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  1. I know where it is too, went to high skool just down the road! Haven't had time to go get a piccyature degnabbit!
  2. What year is your Outback? I have some Bilsteins here that the fronts do not fit a BH5 because the top hat stud is too short. So probably facelift BL/BP?
  3. I have Znoelli's in both cars at the moment, they're really good, if a little dusty.
  4. Old, Westpac Lane carpark, off Hereford st. New!
  5. I hope it's his car...
  6. That JDM STi v7 code is probably the code they used, as they are v7 STi rims.
  7. I could find out what code me panel dude mate used on the RSK's gold wheels, I need to go talk to them anyway to get the other 2 done, cos now one side looks mint , the other looks like sheizen...
  8. BRZ needs moar killah whatz... How can you kill all tyres with only 150kw?
  9. Not sure Kim would agree with this... as she'd be sitting in front of it!
  10. Roger, Ima flick them an email anywho, see what they say.
  11. Hmm NZTA list 2003 Legacy as one of the models affected, wonder if thats BE/BH or BL/BP chassis, does anyone know fo sho?
  12. Oooh oooh, I am!! Oh, I have already posted on Farcetoob... oops!
  13. Stage is pile of parts no attached to car, so about stage 2 of 10. I would take the Wagoon or Doom in it, but all the rear suspension bushes are worn out, and I need to do that before flinging it at corners.
  14. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Um, I mean no, not unless I threw money I don't have at it. Might mosey out and have a squizz tho, they're always good for a laugh.