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  1. Sounds like the car would be great for a long time once the turbo is replaced, especially after that much work done to it. Of course it's a good learning curve but i'm gonna vote to fix and keep.
  2. Night Shaded the tail lights on my S-GT. Very pleased with how they turned out!
  3. oh mai gawd im doin an oil change tomorrow so might have to delay it until this arrives!
  4. Has anyone ever used this stuff? It by no means interests me, I'm just curious if anyone has used it or something similar and has seen any results? I read the amazon reviews and they're all very positive. Seems a little excessive at $54 though I'm going to assume some people steer clear of these sorts of products in general
  5. Eh also need to ask: When it comes to swapping the spoilers over, is it a simple remove and replace process? Or will I need extra bits and pieces for it to fit.. Also the high stop light? What's the go with that?
  6. Ehh nah that wing looks a little bit over the top for a hatch haha
  7. The red tail light looks so much better than the standard on v10 hatches IMO. I'm looking around and finding that there's a lot of overlay kits just to get this look? Is this the only way to do this or do Subaru actually manufacture the red tail lights? I'm guessing most people use some kind of tint or plasti to get this effect. pic for reference: Also trying to source an STI spoiler for a v10 hatch. Can't seem to find any. How much do these generally go for too? I'm gonna guess they sting the account quite hard. Has anybody used Ezlip before? it looks pretty good IMO, quite a budget way to get a lip too which never hurts.
  8. Apet quoted $700 for a reflash and and dyno tune. Sounds like that could be the way to go!
  9. I'll get in contact with Apet at some stage
  10. Unless anyone knows of someone in Dunedin? Haha. I need to ask around and see if anyone does this stuff locally too. Will sting the account a little bit less.
  11. I'd be very happy to discuss with them Plus a trip to Christchurch wouldn't hurt at all. Gotta get away every now then again, right?
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