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  1. I have no problems with plates. Go for it.
  2. Best to find on Trademe or go Pickapart and get them off yourself. Trademe Link
  3. Hi All, Thanks for getting the dyno day organised. Thanks for PBMS for a great day. Here are some of my photos taken. It looked like everyone's cars did well on the dyno. PBMS told me my AFR were all good and it went well. As you can see on the dynograph VOD is very minimal.
  4. Yes I am curious what a stock S401 will do - probably 160kw. I am going to record it and post it up on youtube. I cannot find many video's on the stock S401
  5. Hi I was wondering if my S401 could go on the dyno first? I will be there early just to make sure as well. I have a 2 year olds birthday at lunchtime that I would like to go to as well? I would like photos and a recording of my dyno run if possible. I am bringing my basic camera and a tripod as well.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to mention that I am putting Bridgestone Re003 onto these wheels. Has anyone else put 18 in a 45profile with any success on the forum?
  7. Hi all I did a search but couldn’t find the information I needed. I have a Legacy BD5 RSB and I would like to know if 18x7.5 wheels with 215/45/18 tyres will fit and have no issues with scrubbing. I will still run the stock suspension and stock rise height.
  8. Hi All, Just an update. The short block is installed, and I am currently running it in. Also it was cylinder 3 that had the headgasket leaked. IMG_4220 by Bobby Lowe, on Flickr IMG_4223 by Bobby Lowe, on Flickr
  9. Hi All, Just a quick update, almost everything has been put back together. We are just trying to source a plug for the EJ207 Short block oil breather pipe. Apparently this oil breather line would connect to the intake manifold. However the Legacy RSB does not have this. One question a split fuel rail system would this work on my 96 Legacy RSB? I was thinking of purchasing this: Any advice? I will put pictures up soon.
  10. Bad news from Drury Auto Services today. The ej20r block is warped. So now I am not sure what to do. I took down a brand new EJ207 short block I purchased in January, and we are checking to see if it will fit? Any advice?
  11. I actually have a 96 BD5 RSB with the ej20r motor in it. The engine has 255000km on it. The turbos are definitely labelled vf18 and vf19. The car just suddenly overheated at the back of Carbine road in Mt Wellington about 1year ago. Apparently it was a split hose somewhere, but it did enough damage to the head gasket on cylinder 3 on the exhaust valve side. I didn’t fix the car at the time as I saw a black S401 come up for sale on trademe and went and brought it. I originally wanted to single turbo the car, so I have all the components, like a rebuilt greddy td06 20g, fmic, exhaust manifold, twisted turbo pipes and ej207 short block. But paying a workshop to do the install is quite expensive, about 9k and over which does include a link ecu and tune. The car itself is a beater and cost me 1400.00 originally so I lost the desire to spend so much on. Anyway skip 1year later and I have taken it to our local mechanic Drury Auto Services, to give it a birthday and fix the head gasket. The engine is out now, and the heads are machined, new steel head gasket, the new vf27 turbo replacing the vf19 turbo, the eBay twin turbo silicone intake, radiator being checked over, new thermostat and a Mines ECU. I have got a 240km/h instrument cluster, 18inch Legacy sti wheels and window tints to finish it off. It will just be a run about car for my parents business and family. in the meantime I purchased a second hand closed deck block only from e&h and I am going to rebuild it into a short deck block by myself as a learning exercise. I am a novice so it will be interesting rebuilding an engine myself as I have always paid workshops to do it. I am looking for the right GC8 Type R car to eventually put one of the motors in.
  12. Thanks for that pl0x, but the car is almost finished so maybe next time.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I will probably leave the primary turbo for now, but if it does fail later on then I will definitely upgrade the core.
  14. My stock combination right now is vf18/19 I just wanted to know if vf18/27 would work okay and maybe be an improvement? ideally I wanted a vf26/27 but I cannot find a vf26
  15. Hi All, Firstly TT Legacy's are a pain in the arse. Secondly I cannot find a VF26 in Auckland. I only have a VF27, so I would like to know if I could replace my VF19 with the VF27? Will the VF27 work with a VF18? I was going to do a single turbo conversion - but to be honest most workshops were asking for 7k upwards - not including a Link ECU. This made it uneconomical.