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  1. Also got mine today for the BP. Will be interesting to see if I get one for the BR. Its a 2009 and when I plug the details into the .jp link above it appears to say it was recalled...
  2. I think you pay $12-$15 per tyre.
  3. Bugger, feel your pain after the same thing happened to me recently! Make sure to buy tyre insurance with your new set!
  4. there is a BL in this gallery https://www.ezlip.com/gallery/subaru/
  5. Just get an EZ-lip (rubber foam) or Samurai lip (rubber) for like $60.
  6. We need Engineering Explained to do a video on this:)
  7. What else do you have in storage? o.0
  8. Even an auto facelift (2006) spec.B seems to be over 10k... This realization is what made me buy a 5th gen as they don't cost that much more, though I realise not everyone is a fan of their looks:) Whereas a pre-facelift auto (non spec.B, probably still has bilsteins) with ~100kms on the clock can probably be picked up for 5-6k if you hunt around.
  9. +1 for @McDoof said. You will pay a lot more for an manual though, especially a specB, as they seem to be a lot rarer.
  10. That's the one!
  11. I'm guessing because they cost way more!
  12. That comment is only in relation to 4th gen turbo legacies as far as I'm aware (others can confirm). Plenty of tuned Auto 3.0s I believe. It may be 299 AUD, but you'll need to get it shipped to NZ and then installed which requires cutting your stock headers out and getting this welded in. I think it's safe to assume you would spend 1k NZD, but others who have actually done it will have a better idea. 3.0 would be fine for a daily in New Plymouth I reckon, traffic can't be that bad down there;) My 3.0 chews through traffic in stop-start Auckland peak traffic, but for motorway/open road cruising it is fine on gas.
  13. Much cheaper than their super charger kit:) http://raptorsc.com.au/subaru/subaru-libertylegacy-4-gen-ez30-header/ Kido Tune or XRT (west_minst) are the remote turners with a good rep for 3.0. Good luck getting a hold of Kido, XRT is super responsive and provides great service, but is from Barbados so there is a slight language barrier.
  14. There is a thread here somewhere on this, use the search bar;) From memory (I own one as well), you will get decent gains simply from a remap as the stock tune is quite conservative. Playing around the edges with intake/exhaust doesn't do much from memory and it's easy to make the exhaust sound real tinny if you knock out the mid muffler. Otherwise, everyone gets an upgraded rear sway bar as an awesome handling mode. in fairness this thread was hard to find as the search index for the forum is balls. Raptor headers is the big performance gain.