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  1. Just like most Aucklanders in rush hour traffic then
  2. Nice. Meeting my folks in Holland (getting Eurostar from UK) before we fly off to Sicily and then 3 weeks touring Italy
  3. Off to Amsterdam too in a couple of months.
  4. I assume that each club won't have it's own session and it'll essentially be a 'free for all' each time? You can probably understand I'm a little relectant to take a 65k car around the circuit where there is a risk of something unfortunate happening that is not of my own making. Several years ago, while at a public session at Pukekohe, I was sideswiped by someone in an MR2 - and they had a race licence despite being blind in one eye. Casued a couple of grand worth of panel damage to my then ST205 GT-FOUR WRC Spec and refused to entertain any form of compensation. Claimed he didn't recall what happened (how convenient) He wasn't hurt, but at least he came worse of by having his car totalled. Deserved it TBH. Yes, I could probably look at insurance for the track, but then the costs start to mount As @Jokercorerctly points out, you don't have to drive fast to have fun - but I do have reservations about how some other (non clubsub) club drivers can get carried away
  5. Any idea on cost and is it full circuit?
  6. @Andy_Mac- not planning on painting it. @newsuba- No. Went for the factory delete option. 30 years ago I'd have gone for a big wing - now I like the look without. Car blends in more with others around and doesn't attract unwanted attention. Either that or I'm just getting to be an old git (which is closer to the truth )
  7. Okay, won't doing anything performance wise in reality. but a good price on eBay. Arrived safely today... A4 installation booklet is 4 pages long! Seems to be the correct size all round... Car is going into the paintshop next week for a couple of stone chip touch ups before I get some paint protecrtion film applied (damn the crap soft Subaru paint :mad:) Will get them to fit the part then.
  8. If that's the case, lets hope they don't rely on Cadbury to produce the pistons
  9. Never had a bad meal there
  10. Went to the Grill on Federal St last night with friends and this nice pair of Italian artistry were parked outside...
  11. Found this by accident - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9ySyd8SvRw
  12. Don't know. Need to do some research methinks....
  13. Picked up a GoPro Hero5 the other day and with the wife at work this afternoon, went for a little blat into the country to give the new camera a quick test. Nothing terribly exciting, but am pretty impressed with the quality for such a small unit. Just need to work on the souind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x91izu08n14
  14. Yep, good to meet you last night.
  15. Sounds like it could get very nasty today. Just seen AKL uni is closing this am. Keep safe out there and take it easy on the roads. Already seen one WRX probably written off yesterday. Don't want to hear of any more.
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