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  1. oops, I lumped you in with WRX crowd but forgot about the BPE you imported at a steal of a price!
  2. Oops, not up to speed on the model codes for fancy 5th Gen legacies, haha. I only would have been able to name the liberal mufflers as they have the hideous square tips (:P) and the Wangan. "Impressive", my wife would probably use a different word....
  3. Off the top of my head... @JGM Lowered silver outback @ADIKT Lowered black outback @1randomkiwi silver BE 3.0 @A_J_T Silver BE sedan, think it's a GT and her name is ruby. @sobanoodle Black BL9, which at some stage will have every available after market exhaust and suspension/handling component fitted to it. @delta 3.0 Outback (can't remember colour), has/will soon have a @V7STI1992 white BP 3.0R wagon with some sweet recaro seats. @Chase Black (?) BP GT wagon with tein springs. @Andy_Mac Blue BP GTB wagon with a sweet N7 dash isntall. @Invisible everyone knows his car.... @thewabbit1 white BH GTB wagon @whitebait19 white (?) BH lancaster wagon. @Teufel a BP 3.0R of some description @killervq30de a BP GTB, I think? no idea whether wagon or sedan... And @Kiwi_Fozze and @McDoof owned 3.0R legacies, but that was before my time.... And @Subru will own a turbo legacy eventually, he just doesn't know it yet.... There will be plenty more...these are just people who post regularly or have/had a 3.0R...I will have missed quite a few recent additions I think. Fixed it for you
  4. hmmm, why did I think you have an RA...guess I just lump all you STI owners together....yet I could probably describe every single legacy on this forum, who owns it and what mods they have done, haha, priorities right? Do you still have all the vents in the dash etc..? I wonder if you would come out at a similar cost to doing roof scoop once install is taken into account? I imagine the A/C parts wouldn't be in particularly high demand so might be relatively inexpensive?
  5. I thought RAs didn't come with AC to save weight and make it more racey? So it wasn't removed, it was never added in? But I'm a legacy man so don't take my word for it;)
  6. Car : Legacy 3.0R 2004 Tuned Stock (for now....) Fuel : Gull Force 10 Tank: ~60L (guess based on fuel ups...) Fuel economy : 11-14 l/100km crawling in AKL traffic, ~9l/100km on trip from AKL to Waihi. Fuelly stats if known : -
  7. Cool,not planning on doing anything illegal so might be pulling short of the red line! 2nd gear pulls for an auto so hopefully I can get most of the way through the rev range...
  8. Is that after the Westgate exit? Upper harbour (sh18) would probably be good too based on when I drive home.e after the Albany meet.
  9. "Honey, I'm just popping around the corner to do the some car stuff, see you in a day or two"
  10. I also now realise this question is slightly redundant...for some reason I thought I needed to start a gear pull from stationary, which apparently isn't the case...think I'll just hit the NW motorway/upper harbour one night.
  11. That's a long way to go...though it would ideal! Assuming I just need a motorway on-ramp that becomes it's own lane or something similar.
  12. Random question, if you lived in central/west Auckland (Avondale) where would you go to (legally) do 2nd gear pulls for an e-tune?
  13. and move it out of the Wellington/Kapiti section:)
  14. reviving this thread....what is the best place to get a blank key with the transponder chip? If you get a key from a wrecker for the remote entry that has the same trnasponder chip, can they just reprogram that transponder and you chuck it in the blank blade you buy?
  15. @THUNDA In the right light it almost looks like it is STI pink....must be fast!