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  1. More powerful, but also much better brakes/handling than your mates' cars. Not really an apples-for-apples comparison.
  2. I can open mine if you like, have the right screw driver sitting in the kitchen cupboard...
  3. Agree to an extent, though not everyone has the knowledge to do their own tuning. I was more thinking if he wanted to log stuff now to see how the car is running before he drops cash on upgrades, then buying a $15 cable is a an easy/cheap way to go.
  4. Can you use cheap vag-com cables on V7 STI if all you want to do is log?
  5. I'm sure I've seen people on here saying that if you do a full exhaust without getting it tuned you can actually damage your engine if you drive hard...but I'll let the turbo crowd correct me on this...
  6. hmmmm, where is their currently a circus in AKL? I know there is/was one In Avondale but that looks like a nice mall carpark so definitely isn't Avondale, haha.
  7. I always leave it on too, will be fascinating to do a comparison, though impossible to do a perfect like for like...AKL traffic is too bloody variable!
  8. Hmmmm, I wonder how much the eco theory translates to driving in stop/start congested traffic. I generally try and drive economically, but the dulled response could totally be making me over compensate..i.e. traffic starts moving again so I accelerate, but bugger all is happening so put the foot down a little bit more. Also, I often have to make semi aggressive lane changes, sometimes from a stationary position, so I'm pretty certain I'll be over compensating there.
  9. @gotasuby Thank you sir! Therefore you would expect them to read the same right?
  10. Interesting, what type of driving are you mostly doing? I'm mainly crawling in AKL traffic so I wonder if I will get similar results...
  11. People who are familiar with Romraider and the 3.0R... (*cough* @Kiwi_Fozze *cough*). What is the difference between A/F Sensor #1 and #2? I'm getting a difference between them in my logs (see graph below which is a pull at WOT) I know the 3.0R has 4 AFR sensors (front and rear on both sides). Just wondering whether this graph is showing a difference between front/rear or left right?
  12. $69.95 https://www.subaruspeed.co.nz/collections/new-parts/products/subaru-radiator-bleeding-kit
  13. I thought there wasn't anything magic about coolant? Others will know better and I my car isn't high performance so I've just used stuff from SCA in my shitty BH wagon that has leaks when I have needed to top it up. If you are DIYing work out how you are going to dispose of the old fluid first...can't just drop it at SCA/Repco like you can engine oil.
  14. I think the reference to "loading", being in the same sentence as towing, means putting more weight in the care then Subaru has specced the car to handle?