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  1. This Subaru groups now sold out! I'm taking standby names only in case someone pulls out
  2. There's now only 1spot left for this Subaru group Manfeild track day Sat Feb 19 Deets in event invite https://www.facebook.com/events/345690580576956
  3. until

    Thanks for posting. The event info's now been updated check it out here https://www.facebook.com/events/345690580576956 We have 17 names on the track list already and 8 fully paid up. I'll keep taking names until we reach our paid up limit of 22 then take a standby list if we need to These Playday events run 4 groups of cars with each group able to take up to 22 cars. We've booked 1 x group for Subarus each group goes out on the track for around 15-20 mins before coming in to rest up the brakes then next group goes out. Assuming your car holds up you can expect to get 5-6 outings across the day. Believe me that's plenty of track time! For beginners there's usually a slower group Don't wana track your car? No prob just come along and hang out with the subie peeps for a catch up Any questions post up here or message the Flat Nats page directly https://www.facebook.com/flatnats
  4. Thanks for setting up the invites I had them in mind just didn't get to them in time
  5. See you there. DOBC/Flat Nats will be onsite supporting the Subaru community. Look for the Flat Nats flags rock up say hi
  6. You have PM standby for further deets. I'll be in touch with everyone as soon as I get the info
  7. Thanks G Flat Nats and DOBC invite CS to tag team on a 6 spot stand I've reserved with the Hard Park organisers. I have 3 spots for CS if you want them Here's an opportunity to showcase CS and promote your Club and April meet at one of the biggest car events on the Wellington calendar. You're welcome to bring CS merchandise and promotional stuff and sell it If you don't have time to organise your own stand you're welcome to join us otherwise I'll fill these slots easily If you could let Grahame know before end of this Friday 13 Jan as I want to lock the spots down. Hard Park is Sunday 5 Feb (Waitangi weekend) from 2-7pm but you'll need to be available well before 2pm for setup and be able to stay until at least 7pm. FB Invite here https://www.facebook.com/events/1744613135857795/ Gold coin entry
  8. 6 of the South Island crew made a mad dash to the Picton 7pm sailing which was luckily for them delayed till 8pm. They made it and are on their way over. Unfortunately not everyone made it but the show goes on
  9. I'm looking forward to catching up with you all. Believe it or not, the best part of Flat Nats for me is actually meeting and hanging out with the people. Making new friends and connections, talking that Subaru smack, and sharing good times is what it's all about for me. If you see me about, rock up and say hi. It's always good to put faces to forum names. I'll have my old girl there
  10. Ok all you subie heads doing the Subie Pack Run check this out....When those Manfeild gates open at 7.30am on 12 Sept she gona be crazy! If you are only doing the 'Pack Run' I need you to come through the gates, GO DIRECTLY TO THE PITTS and line up in 4 rows leaving a free lane down the right hand side (closest to the track). The Marshalls will line you up. Once parked up, turn off your car and go for a walk and check out the sponsor tents and the other subies getting their cars ready for track. The stables are open areas so feel free to wander around and check out the cars and meet people. Flat Nats welcoming brief starts at 8.30am sharp. You will be on the track for the Pack Runs @ 9am
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