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  1. Hopefully its just a busted radiator cap or hose or something minor.
  2. Old GT30 chrome grille is out and the B4 grille is in. And yes, it's filthy... (damn Auckland water restrictions)
  3. Returned back to Auckland after a South Island road trip including FlatNats with a few other CS members. Heading North from Akaroa I noticed my rad fans running loudly whilst sitting still. Was a hot day (29°C) and had just had a spirted drive over the Akaroa hills so didn't think much of it. No temp gauge in the car meant I relied on Cold/Hot temp warning lights. After taking it easy for a while I and still hearing the fans I became a tad more concerned. Plugged in my trusty OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and ran Torque... coolant temp was sitting between 102-108°C. Stopped in K
  4. until
    "This is Day 1 of the National Subaru meet Flat Nats 2020 being held in Chch Labour weekend 24 & 25 Oct 2020 Join us for a track day at Ruapuna Sat 24 Oct 2020. Hosted by Christchurch Trackdays. $120 per car register here http://www.christchurchtrackdays.com/form-view/8 Follow the Flat Nats 2020 page for more Day 1 and Day 2 events!" For more information, check out the event on Facebook
  5. until
    For more information, check out the Flat Nats Facebook page
  6. Will keep looking into it. May need a new API key. Might have time to investigate further this weekend Sent using Tapatalk
  7. lol well we're on the latest version and the status page they suggest just redirects to spam... Good ol' Tapatalk.
  8. Time for cambelt? Yeah some people don't know jack about fuel grades... Just look at the recent disputes tribunal case about the couple "saving money" by using 91 in their turbo Japanese import European vehicle... Sent using Tapatalk
  9. I've never used Tapatalk before, thought I'd check it out to see if I can replicate the issue. Seems to work for me. Perhaps remove the ClubSub group and then rejoin? Sent using Tapatalk
  10. Turbo EZ30 would be excellent. Alternatively there are bolt on supercharger kits from Raptor.
  11. If I end up going I'll throw some posts up on the Clubsub Insta and FB.
  12. Hendriks Panel and Paint. They did good repairs on my 3rd gen under insurance and they're close to work.
  13. Took the Legacy to my local panel beaters who I've used in the past... they recognised me and remembered my name... Now to wait to hear back on pricing.
  14. Drove a rental Corolla around the south island over the last 5 days, boy does it feel different driving your own car afterwards. Also need to find a good automotive panel and paint shop in Auckland. Decided the Legacy needs some touching up in a few places.
  15. Haha, yeah the theme was ultimate rally and with no time to arrange costumes or decals I just went with some blue masking tape on the bonnet and boot. Worked out rather nice.
  16. Yeah Auckland-Paihia-Auckland again. Some different roads, some the same. Went up the East coast and back down the West through Dargaville.
  17. If anyone is yet to try one, highly recommend going on a Gumboot Rally. I've been on at least 5 and enjoyed every single one. Two days of a selection of NZ's best driving roads, with optional gravel sections, and some of the best people you'll ever meet. If you're interested: www.gumbootrally.com
  18. Drove it 800km on a mixture of gravel and tarmac on some of Northland's best roads
  19. 8hrs of labour plus a new heater core... I wish it was $300 elsewhere. It's not the AC. The passenger side doesn't get heated air. The car has dual zone climate control so I still suspect that it's something to do with either a blockage or broken/faulty actuator. Winger replaced the actuator unit yesterday and it didn't fix the no heat problem. They then put my old part back in which I'm still 99% sure is faulty without even calling to ask what I wanted to do. They think, but haven't been able to confirm, that the issue is with a partial blockage of the heater core.
  20. Passed its WoF... And got a quote for $2k worth of work that may or may not fix the heater problem... FML Anyone buying organs?
  21. Dropped it off to Winger. Driving a Forester for the day.
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