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  1. We got these critters to do the Fozzy, they have installers everywhere! From memory was about $350 installed with a plug wired in. My memory is notoriously dodgy though, something to do with tree's jumping in front of me, and MTB crashes?... I cant meremeber.
  2. That's the spotlight button, so yes it will dim the nav unit, as well as the dash!
  3. Sold the GTB, gone to a good home. So now we're down to "only" 3 Subaru's...
  4. Pretty sure they will, work has an account with both tho, so not 100% on that! Give them a bell and ask.
  5. Both Wakefield metals and Steel and Tube Stainless do reducers in 2 or 2.5 to 3", don't seem to list anything in 2.25.
  6. Got the track hack into the garage, with enough space to actually do things to it!
  7. That is a maaaaaaad price! Makes Edge the same price as "normal" oil...
  8. Oil & filters I usually get from Supercheap on sale, spark plugs I just got from SC as well, the last brake pads I got direct from Znoelli. Next thing is rotors for the B4, which I will probably also get direct from Znoelli!
  9. We have a 2011 SH Fozzy, with the newer 2.5 cam chain engine, and like it lots. Around town its not that flash on gas, runs at about 11l/100k, but on the open road its pretty good, somewhere in the low 9's or high 8's/100k, much better than the BH5-GTB ever was. Its also quite grunty, certainly grunty enough to get out of its own way at 80-110 which is whats needed when passing muppets in Yarises, or is that Yari? Handling wise its fine, slight boat like tendencies, but then I am used to the B4 now. Never run out of grip or feel like its going to let go, even with the cheap ass Highfly whatever tyres its got on it at the moment, plus its roomy inside and comfy as to travel in. Also has pretty damn good brakes for a factory soccer Mom car,
  10. Wastegate is fine, was a dead coil! So its back to much chuu chuu! Now to order some new ones, so it doesn't happen again.
  11. Its coil on plug, which makes things a bit easier, with no leads to attempt to diagnose. And makes it harder trying to diagnose 4 coils! I couldn't see anything obvious symptoms of arcing, but silly me didn't test the coils when I had them out, derp.
  12. So plugs alone did not fix the problem, It is a bit better, but still sounds like a tractor and has no power. Apparently its making boost, or so the gauge says, just not doing anything with it. Can't find any leaks, or loose wires etc. Anyone have any ideas? I'm hoping its not jumped the belt on a cam pulley or something stupid like that. In other news, swapped the tyres round so the B4 now has the RE003's on it, and got it some new wheel nuts cos the chrome was flaking off the old ones. Now I just need to clean the wheels and takes some unfilthy pics...
  13. Thought I'd blown up another TT Legacy on Saturday, drove the B4 over to a mates place for a BBQ, on the way there it developed a huge misfire. When we stopped it stank of fuel, but there was no fire or visible evidence of explosions, so continued on driving it like a nana. Tried it again yesterday and it was still doing it, so pulled the coils and plugs out, and found the plugs are all FUBARed. I'm surprised the thing ran at all, only one plug still has anything resembling the wee cone left, and its gap was about 1.8mm, the biggest gap which was the plug that stank of unburnt fuel, was over 2.5mm!! So much for the plugs supposedly being replaced before we bought the car, I suspect these plugs were fitted by the factory 150,000k's ago, and the garage which did the service for the previous owner never changed them. Anyway some new platinum plugs, and accessory belts while I'm in there faffing about, and she should be good to go! I'll try and get some pics for reference on how spark plugs should NOT look!