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  1. Hey all, Am looking at buying a car, but I am not the most knowledgeable in all aspects of a car and would like a second more professional opinion other than my mate saying "yep she'll be right" Apart from VTNZ has anyone used or recommends another place to organise? Am currently driving an 06 Legacy GT (for sale) so I think i'm still allowed to ask this question here (even though the car I'm looking at isn't a flat4)
  2. if i didn't go down the route of blocking off, has anyone had this fixed by a workshop? I'm not one to shy away from a challenge, but seems if i get it wrong then it might stuff things up? My car 06 Legacy GT just threw this code couple of days ago
  3. @ADIKT agreed, it's quite intermittent at the stage, is the Legacy 4th gen OBD2A or OBD2B ? anyone got one i can borrow? beers back at you for lending out
  4. Update*** This morning from cold start it did the same thing, S mode light on dash flashing. This time though it only stayed on for a couple of minutes. a friend suggested it could be coolant levels? but if that were the case it would be show the temperature dash light and would be constantly on?
  5. Hey Guys Bit a broad question, but this morning when i went to go and start the car i had a CEL and the S (sports mode) on the dash was blinking I know without running a diagnosis it's hard to say, but anyone come across this? after say 10 mins and the cold engine light went off, the CEL went off too. I did another cold start just now and no CEL or blinking drive mode. When starting the car, turn the key once, wait for the gauges to sweep and then turn key again.
  6. im on 215/45/18 all round and run on 38psi also. Maybe a little harsher ride, but i'd rather roll further and use less gas , since fuel tax is coming
  7. On the weekend i bought a zero/sports radiator shroud and intake pipe. Nice little touch to the engine bay, looks nice
  8. HALLELUJAH !! haha my prayer have been answered ! @Kenian
  9. is there any other lips like for WRX or something that is a relatively easy fix without much drilling or modification?
  10. i did look into this, and shipping was going to be about 130 on top. last resort i'll go overseas ebay or somewhere, but i'll try domestic first
  11. Haha Phil Huynh! a friend of a friend's!, he was on TST for his chaser he sold off couple years back
  12. @1randomkiwi waterview tunnel? do you drive this often or just for the shoot looks mean, love those rolling shots
  13. Insert generic bp5 here 18inch vs 26inch Got a few plans, exhaust, lip, better coilovers, tints, towbar for the bike (because cbf everytime putting down the back seats) and roof rack for winter coming. Love it though flies when you need it. Economical enough that you dont have to throw your whole wallet at the guy behind the counter at bp Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. I emailed Ultrex about shipping to NZ. they said shipping is a killer so they don't. but like it's been mentioned maybe if we proposed a group buy of say 10 ? i'm sure they'll stack up and can be packaged together
  15. haha yeah i think that could be an option, does anyone have a photo of how it looks on the car?
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