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  1. Yeah they're 17x7
  2. Any giveaways to determine a forged from a monoblock set? Or will forged be printed somewhere on the wheel? Edit: I should learn to read properly - your last sentence answers my question lol
  3. Is anyone here clued up about A-Tech wheels? I have a set of A-Tech Final Speed Gear-R wheels in gold currently on my S-GT. From what I understand they're quite a high quality wheel, JDM spec sorta thing, very lightweight, and i'm looking to sell them soon. The issue is I have no idea what they're worth and searching on the internet really doesn't give much information, except a few sets for sale in other countries where a set sold for roughly $700 CAD and then an Australian site (can't find the post anymore) where someone was asking $2200 for a set of white ones. Any one have more of a clue than me?
  4. And this is why Subaru's have a bad reputation for a lot of people..
  5. Snapped this pic this morning before work. Shot at the end of the driveway. Unfortunately iPhone quality.
  6. .. i'm gonna be that idiot. not letting me upload photo's via other media. I've tried linking from IMGUR and photobucket. sorry to be that guy is there a limit on file sizes or something? Smh @ myself. Work in IT and cant upload a photo lolll
  7. Excellent reply, thank you! Just realised I have the other part of the air box, but not the front thing that draws the air in. S***.
  8. I'll get onto that asap
  9. I'm questioning a cold air intake. What's the benefits of these and do they really have much of an improvement over the factory airbox? is there generally any issues that people run into after installing one? As my my car currently sits, it's basically stock. Still with the factory air intake (box thing) which the front piece has been taken off - quote the old owner "more of a wooshing noise" when the turbo spools lol. I haven't gotten around to sticking the box part back on, but not hugely worried as I assume its less restricted air flow. If all is well, what's a good option for a cold air intake for an 07 S-GT?
  10. Have no idea how old the diff and gearbox oil is in my car, so best I change it and at least i know. Impreza S-GT 2.0 Turbo 5 Speed Manual, what sort of Gearbox and Diff oil would be suitable?
  11. Sounds like the car would be great for a long time once the turbo is replaced, especially after that much work done to it. Of course it's a good learning curve but i'm gonna vote to fix and keep.
  12. Night Shaded the tail lights on my S-GT. Very pleased with how they turned out!
  13. oh mai gawd im doin an oil change tomorrow so might have to delay it until this arrives!
  14. Has anyone ever used this stuff? It by no means interests me, I'm just curious if anyone has used it or something similar and has seen any results? I read the amazon reviews and they're all very positive. Seems a little excessive at $54 though I'm going to assume some people steer clear of these sorts of products in general