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  1. Mount/flange is the same but pickup different to suit the twin scroll sump. Mines a closed deck block (phase 1) with twin scroll sump, pick up etc. Partners bg5 also has twin scroll sump set up on original engine.
  2. Yes sump fits, need oil pick up, wind age tray & dipstick from the twin scroll sump as well.
  3. I always go Bendix Ultimate if i can. I can deal with the dust for the cold and hot braking performance. EBC green in one car and better than a repco brand pad but nosier
  4. Yea i'm not sure if the bf5 issue was the wrong newer style linkage that was used or if the gc8 shifter is actually different. I've never had an issue swapping 5sp boxes (when using the chassis's same shifter/linkage) between models or phases, so assume all 5sp boxes are the same and shouldn't matter what gearbox is in there. In one of my old be5's I had both phase 1 and 2 gearbox in there at some point with no shifter issues.
  5. I'm fairly sure all 5 sp's have the same "shifter shaft" with a vertical hole for the roll pins. From there back I'm unsure what combo works with what. I do know BP/BL legacy 6sp shifter/linkage combo do not work with GBA (all bolt up but you can't get into certain gears) I also know I tried a gc8 shifter in a bf5 and it couldn't get into 2nd, 4th or reverse). Unsure what linkage was used.
  6. Think the RB guys are more versed in it but you may need a bend, a decent distance or a "air straightener" to stop the turbo effecting the afm at idle
  7. If the car has IAT and MAF issues, wouldn't it be sensible to start there and test a known working MAF? I'd ensure the MAF is OK before going anywhere near a dyno.
  8. Possibly shielding wire, but most shielding I've seen is around the sensor wire. CAS is something that would need shielding. Unsure if factory or not, but those crimps are used in factory looms. Being unused could make sense for a shield (grounded at the ecu).
  9. I wouldn't be doing full pulls then checking knock (refer boon's scenario), rather progressively rev higher and under more load checking knock during/in between. I think the factory knock sensor is ok.
  10. Check that RON assumption before running (our 98 is USA ~93 & I doubt they'd do a performance tuned map on less than their best fuel) Take it to a tuner before driving hard or get a wide band, build some budget knock ears & watch a few videos on AFR and knock sounds to know enough that it's not running lean and knocking.
  11. If your not shooting for 300kw+, a 500x230x63 fmic can fit behind the bumper under the bumper bar. Still some hacking required, but can look factory from the outside.
  12. No real world exp At ~250kw it's probably not necessary but I'd go legacy 6sp (as they come up fairly cheap) if possible - need to convert abs signal to speedo as they have no speedo drive so that does add another minor expense. DCCD is a nice to have for 95% of driving imo due to $, depends on the cars use. And turbo I'd recommend something internally gated for ease of plumbing - gt35 off a xr6 turbo seem to come up now and again for a decent price. No clue on the factory ecu's but links are great Walbro & pinks or decapped factory
  13. Wait, no return fuel even on prime or just with ign on? Mine only flows on key on (prime). Bridge the fuel pump relay if you want constant flow (pin 30 to 87). I'd try crank it over a few times, then pull all 4 plugs & see if you think they are covered in petrol, take photos and post them up. Check each one for spark, be ready to replace them. My bet is on plugs assuming fuel is flowing out the return on prime
  14. Mine is set up with the two non baffled tee'd together, other two and crank case breather to the catch can which vents to atmosphere. It stinks, I plan on running a tube down so it vents under the car. Didn't only the later blocks (grb onwards) have the other crank case port, which you would tee and plumb the non baffled ports to.
  15. General rule of thumb is auto driveshaft from the same chassis fits, but other shafts may also fit. I can tell you a be5 auto driveshaft does not fit bc5 with 6sp.