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  1. Hey guys, Looking at removing/replacing the oil filters for the avcs units in the heads on my daily (n/a ej204 sh*tta). Does anyone have any advice or a good guide on this? Also, if anyone knows what size copper o-rings that would be awesome as well. Cheers
  2. Version 5/6 rails should bolt to v1/2 manifolds as far as i understand and that way you can run phase 2 yellows (provided tune to suit i guess)
  3. Feel your pain mate - i need to get the heads dialled in properly in my RS (just dont have the time not skill to pull the motor and re-set heads etc) so the plan is to send it in, sort out manifold and turbo conversion at the same time and straight in for a tune. Been saving all damn year for it though, but at least the car is still driveable.
  4. Hey all, what are people's experiences with reverting from welded internal gates back to standard (i.e.unpicking the weld on the internal gate)? Been noticing a few turbos that catch my eye but have the gate welded shut. Biggest concern would be that the weld cant be cleanly removed meaning the internal gate won't operate as it should/close 100% when needed. Cheers
  5. Installed genome boost gauge and controller in my bc5. Does anyone know if non-genome defi gauges work with the genome controller? Really keen to get an oil pressure gauge at some point.
  6. @Westy177 should get in touch with this guy if you want to upgrade your P1 injectors on the rsb mate
  7. That'd be a great little piece of kit to sell to some of the fellas stuck with V3-4 manifolds for sure.
  8. Silicone one so a bit more robust than the factory one. Yeah, might just have to go round up a few bolts from pick a part or something.
  9. Hey all, Plan is to get my g4+ installed later this year (bc5/gc8) - looking for advice as to the best way to block off the various inlets on the turbo intake hose? i already have a catch can set up so no breathers and i will be removing the iacv (one less thing to fail). Cheers!
  10. Apologies if i've just misunderstood a fundamental aspect of checking the cel lights (bc5 legacy), but, why would i get a different set of codes showing with just the black plugs connected versus both the green and black plugs (i.e. when trying to clear the codes)? Any help, most appreciated!
  11. Presuming HLA as its an ej20g
  12. So the heads i have on my RS are rattly as hell and i'm pretty condfident its a valve clearance issue (stupidly slapped the heads ontot the motor without getting them fully checked - great plan on a rebuild). Does anyone have any idea of i) the cost to have the heads//valves checked/corrected and ii) any recommendations in the Auckland area? I would just swap heads and do the head gaskets again but these heads have been ported and have reground cams. Cheers!
  13. Strongs ( may have them in stock. you'll want to ask for the version 5/6 type spot light.
  14. Cheers
  15. Awesome thanks. Whats the best way to contact either of those guys? (Sorry still relatively new to the forum!)