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  1. 98 back in stock at Mobil but they are out of 91 now
  2. Tried 3 Mobil stations this morning out west and all out stock with 98.
  3. Woohoo Thanks guys - grealy appreciated.
  4. Te Oranui Way to be precise. Fred Taylor Drive is over on the other side of the site.
  5. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/tokyo-motor-show/subaru-viziv-shows-us-next-wrx-saloon
  6. He's been in the car many times - however, I drive like a real nanna then. Want him to get into good cars - not bad habits
  7. Our 18 month grandson is already making brmmmmm-brmmmmm noises when he sees anything with an engine, so thought it prudent to introduce him to the STi sooner rather than later... Between myself and his dad who has a Legacy wagon, he's off to a good start in life
  8. Old: Barrowcliffe Place, Manukau New:
  9. Just back from there. I swear that was you pulling into Herdman St as I was coming out!!! Dammit
  10. And nowhere near the West
  11. It was a relatively short detour on the way home so couldn't resist
  12. Old: Realm Esplenade, end of Royal Road. New: (just for you @sobanoodle )
  13. Literally 30 sec drive from home. Call me lazy
  14. Several years ago I acted as the sweeper car that went though at the end of each stage in the Targa Rally. Plenty of experienced drivers went off the road at speeds far less than 200km/h. They were okay due to lower speeds or the fact they had a roll cage and helmet etc. Most were caught out by totally unexpected hazards on the road such as oil spill, wild animal etc. And they had far more driving experience than you - by a country mile. Do yourself a favour and reign in your perecived powers of invincibility before it is too late. You have the rest of your life to live. I may think you're a knob, but doesn't mean I wish you ill will...
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