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  1. What front and center diffs are you running? How much power? Mates 400kw GD has been running fairly contestant 11.6's but traction is letting him down 1st/2nd (average tires admittedly)
  2. I've got a vf27 (secondary) on trademe for $60 can have cheaper on here if wanted to try do the swap
  3. I see there are vf38, 44 & 45. I thought there were only vf38 & td04 (and that td04 was the biggest).
  4. td04 twin scroll? I thought they maxed a lot lower than that
  5. what turbo?
  6. Ahh I see, I'm not/wasn't aware of any requirement to group or wire sensors grounds individually, but probably just check with Tony and co. What wiring list is it? I could have lucked it both times I've wired my cars, the fury had 4 ground outs so I just randomly grouped sensors into them. Edit: Looks like no issues grouping:
  7. From memory, assuming the factory ecu still has ground then yea you shouldn't need to rewire the shields. I would have thought you will need to wire the sensor grounds to the link, but shouldn't be much different from cutting and joining any of the other wires? And you could just tap the link ground into the factory ecu ground wire, maybe add an extra ground point near the ecu's somewhere, I can't see any issues with them sharing grounds.
  8. It generally uses the factory wiring as a relay switch (turns the direct power wire on/off)
  9. Basically that ^^. Pretty much a slightly larger power cable direct from the battery with a relay, Means the pump gets full voltage.
  10. What's the wiring? factory wiring has voltage drop before the pump. A friend only made 200kw ish with Walbro on factory wiring, it was running out of fuel pump. With the wiring mod it made 230kw
  11. De cap your yellows
  12. Sounds like something is wrong. Whats your fuel pump and how is it wired? Factory fuel pump and/or factory wiring won't cut it.
  13. Factory subaru STI injectors (yellow side feeds) will do 220kw. Make sure you have a decent fuel pump and good voltage at the pump and they'll be fine.
  14. I'll have a look tonight
  15. Any way to tell from the ecu if it is facelift or not? I've got a bp ecu at home that is of no use to me. Edit: if you did wanted to try another, I've got no clue about unlocking or flashing etc and how hard it would be to copy the tune over.