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  1. Should be able to see it in the graph somewhat, although won't know it's the housing without back pressure data What's the boost now? Your's spooled earlier and had more torque than mine either way so different, but still interesting results considering a in theory larger twin scroll genuine Garrett housing.
  2. Glad to hear. Do you know if it's still choked slightly with the 0.63? I'm tossing up if I should try a SS .63 or .82 housing, save me getting the waste gate divide made too.
  3. Maybe it was more like this, can't quite remember but made it work with one clamp and a cut belt
  4. I put an cut old belt around them and the crank, clamped/vice gripped the belt together around the crank so nothing could turn
  5. I got high temp white 4 pot subaru decals off ebay, assume those would be on there too
  6. Interesting, the Honeywell ones I've got and seen are all 5v supply & 0.5-4.5v output. Yea, makes sense. Voltage drops are a pain.
  7. Looks mint! but 12v to pressure sensors? I'd also think about an additional relay for injectors and coil, then you know the injectors are at the same voltage as the ecu is seeing
  8. Bugger, as I had planned on testing a SS one also. What's the difference? vband outlet length or slightly offset?
  9. Agree'd but possibly these TS turbine housings are just too restrictive on Subaru engines. Maybe there is a reason efr are T4 twin scroll. I think the spool is about right considering you've gone up a size or two in turbine housing (from what I've read 1.01 TS is roughly equivalent to 0.9 SS). Would be interesting, maybe one bank has higher pressure from one of the "scrolls" being too restrictive.
  10. As I was pulling my engine apart I spotted mine wasn't divided the whole way when it was made. Figured it would be effectively the same spool up losses to SS. Didn't think it would be any worse than SS anyway. Have you heard/seen/read otherwise? I'm thinking the same.
  11. So only thing changed are headers (to twin scroll legacy headers?) and turbine housing? More boost, less power definitely seems like more restriction. Sounds similar to mine, dyno looks about the same too except mines even more choked up top (0.91 TS). Maybe I should switch to a 0.83 SS housing to test.
  12. Legacy 6sp (and v11 onwards) don't have speedo drive outputs Mates got one from a ez30 6sp with diff, driveshaft, axles and shifter sitting on trademe for $1400, and has been for a long time, crazy cheap imo. I'd guess most people don't want the hassle of no speedo drive from the box (I don't think thats an issue for other bp/bl legacys though).
  13. Be interested to see these results, and how it's going to be tested. Size has a large effect on flow & pressure drop Agreed. ITL are good & cheap cores imo
  14. I assume you can see the slave and clutch fork moving?
  15. Redline core can be average, piping is piping. Expect to modify what ever piping kit you get, as mentioned. TL Intercooler cores seem to be good and well rated by all, I'd be looking for or making a piping kit and getting an ITL core.