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  1. Idle in neutral isn’t the best. It tends to fluctuate the revs a bit and shake when it drops
  2. Nope, cold and warmed properly. In fact I think it might be worse when it’s warm but it’s quite hard to tell since it’s qute inconsistent
  3. I should also add that when downshifting and engine breaking the revs drop really low to around the 300-400rpm mark and feels like the car is going to stall Yeah I think they generally don’t start making much power until around 3.2k rpm but mine is suuuuper hesitant before then
  4. 08’ Impreza 2.0R manual, 214xxx k’s. I have had the car for about a week and I’ve noticed when driving it that the car has a slow/flat/sluggish spot around 2000 until 2500 rpm where it struggles to accelerate. The revs kind of fluctuate up and down around and it slowly climbs until it hits around 3k rpm and it accelerates fine. Some days are worse than others, sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not. My first guesses are are spark plugs and leads or something wrong where it’s starving it from fuel? Maybe a fuel pump or the likes of. Any ideas?? Thanks guys.
  5. That is a very good point.. maybe just springs then.
  6. That is true. I'm sure I can find some work around for a cert, or just drive without one until my WOF is due haha. It seems like they're an extremely good deal at 599, but yeah best to check with someone else is they fit. The company website that also sells them seems to only have models for Impreza then WRX STI, no standard WRX. so from what i've read on this forum, WRX must fall under the same category in suspension at Impreza as WRX stuff fits in regular ol' Imprezas.
  7. So I’ve found a set of Impreza RS-R adjustable suspension on trademe for $599 that we’re in an 09 WRX. Surely these would fit my car?
  8. Hmm so maybe just low springs instead of super low..
  9. This is excellent. Thank you. Do you think lowering springs on factory struts would ride okay or would it be a tad harsh?
  10. Looks like it shares the same wheels as the 08 2.5 Sedan. Mines a hatch but the wheels are indentcle. +55 it is.
  11. Hey team Ive managed me score myself a nice deal on a new daily driver which is an 08’ Subaru Impreza 2.0 Manual. Super nice car for the price and really my first decent car that I’ve owned. I’m looking for advice on lowering the car at some stage, what sort of route to take, easy and sensible options for this car. I was wondering is struts and springs from a WRX or S-GT from the same era would be an idea? I reckon these cars look super nice on a decent set of wheels and a wee bit lower to the ground. Correct me if I’m wrong but the stud pattern for the wheels is 5x100? Could anyone advise me on the offset of the wheels, etc for when buying aftermarket wheels? I’m not that clued up on them. and for anyone who has owned the same sort of car, what are some general modifications you did to the car to improve anything from basic engine performance, driveability, servicing, and general things I should keep and eye out for, whether it could be problematic or not? Any help is appreciated Cheers.
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