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  1. The limit is going to be much higher on an AWD compared to FWD obviously, but understeer is going to be easier to deal with for the average driver. Probably why the current STi is set up to understeer when pushed really hard. FWD does have its place and you will obviously get more power to the wheels, but unequal lengh driveshafts are always going to be the achilles heel as far as torque steer is concerned. And once you start getting up there, AWD is going to give you better grip than FWD ever can. I used to have a Rover 220 GTi which ran 13 sec 1/4 mile but no way would it get anywhere near an STi on the twisties. I get that Honda do nice n/a motors and quality builds, but feel they have gone thx turbo route to get higher outputs as those figures tend to sell cars at the end of the day.
  2. Ah, of course. Good ol' real world testing
  3. That is a bold statement to make.
  4. Noticed there is a lot of hype and excitement on a US STi forum about the new Civic Type R. Some people have even alluded to swapping their STi for one. Ok, 228kW and 400Nm sounds impressive and while it does have trick suspension, it is still a FWD car. Now, I'll agree that it does look like a nice car and has its place in the market, but it certainly won't handle or perform like the latest STi and it amuses me how some are literally drooling over it. Interestingly tbere were a few a while back stating how good the Focus RS is going to be. They've gone quiet about that now And talking of the Focus RS. Apart from the 2 I've seen in showdooms, not seen any around at all. Anyone seen any out and about?
  5. I made the mistake of buying a B4 RSK with tiptronic a few years ago. My first and last auto box car
  6. Agreed. Off on holiday next week, but will look at a trip to PBMS when I get back for a chat. Really appreciate the suggestions everyone has put forward. Thank you - what I love about this site. Very helpful bunch of enthusiasts
  7. Not really interested in any handling mods at this stage. Just want to extract a little more power across the range - chassis is more than up to a few extra kW (I've already improved the braking). However, if I did start to go down the big power route, then I would definately look at suspension upgrades.
  8. Anyone see this on Prime this evening? Charted the history of 4WD from the Jeep in WW2 to modern day. Subaru WRX STi got a starring role towards the end
  9. As you know, current models STIs only come with a 6 speed manual.
  10. Some excellent suggestions coming through - thank you Agree with @Batbaruman that e85 wouldn't be worth it. I'll just stick with 98 as it's easy enough to get here in Auckland and don't fancy a drive across to Forrest Hill Rd just to top up. Really don't think there would be any benefit for me there. How much restriction is the stock intake box? I'm hesitant to put an intake pipe low down. I know it will take in cooler air, but I have seen the results of hydrolock on a 3SGTE motor with one and it wasn't prettty FPR necessary with upgraded fuel pump? What sort of boost levels are you thinking of for something like this?
  11. Any recommendations for fuel pump/DP/mac valve? Assume DP means cat removal too? While PBMS can do the tune, would expect @Subirex Automotive to be a good option for fitment of parts? How much difference would an equal length header make?
  12. Gotcha. Who is the go to person around AKL for tuning?
  13. Just to be clear this is for a 2016 WRX STi in case there is any doubt How would it be safer (sorry if dumb Q). I have no experience with modding STi motors.
  14. What sort of kW/Nm would you expect? And how would pistons cope (yes I am paranoid!!!!)
  15. All up budget. Rather stick with TMIC due to frontal impact considerations. Already have cat back exhaust. Really want reliability - what can you do to ensure the pistons don't crap out other than replace them with forged ones?