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  1. Any update? Have you replaced the surrounds? If so interested in what kit you got...need to do mine but too lazy to take door panel of measure the speaker cone and frame the surround attaches too...
  2. This is interesting,have been wondering if I can get an NZ new mcintosh to replace the unit in my BR9...
  3. I'm on my second one, S*** adhesive on them Gonna go hard on the isopropyl alcohol this time and make sure i heat it first...
  4. Except for >05 STIs I believe, which use 5x114.3
  5. @Subru had one of these before he got his STI I believe.
  6. Installed Chinese ez lip (Samurai) onto BR yesterday, drove to and from work today...it was on the car when I left work this evening but not when I got home...oops.
  7. Should add some extra kws...
  8. You guys shoud use fuelly to track actual stats. You just put in the odometer reading and how many litres you filled up with and it will keep track of your km/l etc... Need to do full tanks when you fill though which doesn't appeal to some.
  9. I have two 2004 legacy wagons with McIntosh and on both of them I've had a main woofer in the front door have the surround connecting the cone to frame deteriorate. On really low bass they rattle real bad,so wouldn't be surprised if this is what has happened to you If so, there are replacement surrounds you can buy online.
  10. Gull 98 is 10% ethanol and gull have their own import terminal in Tauranga whereas the others pumpngas from the refinery at Marsden point.
  11. Good question, no idea.
  12. Gull in Avondale has 98, though obviously a different supply chain and E10 which some people are funny about...
  13. Finding this link is what drove me to the forum! From where? removable would be awesome.
  14. If they have a smoke machine, it's relatively quick.
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