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  1. Definitely something do-able, but there's still the added cost involved, plus the piping, twisted turbo set up etc which im keen to stay away from. Probably shooting myself in the foot but at this point anyway i'm trying to draw some firm lines around where i want the car to end up.
  2. To right! However, looking at stock locations and keeping a top mount (v7 sti). Just cant bring myself to hack up a bumper for the front mount. so hard to find parts for the BC5 these days.
  3. Main thing with Steve is the time and turnaround from what i understand. dont really want the car sitting there with no turbo for 6 months haha. My mechanic has been recommending a tomei as his in house tuner got 300kw out of a similar setup on those turbos but the $$ is a bit off putting atm.
  4. Cheers - so something more along the lines of a 20g would be a better fit?
  5. Hi guys, Getting to the end of my RS build and im at the point that we've got a basic road tune to get a few k's on the new 207 block. Post run-in, the engine has some 268 franklins and a vf30 sitting at around 1 bar of boost. Keeping in mind that its not a serious road tune that has been done (given she;ll be strapped to the dyno in the near future), i'm getting onto boost at around 4,000rpm. My understanding/expectations of the vf30 was that it would be coming on boost quite a bit faster - mechanic suggested that it might be the bigger cams - is this in the right ball park? I trust the guy's experience so i guess i also wanted to get a feel for what to expect (in terms of real life impact) that the bigger cams are going to have on the cars driveability. Cheers for the input
  6. If you change to the version 3 manifold you'll have to re-wire TPS and idle control valve. If you're running a link you'd be able to get around it easily but on a factory ecu i imagine its not worth the hassle?
  7. Will make up some sort of adapter i think, otherwise blank off completely. im running a link anyway
  8. Bumping an old post - i've got a v8 wrx clutch master cylinder but it has 3 ports for the hardlines. The RS only has one - do i need to/can i cap these off? Cheers
  9. Awesome, cheers guys. My tuner has an intercooler off a v8 STI so good on that front. i think i saw a few cheap GG wrx v8 cylinders on trademe so will jump on one of those.
  10. Awesome, thanks very much. Regarding the clutch cylinder, does it have to be V7 STI? or would any GD/GG one work?
  11. Hey guys, have had a bit of a look through the forum but a lot of old links no longer accessible. Has anyone got a good link or writeup for fitting a v7 STI top mount into a bc5/gc8? I've convered my RS manifold to v3/4 and am currently running an ARC top mount but looking to make the most out of my future tune (link G4, injectors etc) without going front mount. I'm looking for instructions where it uses the later model clutch reservoir as i would rather replace with a new unit than take a grinder to the existing set up. Cheers
  12. Will need to confirm with the guy doing the tune - i'll get him to point it out on the hoist once i pick up the car. If the redlines are alright i might go with that option then - my understanding was the fitment of the redline gear was usually not worth the hassle. Cheers for the response though.
  13. Hi guys, Probably a FAQ but couldnt find anything directly useful - getting my RS back from the shop today with a run in tune but been advised that there is a leak by the uppipe (factory uppipe). Been recommended that this is remedied prior to full tune - what are the affordable aftermarket recommendations? I know redline do one but have heard mixed thoughts - not keen to burn grimspeed etc type $$ on a factory location uppipe so wondering what my other options are and where to look? Google just keeps spitting out redline. Cheers
  14. +1 just read it myself. Definitely backed up what my tuner was saying as well.