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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/amp14510137/ford-focus-rs-head-gasket-issues/ Similar story on other sites...
  2. Seems the head gasket failure is down fo a massive cock up at Ford. The Ecoboost motor is also used in the Mustang but there are differences in its design. When assembling the RS motor, the head gasket used in a lot of cases was actually for the Mustang. This meant that water channels inside the head were compromised which lead to overheating and gasket failure. The assembly line obviously wasn't aware of the difference between the gaskets. D'oh! The issue is also affecting models here in NZ. I know of at least one car that has had the engine repaired under warranty. Certainly glad I went with an STi....
  3. That puts it some 8 - 10k more than an STi doesn't it? The RS was on my potential shopping when buying a new car but too many potential issues and felt STi was a safer bet. Still feel it was the right decision.... Gary
  4. 98 back in stock at Mobil but they are out of 91 now
  5. Tried 3 Mobil stations this morning out west and all out stock with 98.
  6. Woohoo Thanks guys - grealy appreciated.
  7. Te Oranui Way to be precise. Fred Taylor Drive is over on the other side of the site.
  8. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/tokyo-motor-show/subaru-viziv-shows-us-next-wrx-saloon
  9. He's been in the car many times - however, I drive like a real nanna then. Want him to get into good cars - not bad habits
  10. Our 18 month grandson is already making brmmmmm-brmmmmm noises when he sees anything with an engine, so thought it prudent to introduce him to the STi sooner rather than later... Between myself and his dad who has a Legacy wagon, he's off to a good start in life
  11. Old: Barrowcliffe Place, Manukau New:
  12. Just back from there. I swear that was you pulling into Herdman St as I was coming out!!! Dammit
  13. It was a relatively short detour on the way home so couldn't resist
  14. Old: Realm Esplenade, end of Royal Road. New: (just for you @sobanoodle )
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