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  1. Car : 2007 Impreza S-GT Tuned: Stock tune (most likely running rich then) Fuel : NPD 100 Octane Fuel economy : 9.1km/L town driving. Open road uhhh.. Taking it from Invercargill > Nelson and back so will make a record hahah. 60L tank i think so easy 550km to a tank. Fuelly stats if known : Should maybe start using it aye
  2. Ah excellent! Yeah just landed from Japan this week so i'm sure he'll get round to scrubbing them up
  3. Aight bit of a silly question here but what are these? Brother just got this Legacy and said he couldn't find anything on google about them. They sit under both headlights and pull out. Some kind of headlight washer maybe??
  4. Exactly! and will be something new to learn
  5. One trademe wrecker has the air box for $120 and the duct for $50. Ffs lol. Just spent $340 on two new tyres. Ahhhh the joys of cars. An Aftermarket intake requires tuning right? Edit: Just spoke to friend of mine and he said I can have the factory stuff off his S-GT if I help him install his aftermarket intake. Sounds like a good deal to me
  6. Looking into just sourcing the whole intake assembly possibly. Although these fellas are all on trademe and we all know they want gold
  7. Clip that hold the the front piece of the airbox like in this pic
  8. Yeah the filters held in by two screws at the top which isn’t all too flash. Unfortunately there’s no clips for the box.. If you’re okay with shipping I’d be happy to pay for it. May as well try it.
  9. I have the other (very filthy) part of the air box here
  10. Hmm unsure now. Doesn’t help that I don’t know what the factory assembly looks like
  11. Luckily I still have the box but just not the other part that that sit at the front and feeds cold air in. All good stuff to try. Thanks man.
  12. Now that i've seen what a brand new one looks like - it sure has.
  13. Aight this ones proving a little difficult for me and it's gonna be even harder to explain. 07 S-GT ej20 single turbo blah blah. The cars a good wee thing but sometimes I find it has a bit of a rough sort of 'skip' or hesitation. For example, down shift and decelerating the car and sort of jerk a little bit and same thing when applying more throttle. It's not very consistent though so some days it will do it, some days it won't. Idle fluctuates a little bit but it sits around the RPMs you'd expect when the engine is cold or at operating temps. So far I have changed my spark plugs (were due anyway) and cleaned the MAF sensor. One suspicion I have is my sort of bundy intake side (just half the airbox + filter) as pictured. Whether this could be a culprit I have noooo clue. Other than this, the car seems to drive fine. Boosts fine, accelerates as it should. I thought of cleaning the throttle body to see if that would make a difference. Anyone else have any ideas/experience with this kinda issue? The car is great but I feel like it could be running a bit better...
  14. Always a nice feeling to have eh! Thanks everyone else for your help too.
  15. Idle is back to normal now. Thankfully. Just me assuming the worst straight away with my sub-par amateur mechanic skills 😂