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      The 2018 ClubSUB Calendar, Powered by Possum Borne Motorsport is now available.

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  1. Believe I posted about the same thing the first time my wife and I left the house at night in separate cars,haha.
  2. This. What is your cleaning setup @1randomkiwi?
  3. Sounds like he needs to replace the rotors anyways though so it's not just 4pots on the front and new pads....would that still be cheaper? Plus you would want matching rear 2 pots so you don't have a mismatched set:) Interested in the physics of this, I thought the deal was you need large rotors so they cool quicker (bigger surface area), whereas you talking about how quickly the heat up with larger pads?
  4. haha, after all the effort you went through to find your current wheels?
  5. Yes because your car is an honorary Subaru and you will take awesome photos of your awesome car that we haven't seen enough of
  6. from memory @Andy_Mac was selling his spec.B GT brakes a while back? For some reason I thought the 3.0 rotors were bigger than the GT, probably imagining things...
  7. Any decent mechanic should have a code reader. Subaru specialists in AKL that ppl on here use are Subtech, Highbrook Automotive and club favorite and all around GC @Subirex Automotive. Otherwise, buy something like this from TradeMe and install FreeSSM (drivers are sometimes a pain in the ass for recent versions of Windows). Or pop into a supercheap auto and they will charge you $14-$28 to read your codes (http://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/services/in-store/diagnostics).
  8. Half the time I think he is just trolling us:)
  9. That's the check engine light I think? So not necessarily anything to do with transmission. Get someone to read your ECU error codes (mechanic or goto SuperChearAuto) or buy a cheap VAG-COM cable and do it yourself.
  10. Others will have more informed opinions on your broad questions, but on the BP stereo question, you can get an OEM fascia/AC control panel that allows a double din stereo to be installed, they are just hideously expensive asthey only came on certain spec BPs so they are like hens teeth.... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-stereos/wiring-kits/auction-1441113260.htm You also occasionally find one here that already has that kit https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1366150725 And I think the EZ30/36 are higher compression engines so wouldn't run well on 91? though others will know more about this than me... so this would lead you to 2.0/2.5 NA?
  11. I don't use imageshack either, but look for a share button on the album which will hopefully give you a link?
  12. @1randomkiwi I really like my 3L, If I get a GT I would be swapping my wife's 2.0i for a GT and giving her my 3L. Partly because 3L chugs gas in my stop-start commute and partly because I like boost:) 3L is super smooth on the open road.
  13. @gotasuby so the AT has a different (more aggressive?) map to the MT? There is a generic issue with running JDM cars on NZ fuel right? Are you saying it's worse with MT? Or is there just a sample bias here in that most JDM imports are AT? Apologies for the 20 questions, haha, considering buying an AT GT so this is very relevant:)
  14. Hmm, that's interesting given I'm considering getting an auto GT! When you say super basic mods what are you referring too? Weird that it can't be tuned out and that it differs between AT and MT.
  15. Yeah,the name brand units (GROM and Anycar) are double the price. And yup,you just plug into where the external changer would plug in at the back and you are away laughing. Stereo buttons to skip tracks etc work or you just used your phone if have a phone holder on your dash. Just need to have your stereo on CD mode.