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  1. Pretty much same position as yours, just attached to the pillar. I haven't noticed it being dim or reflective. I have mine displaying 2 settings at once as the 4 settings per screen is a bit small for my not so great eyesight
  2. +1 I went for a gauge art can gauge (same as the link rebranded one they sell now), all sensors mentioned above bar egt. I barely look at it. Generally leave it on oil temp, mainly to see when its up to temp. Rest is controlled/protected by ecu.
  3. +1 on ctek, model I have doesn't look like that but does the trick bar dead dead battery's.
  4. I reckon it'll spool a bit better even twin scroll header to single scroll turbo. I wouldn't be boosting it to much, probably would be fine but not worth risking imo
  5. They are great for this, even single scroll turbos
  6. I've got a set of the bl/bp twin scroll headers which I'd let go for cheap but I'm not aware of decent turbos to suit the flange.
  7. You pretty much need to keep emailing/querying Raptor and when they get stock, pay for it then and there. I got an email back saying stock coming on X day, so I emailed them on that day (and filled out the below form). http://raptorsc.com.au/subaru-ez30-ez36-header-inquiry/
  8. ^ My understanding too What was Niran's old set up making, whatever the v12 sti run VF wise + water meth was ~250 from memory. That's probably the most i've seen a VF make, but W/M does comes with other issues.
  9. I saw on murch's Instagram he had done a ~5353 into a VF48 or 49. I'd be pretty interested seeing the results of that. Seems his new turbos are performing really well on the 6 bangers, his older ones seem to choke on Subaru's but I'd be interested to see what the new ones are like.
  10. I haven't looked into any Subaru results turbo wise in a while, but I think g25 or g30 are still the best Garrett has to offer. Or EFR which I know f*** all about.. I would love to see what a g25 or g30 would do.
  11. Most things swap over. I would assume driveshaft is different, clutch master set up may be different.
  12. I'd stick with the vf22, they're reliable. You'll be down ~20-30kw from that td06 but better power curve I'd imagine. Spray water meth pre turbo and let us know how much you can squeeze out of the vf22
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/140180922814491/permalink/1852308468268386/?sale_post_id=1852308468268386 Just do it 😉 But seriously, cheaper to do it right the first time than spend $1k on a Chinese turbo and tune then upgrade and tune again
  14. Plug and play is available (wrxlink v1-v2 is the same) and not that expensive for a new ecu. But they do come up sometimes second hand cheaper. I've got a base map to suit a bf5 g4+ if needed. Could probably re pin or make an adapter but doesn't seem worth the effort. Never played with possum links myself. Had one in my first Subaru and it run fine with the throttle down but was missing little things which would annoy me if it was a daily (unsure if it was tune or ecu capability but I suspect the later). A tuner told me it was more expensive to tune the possumlink because it takes them more time.
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