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  1. Stage is pile of parts no attached to car, so about stage 2 of 10. I would take the Wagoon or Doom in it, but all the rear suspension bushes are worn out, and I need to do that before flinging it at corners.
  2. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Um, I mean no, not unless I threw money I don't have at it. Might mosey out and have a squizz tho, they're always good for a laugh.
  3. I did see you, just as you beeped! Was kindof in lala land, waiting for the green...
  4. Maybe a drive to Kaikoura on Saturday or Sunday?
  5. I did wonder if it was you. Your RS looked quite tidy and unmolested, which is good!
  6. 1970 Hillman Hunter, same colour as the one below, without the flash Harry vinyl roof! Taught me a shitload about cars that thing did, like what Ackerman steering geometry is, and how to change a complete diff in 30 minutes... It managed a 1m42s lap of Ruapuna too, was very not stock at that point tho...
  7. Decided whatever the factory colour was, it was boring!
  8. Buy a Legacy...
  9. Don't roll it.
  10. Try those things, I have some similar ones and they are teh shizz! I've had them since my Valiant days, if you think anything is stuck on a Subie, think again, a Valiant has had 25 more years of abuse to really f#$k things up!
  11. From memory when my primary was off the car, which may be the spare you have anyway (?? my memory is shite tho!!) or was that the secondary? anyway I think the wastegate flapper opens past 90 deg when its disconnected, so it may be able to be bored in a mill, which any engineering shop with a mill ought to be able to do. The one on the Track Hacks TD-05 does anyway. PS: you need to update your banner!!
  12. Keen as bro!!
  13. Locking them is rather handy when a bike is up there, one day I'll invest in the whole whispbar kit and kaboodle.
  14. I have noticed how similar our cars are! I would like some whispbars, the old Thule square bars are kinda noisy!