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  1. If I end up going I'll throw some posts up on the Clubsub Insta and FB.
  2. Hendriks Panel and Paint. They did good repairs on my 3rd gen under insurance and they're close to work.
  3. Took the Legacy to my local panel beaters who I've used in the past... they recognised me and remembered my name... Now to wait to hear back on pricing.
  4. Drove a rental Corolla around the south island over the last 5 days, boy does it feel different driving your own car afterwards. Also need to find a good automotive panel and paint shop in Auckland. Decided the Legacy needs some touching up in a few places.
  5. Haha, yeah the theme was ultimate rally and with no time to arrange costumes or decals I just went with some blue masking tape on the bonnet and boot. Worked out rather nice.
  6. Yeah Auckland-Paihia-Auckland again. Some different roads, some the same. Went up the East coast and back down the West through Dargaville.
  7. If anyone is yet to try one, highly recommend going on a Gumboot Rally. I've been on at least 5 and enjoyed every single one. Two days of a selection of NZ's best driving roads, with optional gravel sections, and some of the best people you'll ever meet. If you're interested: www.gumbootrally.com
  8. Drove it 800km on a mixture of gravel and tarmac on some of Northland's best roads
  9. 8hrs of labour plus a new heater core... I wish it was $300 elsewhere. It's not the AC. The passenger side doesn't get heated air. The car has dual zone climate control so I still suspect that it's something to do with either a blockage or broken/faulty actuator. Winger replaced the actuator unit yesterday and it didn't fix the no heat problem. They then put my old part back in which I'm still 99% sure is faulty without even calling to ask what I wanted to do. They think, but haven't been able to confirm, that the issue is with a partial blockage of the heater core. Might take it to my local to get him to try a heater core flush or something. I just can't really justify spending $2k on an issue like that.
  10. Passed its WoF... And got a quote for $2k worth of work that may or may not fix the heater problem... FML Anyone buying organs?
  11. Dropped it off to Winger. Driving a Forester for the day.
  12. There are a few recalls for that model: Takata Passenger Airbag Electronic Parking Brake Possibly more I have heard some people complaining of headlight lens deterioration with the HID models. Maybe just check the beam pattern in a dark garage or similar.
  13. The electronic park brake is a separate recall but they'll do it at the same time.
  14. Exactly as @IZichard said. Works a treat and the relays are cheap from Jaycar (SY4070):
  15. Fixing the heater. Needs a new actuator for the mode controls and its well up under the dash. Yeah got a quote over the phone and asked them to email it to me before I booked it in.
  16. Booked the car in for an unexciting visit to Winger... On the plus side, it's cheaper than I feared. Thanks @Kiwi_Fozze for pointing out my hurdur moment 😜
  17. Finally got around to wiring in a relay so my DRLs turn of when the park lights come on.
  18. Ah bugger. Will have to keep looking.
  19. Unless anyone has some nice 5th gen mufflers lying around...? *Looks at @sobanoodle*
  20. Anyone got a go to recommendation for exhaust work in Auckland. Just wanting options for some custom fabrication. Cheers
  21. https://www.facebook.com/groups/770414326357572/permalink/2375563205842668/?sale_post_id=2375563205842668 Maybe? --- Took my car in for its latest recall last week. Borrowed a 2019 XV from Winger... Man they are nice. Radar cruise on the motorway is awesome. Just remember to cancel it when you come to a roundabout 🤫😂 Hit up Winger about coming to the party for the HVAC debacle.... Will see what they say.
  22. Damn dude! Super glad you and others are okay. Hope insurance sorts you out. Let us know if we can help with anything. Oh geez, hope you are okay. Rear end impacts hurt. Let us know if you need anything.
  23. What the actual f are those?!?!?!
  24. IMO if you want to sell something on ClubSub but don't update it or reply then that's the member's responsibility. If you forget, then login and realise that it has been archived, it can be unarchived by a mod via the report post request. Will definitely create a pinned post for Buy/Sell/Trade topic rules.