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  1. Definitely check to see if the airbag has been done. Subaru NZ are working with Subaru Japan to recall all imported Subarus that are affected. https://www.subaru.co.nz/takata
  2. Got my recall letter for my Electronic Parking Brake... Think this is the 3rd recall I'll have had done during my ownership 😞
  3. Anyone bought an Android headunit off AliExpress? Can get one for $600~ shipped vs paying $1000 for a decent head unit here for something like: https://www.pioneer.com.au/shop/car/avh-zl5150bt/
  4. Not sure tbh. Depends on work and a couple other things. I figure I can always take the headunit out if I sell it and put the OEM one back in.
  5. High end, double DIN, Android Auto compatible. Looking at Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood. Something similar to these: Sony XAV-AX5000, Kenwood DMX8018S, Pioneer MVH-Z5050BT I'd love a headunit with the tilt function as without it double DIN headunits are quite recessed at the base:
  6. Yeah I did the stereo install in my BE Legacy with ease. Stuff has sure changed though. USB inputs, aux inputs, reversing cameras, steering wheel controls, tiltable double din headunits
  7. After spending many hours doing research last night, I found that it is much simpler than first feared. A lot of the higher end headunits that support Android Auto also have built-in steering wheel control decoders which means you don't need a 3rd party device to interpret. Thanks for the suggestions
  8. Hi all, Anyone got any car audio installer recommendations in Auckland. Wanting to replace headunit, retain steering wheel controls and add reversing camera. Cheers
  9. Forgot to tag you in the update. Should work now @Kiwiflyboy
  10. Fingers crossed, this works? Sent from my phone using Tapatalk
  11. Any way you can screenshot or paste the error message? UPDATE: Looks like we need to update Tapatalk on the forums as well. Will work to get that done. In the meantime, feel free to access the forum on your mobile browser as the new forum works quite well on mobile
  12. Unfortunately not 😢 Time to get typing mate 😉
  13. Sorry to here that dude. Sucks when people take other people's stuff. I was under the impression that all 4th gen were CANBUS and factory immobilised? Were the keys stolen? Or was it a tow truck job?
  14. Went car shopping, found cars I liked, remembered why I've never bought from a dealership. Honestly gobsmacked at how some stay in business. Not even a "Hello, can I help with anything?". I was even asking about two particular models that I knew they had a few different cars of, but they just pointed to where they were.
  15. Oh I definitely prefer wheel nuts and studs for the most part. Especially for changing tyres.
  16. The benefit of euros with threaded bolts rather than wheel nuts...
  17. Hi all, Here's the next monthly details - Wednesday 13th March - 7.30pm onward - Carpark next to Wendy's in Botany (see images below) - RAIN LOCATION: Across the road at Botany Xtreme bowling
  18. Decided this has been stagnant far too long. So here's the next location. Old (Auckland Airport from Puhinui Rd): New:
  19. Ray Chubb. He's built plenty of roll cages and does them to a very high standard. https://www.rollcage.co.nz/
  20. Haha bugger. We've all made silly mistakes like that before.