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  1. Yes I live, and sorry if your one of the 240 people who sent me PMs over the last few years, I wasn't around. Hey Viv, what do you want for it? Any chance of a pic? its pretty much useless trying to take a photo of the one in the car.
  2. Hi Guys, I haven't posted in here in a while, cos I drive a dirty old Altezza these days (sensible family car) I've got a mte with a V10 Sti that has a noisey power steering pump, it gets the shudders sometimes as well. Wanting to know what other model have the same pump, its a remote resivour so I'm assuming anything V7+ will work. It has a wire off the back but I'm pretty sure they all do. Also whos got one? Cheers
  3. Hey guys, it's been a while, I'm looking at getting a v7 non turbo that's been converted to run Wrx running gear. The body is a GG9 Wrx NA what's involved on the ECU/wiring side of things? Are the ecu's a straight swap? Or hugely different? What model ECU do a v7 wrx and a v7 sti have? has anyone done a similar conversion? I'm just after the info before I view the car to check its been done properly.
  4. 1st in first serve, I\'m off to the dump next weekend. Pick up anytime I\'ve just pulled them out from under the house, they\'re sitting outside
  5. V5 sti sway bars front and rear stock ones. 1x205 60 16 falken tyre with 5mm tread 25 inch Sony CRT TV with matching cabinet. Awesome condition
  6. heres a pic of 17x8 +50 with 215 40\'s, you could easily go 17x8 +40 and only need to roll the lip
  7. aaahahahaha I kept a spread sheet and even discount prices for the old parts I sold, I could have almost bought a brand new one from the dealers insted. DIRTYMONEYPITFRICKENCARS
  8. Great news for all you hutt drivers, BP Melling has just run dry on 95 and are switching back to 98 on Monday. I guess enough people complained about it
  9. I might bring the Altezza, see if its making what it should, I still keep thinking theres something wrong with it after driving my old car haha
  10. you dont need to pull the block apart, just pop a gudeon pin out
  11. Does this count as stanced? ;D ;D ;D
  12. disconnect the cam sensor as and it stop the injectors filling th ebores while it gets pressure up
  13. I know a few of the guys in Welli, they also have a high turn over of staff, but I think most parts places do.
  14. nah thats the brother in laws evo as well, hes about to get it tuned with evo 10 turbo then sell it. hes gonna keep modding my old subie insted
  15. yeah im not a huge fan, they look better in real life but think I may sell them and get some 18\'s at some stage