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  1. Hi guys, so me and my partner recently purchased a 08 S-GT. Right, from the start there was a dead passengers window switch, apparently common so no issue changed it out. After doing so the drivers side master switch would be intermittently unresponsive (quite often though) and would have no power until you used the lock/unlock button. Only then would the back lights for the switches illuminate and then the windows would work. This i guess wasn’t a huge issue until this morning which got me wondering if there were deeper issues with the cars wireing. So this morning my partner started the car to go on her way to the gym. The car was left outside so there was some dew on the windscreen. Shortly after she came inside and complained “the window wipers were not working” so i went out to investigate to find the left hand stalk completely unresponsive, no stereo power and no clock/trip meter ect. After hosing the cars window off to see a little clearer she went of to the gym (scheduled class so couldn’t dive deeper). When she got in the car for the drive home she told me that “everything was working again” so now I’m left a little stumped. I took the car for a short 5 min drive after work (everything working fine) and when i removed the key from the ignition the key and barrel were hot to the touch? Now I’m a little worried as to why and wonder if anyone has had any similar issues? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Hey guys has anyone fitted a single exit exhaust from another chassis to their BL sedan? I’m wanting to go single exit and wondering if any other chassis exhaust say GD would fit catback? cheers
  3. Cheers guys. Yea i definitely did mean an auto bc driveshaft, okay so ill have to let him know that he will need to find some version 9 hub shock perchs. Already has tein adjustables so will need to change the mount. Is this specific for front only? Or rear also? Cheers.
  4. Hi all so a good mate of mine has just bought a full version 9 drivetrain swap for his RS-RA. Looking for abit of info on weather the hubs will just be a direct bolt on swap and weather or not an auto drive shaft will work with the 6 speed or will we need to shorten the shaft? I know the diff flange is different on the later 6 speeds so can i also just swap the r160 flange onto the r180? Also i know with my bl5, to swap a r180 diff into that i need an aluminum (spec b) diff cradle. Is there any specific cradle that we will need? Cheers.
  5. I finally after 6 months installed my anti lift/caster correction kit on the BL5, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Also replace the leaking hydraulic diff cradle bush and its partner on the otherside with a whiteline positive retention kit and am yet to go row some gears. Now to get it retuned and go for that 12sec pass
  6. Sorry full tard moment here For some reason thought rev d was all 3rd gen lol. If all suspension is the same from 99-03 then yes only top hats on the front need to be changed. One thing i did also notice is the BL/BP front inserts are a little longer then the BE/BH ones. My BE/BH ones have no thread showing at the bottom perch so basically as high as they can go and are not quite tucking tire on a 225/45 17 tire (10mm off the guard). The rears were exactly the same as my old yellowspeed though. Although the yellowspeeds arent known to go very low. Again sorry for the confusion
  7. Mine are for rev d be/bh tein flex z by facelift i mean rev d. Difference being earlier ones have a macpherson type rear suspension where the rev d and bl/bp have the multi link rear suspension.
  8. Gull 98 is imo the best 98 offered in nz and have seen some pretty big power gains swapping to it. Especially in turbo applications. I run it in my 05 manual and i can feel the difference running anything else bar. I usually notice 50kms tops per tank of fuel difference between gull and mobil.
  9. Fronts bolt on rears do not work. Your best bet to 5x114.3 convert the rear would be either custom subframe from say nissan or re drill the hub flanges.
  10. Can confirm as i have done the opposite. Swap top hats and your golden. Aslong as its facelift bh5.
  11. Cheers man, im not a fan of that as it makes it harder to revert to stock if it ever came to it. Plus im putting a mechless single din stereo in so plenty of room back there! Cheers man just didnt know if they still shared the same iso plug as say a wrx or if it was some un common one.
  12. Hey guys just purchased a double din conversion kit for a great price as im absolutely sick of the factory sounds and how weak they are. I was wondering if anyone knows if theres a iso harness adaptor available and if there is does anyone have the part number? To suit the factory kenwood 6 cd stacker unit.
  13. Yea im not to sure why it had a manual tee in it to be honest but i think if thats the reason its doing it i may go back to the tee as it run fine as it was with the tee. The tee naturally falls off boost though and does the same thing in my mates courier. Im not sure if the stock solenoid even works on the car. Mods it has is subtech down pipe k&n hi flow filter Greedy profec b boost controller and c pipes. Im in hamilton though unfortunately
  14. Hi all so i have an issue with my car. It had been re flashed with manual boost controll bleed valve before my ownership. It used to spike to 1.3 bar then settle to 1.1 bar and taper off to .7bar after 5.5k rpm. I put in an ebc to try stop the boost spike and succeeded. Now the first couple pulls i did it held 1.1 bar boost all the way to red line. Now it doesnt do that after 5.5k rpm the boost tails off again but even worse now down to .3 bar? So im wondering if theres a safety in the ecu maybe that can make it pull throttle out to drop boost?
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