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  1. It generally uses the factory wiring as a relay switch (turns the direct power wire on/off)
  2. Basically that ^^. Pretty much a slightly larger power cable direct from the battery with a relay, Means the pump gets full voltage.
  3. What's the wiring? factory wiring has voltage drop before the pump. A friend only made 200kw ish with Walbro on factory wiring, it was running out of fuel pump. With the wiring mod it made 230kw
  4. Sounds like something is wrong. Whats your fuel pump and how is it wired? Factory fuel pump and/or factory wiring won't cut it.
  5. Factory subaru STI injectors (yellow side feeds) will do 220kw. Make sure you have a decent fuel pump and good voltage at the pump and they'll be fine.
  6. I'll have a look tonight
  7. Any way to tell from the ecu if it is facelift or not? I've got a bp ecu at home that is of no use to me. Edit: if you did wanted to try another, I've got no clue about unlocking or flashing etc and how hard it would be to copy the tune over.
  8. Factory oil pressure switch isn't good enough imo, once its on its too late.
  9. Could try plumb the breather lines to somewhere visible, obviously block off the intake side. See if it's breathing heavily under load. If it was a coolant issue, "normally" once it's hot enough to start causing an issue it doesn't cool without switching the car off
  10. My understanding is white smoke indicates burning water/coolant. "Blue" smoke (which is fairly white) indicates burning oil. But it sounds more like an oil build up after decent driving than a coolant issue (blow by etc.) Breathers still plumbed in to the intake?
  11. I know right. I was thinking they would do 180-190wkw but was wondering if anyone has seen any nz examples. Surely there must be a few around.
  12. What are the factory td04 good for? (with all the required supporting mods) Americans seem to suggest they are just about good for 300whp which is near 220kw, more than I thought they would do
  13. Sorry, i'm thinking in a pressurized pipe (post turbo). You are right, a leak post maf - pre turbo should cause it to run leaner (which to me those values don't suggest, but I could be reading it wrong)
  14. If it's removing fuel (which to me a negative % correction looks like it is), that means it's reading rich. An inlet leak after the maf would create a rich environment. I know nothing about the software you are using, so could be reading it wrong