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  1. Cheers man, im not a fan of that as it makes it harder to revert to stock if it ever came to it. Plus im putting a mechless single din stereo in so plenty of room back there! Cheers man just didnt know if they still shared the same iso plug as say a wrx or if it was some un common one.
  2. Hey guys just purchased a double din conversion kit for a great price as im absolutely sick of the factory sounds and how weak they are. I was wondering if anyone knows if theres a iso harness adaptor available and if there is does anyone have the part number? To suit the factory kenwood 6 cd stacker unit.
  3. Yea im not to sure why it had a manual tee in it to be honest but i think if thats the reason its doing it i may go back to the tee as it run fine as it was with the tee. The tee naturally falls off boost though and does the same thing in my mates courier. Im not sure if the stock solenoid even works on the car. Mods it has is subtech down pipe k&n hi flow filter Greedy profec b boost controller and c pipes. Im in hamilton though unfortunately
  4. Hi all so i have an issue with my car. It had been re flashed with manual boost controll bleed valve before my ownership. It used to spike to 1.3 bar then settle to 1.1 bar and taper off to .7bar after 5.5k rpm. I put in an ebc to try stop the boost spike and succeeded. Now the first couple pulls i did it held 1.1 bar boost all the way to red line. Now it doesnt do that after 5.5k rpm the boost tails off again but even worse now down to .3 bar? So im wondering if theres a safety in the ecu maybe that can make it pull throttle out to drop boost?
  5. Can confirm both compression ratios are the same. Some say the X has a forged crank and rods but i personally haven’t seen that. As for turbo swaps plenty have been swapped but personally id re flash it anyways as the stock maps arent great as they are. Mine has been re flashed and it makes a massive difference even with very very minor mods.
  6. One of my rears is noisy too. Rumbles and increases with speed but it has no play what so ever. And its 100% not diff or gearbox noise as they have been changed and the noise still remains. Seems common on these cars to be noisy and not actually move though.
  7. Hi guys putting up my rear mufflers for an EOI as im unsure if i want to change them at this stage. Fugitsobu Wagolis sedan edition rear mufflers. These were designed to give the owner a nice notable sound difference over stock while still being a VERY suitable street muffler. These things honestly sound wicked they have the most unique sound ive heard for an EL header subaru. Literally everyone that hears it comments on how good it sounds! Have a nice deep idle and very nice deep tone with light to medium acceleration but once you get on it it has a nice bark! They also look great too! In VERY good condition with little to no damage at all and with a pollish they look great too! Prefer the sound and look of these over the worshiped “STi Genome” mufflers also! Price is $550 or swap for something that may be slightly louder!
  8. Im not sure about the alloy arms part aye. I have an 05 GT and it had bilsteins optioned and also had alloy arms factory aswell. My old 03 had alloy arms aswell and a few that have come through the subie doo spares yard that arent spec b have had alloy arms fitted. Surely you cant tell me someone wanted alloy arms on it that badly that they swapped not just the fronts but the upper rear arm aswell?
  9. Car : 05 BL5 GT Legacy Tuned : Basic re flash for down pipe and air filter (still retains speed limiter) Fuel : Gull Force 10 Tank: ~60L ish Fuel economy : 7.6L/100kmish long trips 11L/100kmish town drving Fuelly stats if known : 12.7km/l normal long trip have seen up to 13.4km/l nan driving and usually around 9km/l town driving. Averages 600km per tank town and city driving from full to the last 1/8th of the tank before the fuel light comes on(dont like running it lower).
  10. If your not wanting to go extremely low i have a set of yellowspeed coil overs which id recomend, for the money they are actually REALLY comfortable and not bouncy at all! Infact id probably go as far as saying they are less harsh then bilsteins but firmer. Id definitely buy them again which suprised even me who used to run fortune auto in previous cars
  11. Yup mine was exactly the same as that one!
  12. Hey guys recently installed an S402 STi wing on our legacy and im trying to find a part number for the small decal on the wing itself? Ive looked everywhere on the interwebs and can barely even find a picture of said decal! I know the wing had one because i had to sand the original off while getting the wing painted! Any help would be appreciated!