning and it wouldn't go into gear. Clutch feels normal, hasn't fallen to floor and doesn't feel any softer than usual. Clutch fluid seems normal, no leaks or fluid on the floor. Help doesn't help that car is down a steep driveway in a small garage either...
  13. Got mine too. Anything further organised with cruise to Coromandel?
  14. My RSK (BE) was the best all-round car I've had. It was comfortable, secondary turbo boost was always fun and it handled pretty good considering size, was fairly horrible on gas however no matter how nanny the driving style. I've driven a few of the next gen (BP/BL) and there is obviously a massive jump in refinement, however in saying that they didn't feel as involving as the older generations (maybe it was just me/ yet to drive a modded one). You can't go wrong with a Legacy though, fantastic all-round cars , i'd have a drive of the different generations and go from there.