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  1. Now that is something special... http://jalopnik.com/the-impreza-casa-blanca-was-the-ultimate-in-rally-going-1497358360
  2. Anything I should look out for when shopping for a turbo BP? Assuming I will look for a facelift spec B auto. Assuming I should go spec B vs a GT if possible. Is there much difference between the years for the facelifts? I feel like I remember someone saying the turbo changes at one point....probably imagining that...
  3. Don't know why, but this reminded me of an outback I quite often see on the NW motorway that has STI badges on it for some unknown reason...keep meaning to get a photo of it but risk of crashing while doing so is too high!
  4. Not going to shorten it to CS OBG? OBG is one of the shorthands for "Obstetrics and Gynecology", haha.
  5. LOL @Andy_Mac. When the Outbacks are lower than the legacies there is something wrong;) If you do, keep me in mind for your pinks, as I may have a GTB that could use them in near future...
  6. Good point,I had just assumed 2.0T would be similar to 3.0 for a legacy of the same year. Playing around with trade me insurance it would be about 60 more a year. Though for dinner years the cost is the same, go figure...
  7. @delta the more I think about this the more I think the likely scenario is selling my wife's NA 2.0i, getting a turbo for my car/the daily and keeping the 3.0R as my wife's car/road trip/tow bar car. The alternative/sensible thing to do would be start commuting in my wife's 2.0i, but I think that would be soul destroying....
  8. Pretty sure AJ told me my pads were 50:50 needing to be replaced in Jan so I am probably up for pads...
  9. @A_J_T import,actually been going through the process of getting it e-tuned, but a combination of being away for a month and then one of me,my wife or daughter being sick for the last couple of months has made it hard to go out an log. I really like my BPE. I think the likely scenario is we sell my wife's 2.0i BP5 and the BPE becomes the road trip car/one we will fit a tow bar too and the turbo would be the daily driver/my fun car.
  10. Fair call. I'll try not to do it again.
  11. Totes. Which makes sense for open road driving. I guess my logic is that for stop-start driving in traffic you are constantly applying more power than you need to get from a to b and then braking So a 2l off boost may result in less wasted energy than a 3l. At least that's the logic I'm testing.
  12. I wouldn't expect much difference for non-nana driving, mainly interested if it would be different for nana driving in bumper to bumper traffic. Yeah, I initially really liked the idea, as they are half the price of an STI, and I really like the look of the STI hatches of that generation. But for the same money I can get a facelift spec.B legacy which has swayed me back towards that.
  13. Yeah, don't worry, I would stick to 98 as I do now with the 3.0R.
  14. I probably get 12.5-13l/100km on average over a tank while commuting running gull force 10, in my 2.0 BH I was averaging around 10l/100km for a tank while commuting on 91. So my commuting costs are materially different @Batbaruman part of this is definitely selling this to the mrs, haha. Though she has given me sign off to buy a fun car, given I have convinced her the EVs are coming:) Totally get what you are saying, but drive into town from out west between 7/8 on a weekday morning and you will see that opportunities for boost during my commute are limited! Plus my wife has just gone back to work so we are commuting together, so I'll need to behave. I enjoy putting the foot down in the 3.0R, but it's not quite the same as when the boost kicks in!
  15. My daily commute involves crawling along the NW motorway into the city, so is hella fuel inefficient due to it being constantly stop start. I feel like the 3.0R is particularly unsuited to this type of driving (great on the open road efficiency wise). So I've been tossing up selling the 3.0R (or giving it to the wife and selling her 2.0i) and getting an impreza s-GT or spec.B legacy wagon. I would probably leave the car fairly stock. Am I right that a 2.0L turbo would be more fuel efficient than the 3.0R for that type of stop-start driving? (i.e. not at boost). Or am I misunderstanding some engineering here? I got really good efficiency commuting in my NA 2.0 BH wagon, maybe I'm being unrealistic in expecting to get something similar with a more performance orientated car.... Part of what's driving this is that @Dairusire showed me what boost feels like, and I feel like I need to own a turbo car at some stage in my life, and as per the Levorg thread I feel like I need to do that before we are all being driven around in automated EVs, haha.