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  1. Forgot to ask, if you got piping the same size as the factory, would you still need a retune? Otherwise I think i'll just try source the factory assembly to install
  2. Aha yeah i've heard the factory one is great but the issue being i don't exactly have every piece for the factory intake haha
  3. As per my image below, this is currently how my air intake is set up. Last owner took off half of the factory filter box and lost the intake feed that bolts to the front underneath the bonnet. Yes it sounds good but surely it's not that great in terms of efficiency? Is my best option here just to get a cold air intake? If so, recommendations for any? Also what the go with the MAF sensor when installing an aftermarket intake? I'm guessing some after market piping that accomodates the MAF sensor is needed too. Excuse the million questions haha. 07 Impreza S-GT EJ20
  4. Hmm low key really feeling like it'll end up being a nightmare but ehhhh may as well have a go
  5. Looking to save myself a bit of money (not time obviously) and potentially do the Spark plugs myself on my 07 S-GT (EJ20). Also a good chance to learn something new. I've watched a few videos of them getting done on a WRX STI's which I assume is very similar? I know this is going to a take a lot longer than doing a normal inline 4 engine or something, but is it really that difficult? Any tips or pointers to make life a bit easier when doing them? Do I need spark plug anti seize? I'll be putting in a set of NGK IR plugs. Any help appreciated.
  6. Fujiwara Tofu Shop sticker because y'know.. +5HP from one of these obviously
  7. Same here. Gonna burn off the remaining 95 in my tank and then top it up with some 100. Worked out it only costs an extra $7 for me to fill the S-GT with 100 compared to filling it with 95. NPD outline these benefits:
  8. One benefit of living down south haha. My friends snapped me a pic of petrol prices in Wanaka last week and it made me want to cry
  9. Another shitty phone quality one but my dog photobombed me
  10. Now available in Invercargill! At $2.47 a litre seems like great value since the next best thing we can get here is 95. Is this worth/safe to put in my 07 S-GT Impreza? NPD outline several benefits of running it in your vehicle.
  11. (This week) My bumper and bonnet has had its stitches removed. Realigned and resprayed etc etc. Looks fantastic! Also chucked on an 'Ez lip' and for $60 bucks i'm actually really pleased with how it looks. Also slapped on a set of SSR Type F's in white. Unfortunately after driving on them for 1 minute, I got about 1 km up my road and hit a huge F*** off pothole that bent one of the wheels. If that's not bad luck then I don't know what is. Soooooo now that poor wheel is at the shop getting fixed
  12. Yeah they're 17x7
  13. Any giveaways to determine a forged from a monoblock set? Or will forged be printed somewhere on the wheel? Edit: I should learn to read properly - your last sentence answers my question lol
  14. Is anyone here clued up about A-Tech wheels? I have a set of A-Tech Final Speed Gear-R wheels in gold currently on my S-GT. From what I understand they're quite a high quality wheel, JDM spec sorta thing, very lightweight, and i'm looking to sell them soon. The issue is I have no idea what they're worth and searching on the internet really doesn't give much information, except a few sets for sale in other countries where a set sold for roughly $700 CAD and then an Australian site (can't find the post anymore) where someone was asking $2200 for a set of white ones. Any one have more of a clue than me?