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  1. yeah i know right, I do not know of any manufacturer that made a single pipe exhaust in to a twin pipe like that, but having said that it looks pretty well made, ie not a cheap exhaust job? yeah but it says pro racer on the tip so its obviously a 5zigen muffler, but having searched a bit more looks like its a home job/custom made
  2. Does any one know what this exhaust is? all I could make out is it looks like it says pro racer on the tip, but have never seen a twin mid pipe exhaust like that for the v7/GDB wrx/STi? apparently that is what it is out of, any one know who made an exhaust like that? Thanks
  3. Sweet, is it off an sti? give me a pm if you find it, Thanks !
  4. Checked how tight the bov piston is, its extremely hard to push in, it does push in but from memory factory bov\'s springs are very soft. any one have a factory sti bov lying around?? Also any tips on getting the bov off from the return hose? no matter how many time I do this it seems almost impossible without taking the intercooler off?? I know the clip has a notch so it stays loose, but my one doesnt seem to want to catch the notch!
  5. nope down pipe is even factory
  6. Nope, had a blitz induction box thing which is the factory air box with out the snorkus and the bottom section. could still hear the surge then,
  7. Yeah have had a boost gauge on there, its boosting steadily around 18 psi (v7 sti by the way) so obviously no obvious leaks, will check if the bov has seized or return hose kinked,, thought it was pretty abnormal for the factory bov to stay shut upon lift off.
  8. My car is getting compressor surge (or more like bov not opening) the car sounds like it has no bov, only intake mod is a cold air intake, intercooler, bov etc is all factory. any ideas on what might be causing the bov to stay shut? previous STi\'s I\'ve owned factory bov\'s opened pretty easily even on light throttle ?
  9. oops did I say rich ? I meant the turbo intake leak and pre turbo leak will cause lean mixtures
  10. exhaust leak pre turbo or vacuum leak in the turbo inlet will make it go rich, I know my car was running leaner on the Dyno at E&h, found 1 of the 3 bolts in the header flange at the collector is gone ! lol that would explain the loss in power and farting
  11. Does anyone have a spare working mechanical boost gauge I can borrow that go to 25psi or 30psi ? Have a suspicion that my boost gauge is reading low,, Im in Auckland BTW,
  12. In auckland, using universal type 32 or 38mm silicone joiner onto fmic piping. Thanks
  13. can anyone lend me their bov that opens fully with no surge with a FMIC? would just like to rule out if its anything to do with the bovs, so far both bovs are surging thanks
  14. basically using the original BOV vacuum/boost source, and it has a boost gauge tee'd off it. I removed the t for the gauge so its connected to the BOV only, but still surged.
  15. the valves are not tight at all, you can quite easily push them in with your finger, but I think its just not getting proper vacuum,,,, but boost gauge shows healthy vacuum, I dont know if its just an instant thing when throttle is closed?
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