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  1. ooo maybe a good outing for my legacy as well as it need some proper driving for engine "cleaning" Also give me an opportunity to get my DSLR out again Where are you driving from?
  2. Had enough of 2018, have you I was actually keen to order 1, and maybe do a group order on here, but then realised once added it to the cart, they only deliver in Japan
  3. 2018-1988 = 30 but I guess when in 1988 is what matters
  4. The ring only has one way of going in (although it looks like two) - twist it 180 degrees and should pop right in
  5. Thanks for all the advise...I haven't received any recall letters or a reply to my letter. So for now it seems nothing has to be done
  6. Well there goes that idea. Wonder if one can get the part and install it yourself?
  7. eish.....starting to wonder if its worth the recall, All i see is horror stories.
  8. You more patient then me... Thats for sure How can "professional" people work like that. I would avoid taking my car there if you willing to pm me the name?
  9. oh good thread... I see there were a few recalls for my vehicle. : Will contact a dealer to see if they all were done
  10. that its my first legacy and loving all of it!
  11. Contact these guys: https://ptsl.co.nz/contact/ They shipped my legacy down from Auckland to Wellington for me.
  12. You also need to be mindful of how much your car is going to stand and be used. You dont want to get into the car one morning with a dead car battery as the tablet used all the juice. They draw very little current but for prolonged periods of time consider having a hard cut switch wired in (or just pull the fuse if you have one)
  13. Right, two insurance houses have confirmed installing a keyless and remote start system won't void any insurance claims with them. One confirmed it will however not cover the unit itself and one confirmed it will cover the unit to a max value of $500. Now I am just waiting on feedback from NZTA
  14. Manfeild has come back to me with Q1 track dates as follows: Manfeild Test Days as follows: Friday 25 January 2019 Friday 1 February 2019 Friday 5 April 2019 She will send me the rest of the year in January
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