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  1. What is the difference with facelift ones? I had a look and they had a different size shaft, was this the case with yours?
  2. Hi guys, Been looking around online and have found a bit of conflicting information on this. Does bp5 suspension bolt into a Bh5? I have read that they fit if you swap the bh5 top hats onto the front? For background I currently have cusco coilovers that use factory top hats. I am looking to buy some BP5 tein coilovers that also use factory top hats and would be swapping the fronts from my cuscos if need be. Just trying to figure out if this will work
  3. There was a legacy on trademe about a month ago, quite a mint one with pretty extensive mods that had been done by PBMS. I think it is based in the Franklin area. The listing has since expired and I'm looking for a way to contact the owner as I'm pretty interested in it. I have a screenshot of the listing in my lost section of trademe but that's about it. It was a 1992 Rs in silver, de spoilered and lowered on 18s. If anyone knows the guy let me know. Cheers
  4. Do you still have the external waste gate installed? It did not have the external when I had it and as far as I know the internal is not welded or anything. The internal will be opening as well depending how its plumbed up?
  5. The gearbox in it when I had it was version 3/4 sti. I have an original gearset and centre diff for it at home though. I also have some other spares for it. Pm me if your keen for anything
  6. Also I believe the intake manifold is a twin turbo legacy one or potentially version 3/4 wrx.
  7. THIS IS MY OLD CAR! Awesome to see something being done with it. After I sold it to a mate it was stolen and written off by a complete idiot. If you have any questions feel free to ask. The front suspension is eifel prova, originally from a legacy I think.
  8. My old WRX also had that and I had no idea what it was for. Fuel system related maybe?
  9. I'm pretty sure v1/2 wrx also have the O2 sensor in the headers on the drivers side, meaning the one in your downpipe would be cat temp
  10. Have seen a few come through work and they seem to be pretty reliable and drive nice. There is one that was sitting on 570,000 ks last time I saw it and still drove real good haha
  11. Yeah i agree, my brother has done this mod and if you keep good fuel and plugs in it it will go well. Might jsut have to watch the boost and turn it down a little if you get det. Also a version 1 sti may not be much more aggressive than your current ecu if you have a sedan, a version 2 sti ecu may be a better option?
  12. I don\'t think that information is correct as all version 2 sti I\'ve seen have had the 7900 limit and 380cc grey injectors.
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